Eric and Seo Hyun Jin Pair Up for Spring tvN Drama Oh Hae Young Again

This drama casting news comes at such a perfect time to keep up the happy watch momentum from last week’s premiere of Descendants of the Sun. May is suddenly looking up and up thanks to the confirmed casting of Eric and Seo Hyun Jin for upcoming tvN drama Oh Hae Young Again (or Again, Oh Hae Young). It sounds like a rom-com, and even the mere teasing prospect of seeing these two pair up for a funny romance is enough to elicit a squee from me.

Casting for this drama didn’t take long but did go through a rinse-and-repeat cycle three times for the leading lady – first it was Kim Ah Joong, then Choi Kang Hee, and now finally Seo Hyun Jin. It’s trading up if you ask me, or at least trading to a leading lady I like the most. I know everyone and their pets is upset at tvN right now for the Cheese in the Trap second half debacle but I’ll keep my beefs separate and trust that the network won’t screw this one up with such an awesome leading pair.

This drama will be Eric’s first since the underrated Discovery of Love, while Seo Hyun Jin has been working steadily between dramas with her last being the solid food porn fun Let’s Eat 2. Oh Hae Young Again is about the titular character played by Seo Hyun Jin, and also the same name of the second female lead. The two same named girls went to the same schools and end up in the same company and profession as caterers.

Seo Hyun Jin’s Oh Hae Young has always been the overshadowed one, but things turn around when male lead Eric crosses paths with both Oh Hae Youngs. He’s a sound engineer in the film industry with good looks and professional success, but the twist is that he one day develops the ability to see into the future. What? That’s as much as I know now but the twist could be an interesting way to add punch to what sounds like a typical rom-com setup.


Eric and Seo Hyun Jin Pair Up for Spring tvN Drama Oh Hae Young Again — 5 Comments

  1. I love Eric in Discovery of Romance. More people should know what they miss without seeing him act. He’s such a pro in comedic roles but wonderful in heavy melo-dark-intense-cry cry baby too. Very versatile which is rare case. Seo Hyun Jin, not so familiar with her but I think she was good in Lets Eat and Three Musketeer and like Koala, I also prefer her than the two previous casts since the girl pretty good in quirky roles.

    Anyway, I’m so ready! Eric + TvN + romance = ???????? Gimme NOW!

  2. I love Soe Hyun Jin the most among the three actresses too. The casts makes me excited. Eric is a great choice for the male lead. Totally love him in DoR and he always has great chemistry with his leading lady. I’m going to trust tvN once again for this drama. I hope the PD won’t do the same mistake like CITT’s PD.

  3. So, it suppose to be two female and one male lead, right? Who’s another Oh Hye Young? Somehow I understand why they wanted Choi Kang Hee or Kim Ah Joong. I can figure them as clumsy and dorky lady. Maybe both actress rejected due to the story won’t focus on one female lead only. But So Hyun Jin did good job in Lets Eat. So, I have postive mind for this.

    Seems like I haven’t seen Eric in ages. He disappeared after Discovery of Romance finished. Nice to get back him on the screen. He’s one of an idol actor that I wish more focus on his acting career and just left his idol world. But Shinhwa fans will throw me out to Han River.

    • After Discovery of Romance ended, he had a comeback with Shinhwa in March last year. It’s about time to comeback to another drama.

      Kim Ah Joong’s side said she can’t take this drama because clash of schedule (her movie casting for The King). Choi Kang Hee, I guess she either not liking the role or wants a break after her 50 some episodes drama.

      I haven’t seen Seo Hyun Jin’s works, but I’m looking forward to this pairing. They seem to be a good match. 🙂

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