Drama Posters for Goodbye Mr. Black are All Dark with One Twilight Throwback


The drama posters for upcoming MBC revenge thriller drama Goodbye Mr. Black just dropped and is mostly dull and uninspired but for one sterling winner. The group poster above is a dead ringer for the types of movie posters in the Twilight movie series! I’m just waiting for sunlight induced sparkles around Lee Jin Wook to turn his Mr. Black into the Asian Edward. It’s pretty cute actually because the visual similarity is so immediate and the two projects are so different no one will be yelping about co-opting concepts.

The font for the English words Good Bye continue to bother me, I’m not a font Nazi but certain ones just look off and this is one of those instances because it reminds me of robot captcha boxes. Aside from the foresty group poster above, which is missing also missing a werewolf to complete the tableau, the rest of the drama posters are typical intense faces against black backgrounds K-drama styling. Other than Moon Chae Won who has such a round warm face, the general impression it gives off is that there will be lots and lots of cheekbones in this drama. 


Drama Posters for Goodbye Mr. Black are All Dark with One Twilight Throwback — 9 Comments

  1. I like the posters… I like Moon Chae Won… this drama looks interesting… and the casts is epic. so definitely be my priority.

  2. the poster is terrible,just terrible.they couldnt come up with something better than this?boring poster.but that’s not stopping me from watching moonie after years of hiatus.how i wish KKW was the lead in this.still havent warmed up to LJW

  3. I don’t like the first poster. It’s little bit weird after seeing all the scenes in Thailand with a lot of sun, this poster is very dark. I understand that the drama is about revenge but the dark forest has no sens for me.

    Otherway, MCW and LJW are great on these pictures.

  4. Lee Jin Wook,Moon Chae Wan & Kim Kang Woo!! Love them all:)) I m so looking forward to this drama..Wednesday come quickly..^_*:) Hwaiting

  5. Posters are terrible. That first one was super awful and cringe-worthy. But the teasers is what captivated my attention. Definitely going to watch it. 🙂

  6. I’m a Kim Kang-Woo fan, so I have to watch this! Lee Jin-Wook is slowly growing on me. I’m not sold on Seong Jae-Rim yet but his role here might be convincing, we’ll see. Not sure I’ve watched any of Ms Moon’s dramas, Yoo In-Young was perfect in Mask as the crazy bad girl. The first poster is okay, all the other ones look rather cheap.

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