Drama Posters for Goodbye Mr. Black are All Dark with One Twilight Throwback


The drama posters for upcoming MBC revenge thriller drama Goodbye Mr. Black just dropped and is mostly dull and uninspired but for one sterling winner. The group poster above is a dead ringer for the types of movie posters in the Twilight movie series! I’m just waiting for sunlight induced sparkles around Lee Jin Wook to turn his Mr. Black into the Asian Edward. It’s pretty cute actually because the visual similarity is so immediate and the two projects are so different no one will be yelping about co-opting concepts.

The font for the English words Good Bye continue to bother me, I’m not a font Nazi but certain ones just look off and this is one of those instances because it reminds me of robot captcha boxes. Aside from the foresty group poster above, which is missing also missing a werewolf to complete the tableau, the rest of the drama posters are typical intense faces against black backgrounds K-drama styling. Other than Moon Chae Won who has such a round warm face, the general impression it gives off is that there will be lots and lots of cheekbones in this drama.  Continue reading

Massive Actor and Actress Cast Assembled to Play Same Character for K-movie Beauty Inside

There’s an upcoming K-movie that that just finished casting and about to start filming that sounds entertaining on concept alone. The movie is called Beauty Inside and tells the story of an adult marriage-aged man who suffers from an unexplained condition … Continue reading

Three Musketeers Holds Bromance Press Conference and Releases Long Preview

Hot on the heels of cable network tvN announcing that it would hold its own year end awards, the network trotted out the cast of its upcoming sageuk Three Musketeers for the obligatory press conference. If this drama is as … Continue reading

Three Musketeers Rebounds With Better Graphic Design on Second Set of Posters and Character Stills

A second batch of official posters arrived this weekend for Three Musketeers and are significantly better than the pictures that appeared on the official website pages. Those looked like something produced in the basement by a bored and lazy first … Continue reading