First Look at Lee Jong Seok in C-drama Emerald Jade Lover

Lee Jong Seok is taking a page from the rising Hallyu star playbook and doing a C-drama intended for a much broader audience. Even a C-drama as stupid as Diamond Lover was a big hit in China and helped cushion Rain‘s continued popularity and recognition there. Lee Jong Seok picked as his first K-drama the big budget and highly promoted followup to Diamond Lover – the drama is called Emerald Jade Lover and costars current It Girl du jour Zheng Shuang. Considering how the craptastic Diamond Lover ended up being such a huge hit – and for those bemoaning Park Hae Jin getting demoted to second male lead in Cheese in the Trap, it happened last year to Rain in DL as well – Emerald Jade Lover is basically a sure fire thing and I don’t blame Lee Jong Seok for choosing this as his first C-drama. It’s a needle in the haystack to find one rare quality C-drama so making easy watching hits for the general public is a smart move, plus I love Republic era period pieces so this is certainly a must check out for me.


First Look at Lee Jong Seok in C-drama Emerald Jade Lover — 17 Comments

  1. Lol Diamond lover was a drag to get through every episode… Hope this will be good, especially since it’s LJS 🙂

  2. I don’t like how LJS is keeping his hairstyle from Pinocchio days… Not that the hairstyle is not nice…. But that he should differentiate his characters more… It’s a period drama but he keeps this hairstyle in real life too….

  3. I’m looking forward to this as well, if only to see him on screen again. He looks so good in those stills and he looks good in those suits too. Also Zheng Shuang looks pretty and this will be my first time seeing her in anything.

  4. C drama about Republic era has never been my favorite for the reason that all the dramas are censored in China and the history is usually twisted in favor of the C communist party, sometimes to the extent that are laughingstocks as political propagenda. As long as the storyline stays away from politics, I will give it a shot.

  5. People can now pray and hope that Zheng Shuang won’t mess this drama up with her acting just like The Chronicle of Life.

    • She wasn’t that bad in the Cage of Love. I think directing does matter. Talented actors can defy bland or even lousy directing and still shines. Zheng Shuang is still not in that league. The Chronicle of Life, in most, if not every aspect of filming, was pretty much one dimensional and short of liviely dynamics. I would not blame everything on the cast though.

  6. I don’t think LJS actually wanted to do the drama, but he relented to his now-former agency. he was probably paid big money, and Wellmade got quite a huge percentage of it. I’m just hoping, as an LJS fan, that he confirms a Kdrama soon. He’s indicated that he wants to keep working this year, especially after being vacant for the most part of 2015. so, please, Namsoon-ah, give me some good kdrama-confirmation news!

  7. Umm, so I was right. C-Drama never better than TW-Drama right? I tried watch over a few titles of C-Drama, but I’ve never finished those.

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