Wallace Chung and Angelebaby Cast as Leads in C-drama Version of A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated

New C-drama alert, and this is capturing my interest from the outset. Production will soon be underway for the C-drama adaptation of the popular romance novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to Be Appreciated (孤芳不自賞 Gu Fang Bu Zhi Shang). It’s actually more aptly translated as A Fragrance Does Not Appreciate Oneself, meaning that a catch requires an equal soulmate to appreciate in hand. The novel immediately wins bonus points for being female lead-centric and making her successful by smarts rather than beauty. The story revolves around a fictional four kingdom warfare era in ancient Chinese history, and the young female war strategist Bai Ping Ting finds herself caught between loyalties and a passionate love with the rival princely general Chu Bei Jie of her enemy kingdom. She’s described as rather ordinary looking but highly admired and desired for her unparalleled intelligence and many talents. The drama just cast popular actor Wallace Chung as male lead Chu Bei Jie and Angelebaby as the titular Lonesome Fragrance herself Bai Ping Ting. I’ve grown fond of Angelababy thanks to Chinese Running Man and her performance in Yun Zhong Ge wasn’t bad other than the drama being bad by itself. Wallace is just love after his perfect performance in My Sunshine, so for now I’m cool with these two getting a chance to rock the screen.



Wallace Chung and Angelebaby Cast as Leads in C-drama Version of A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated — 16 Comments

  1. Hah. Now this would have been better with Michelle Chen in it than romance of the condor heroes.

    And I’m sorry, I don’t know in what universe angelebaby would be considered ordinary looking :p.

    • LOL at the shade. A lot of people agree that Angelababy isn’t really someone you’ll call plain. I don’t mind though. I mean, people will complain too if they really choose an ordinary-looking female lead (especially those who’s never read the novel). It’s always easier to get behind a good looking OTP. It’s kind of like a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Anyway, they’ll only need to “brainwash” the viewers by saying constantly in the drama that she’s plain. Not that they haven’t done the same for other dramas anyway.

      • Actually from what I read of the book, although the female lead is described as “ordinary looking” she’s actually still pretty – just that her looks seem “ordinary” because she’s mixing with royals and people of extraordinary beauty. I guess the modern equivalent would be the bombshell and the girl next door, one is more outrageously gorgeous while the other girl’s beauty is more subtle and requires a closer look to appreciate. Still, Angelababy is by no means close to a more ordinary type of pretty; she’s one of the current “it” girls in the industry after all.

  2. re: “ordinary looking” ! I had the same thought; that gal is beautiful. The entertainment industry never has the backbone to keep to the story when it comes to this kind of stuff.

  3. So….Yun Zhong Ge sucked? I’m not surprised, yet still disappointed, I was really hoping a TV adaptation would be able to do Ling-gege justice but…well…I guess not. Sighs. I never read the book of Gu Fang Bu Zhi Shang, but it sounds fairly interesting? Will probably check it out.

  4. Haven’t read the novel but the manhua it was based on was pretty dumb. The female lead is not annoying for once and had great dynamic with male lead but plot-wise it was a usual flashy shoujo without substance. Will check this one if the chemistry’s good

  5. I loved the manhua adaption and super want to read the novel but i am thoroughly disappointed by this casting 🙁 I don’t think Angelababy suits this role, hopefully she does better here than in her last drama.

  6. I LOVE this novel. I love Wallace Chung but on the other hand, I’m indifferent to Angelababy, I can’t really imagine her as the heroine but I’m quite accepting so maybe I’ll warm up to her if she manage to pull it off.

  7. I love A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated. It’s really hard to find a novel where the female lead is ‘The Lead’. But what really make this novel a rare gem is the fact that for once the female lead is not pretty at all. She’s only a servant and a plain one at that. So, to cast Angelababy as Bai Ping Ting is mindboggling to say the least. At what universe will this girl be considered plain? Some people migth not agree thas she’s pretty but who will say that she’s plain? As to Wallace Chung, I have nothing to say about him although personally I would rather see Wallace Huo but perhaps he’s to short to pose as Chu Bei Ji.

  8. I used to follow the manhua but the translations is not that updated.

    The novel ended where they were both fall off from the bridge right? Rather the heroine set the trap but wants to save the general. Actually he was saved but seeing the girl he love falling and nothing can be done to save her he also jump and embrace the girl. T.T

    I like the story because the heroine is so clever. She is the war strategist of their kingdom.

  9. What? what? WHAT?!! When your favourite actor in your fave novel, heart palpitation ensue! Love WC since Silent Separation/My Sunshine. Hmm…. But Angelababy? Haven’t seen her in any drama , so can’t comment much, except hope that this will another success in WC’s career. Hwaiting!!

  10. I love thia novel. As many said it’s a rare gem to have a female centric story. I like Angelababy and she is suitable for this role except she is way too pretty as Bai Ping Ting. I like Wallace but my imagination of Chu Bei Jie suppose to big, muscular and fierce. Anyway hope the drama stay true to the novel.

  11. I think they should have switched the male leads. Sun yi zhou should have been chu bei jie and wallace Chung should have been he xia. I like angelababy but she is too pretty for this role :/

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