High Profile K-dramas Arbitrarily Fond, W, and Deal Scheduled for June 2016 Wed-Thurs Time Slot

Looking ahead to the start of summer 2016, the coveted prime time Wed-Thurs lineup got finalized this week in terms of dramas scheduled. KBS had famed screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee penned Arbitrarily Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy locked into that slot for months now to accommodate the pre-produced project that is intended for simultaneous live-airing in China. MBC announced last month that mystery drama W was going into that time and was courting Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo to star, two well known and popular stars for sure. On top of that W is from the screenwriter behind Nine: Nine Times Time Travels, Queen In Hyun’s Man, and The Three Musketeers. Now SBS has revealed that it’s scheduling Deal to go up against Arbitrarily Fond and W, with the drama being written by the screenwriter of Secret and Mask who has delivered ratings in the past. June is heating up and I couldn’t be happier.

Arbitrarily Fond is a melodrama about a pair of separated childhood friends who meet up again as adults when he has become a top star and she a PD. W is a fantasy mystery romance about a chaebol and a female doctor in their 30s who live in a different worlds (times?). Deal is about four men faced with betrayal, revenge, and love.


High Profile K-dramas Arbitrarily Fond, W, and Deal Scheduled for June 2016 Wed-Thurs Time Slot — 30 Comments

  1. High Profile Dramas????? Stop giving W and Deal false hope and we all know what happened to Comeback Mister even tho it was hilarious and everything.

    There won’t be any competition here it’s done deal

  2. Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok yes yes yes!!!

    But I am not sure Han Hyo Joo wants to return to dramaland. She is one of those A-list movie actresses.

  3. If I have to predict a winner, I’ll say W. It’s from writer of Nine and QIHM, so quality will definitely be good. Ratings wise too LJS and HHJ are quite big names.

  4. Yeah, W is the only drama that catch my attention. You shouldn’t predict that KBS will win like DOTS did.
    Wait, if LJS say yes, he is going to compete with his bestfriend.

    • That was my first thought to. Well that ljs doesn’t look at all like a 30+ year old.

      He’s only just a couple years removed from playing a teenager a couple of times :p.

  5. Dear HHJ unni, please back to small screen with W, I miss you so much. I have a feeling that W will win in that stupid rating war if both of them are in it.

  6. Totally gonna check W because I trust the writer to deliver quality stuffs, also AF because I’m fond of Lee Kyung Hee’s brand of melodrama. Rating wise I’m not sure. Maybe Deal will win considering the writer’s previous works

  7. This is a more even competition. KWB vs. LJS – and both written and directed by a proven team. Should be interesting if W manages to secure the leads.

    • I like both guys so I am not looking forward to the fanwars when it comes to ratings. I just wanna enjoy both drama in peace lol.

  8. Not sure if W will be a good choice for LJS since his chinese drama will be aired on august so it means both dramas will be airing at the same time which is weird but also W’plot seems nice!

  9. you got me excited with the news on W. i want more LJS on my screen and of course the beautiful and talented HHJ, i hope she comes back to dramaland with LJS as her partner. that would be yay!

  10. I’m constantly waiting for news on W, I really hope Lee Jong Suk accepts this one. But there is a long way to June, so I suppose I will have to be patient. Plot wise I am most excited for W, especially from all the non official things i’ve heard about the plot, but I think Arbitrarily Fond might win the ratings game considering the amount of media exposure it already has. I wish they had called it something else though, that is not a name I am going to remember.

  11. If it’s a good script, I hope HHJ will take it. I adore her <3 but I kind of hope it won't be LJS, nothing against the guy, just personnal taste.

  12. DOTS is working a lot because of the strong acting from the 4 leads…..I like KWB but you really cannot compare his and Suzy’s acting to SJK and SHK.
    I am most interested in W. LJS and HHY are fun to watch on screen.
    Deal seems like Mask 2.0 that started out strong but fizzled at the end…..

    I think I’ll wait for the teasers really. Nothing can be said right now.

  13. But Nine and QIHM were on cable…. will the writer be able to keep that kind of quality even on public broadcast?

  14. W sounds so damn good, the more I read about it the more I look forward to it. The unofficial tidbits (so grain of salt) I’ve read about the plot sounds a little bit like Stranger than Fiction– how Han Hyojoo’s character’s father created Lee Jongsuk’s character in a horror-genre comic and decides to kill him off and that triggers the chain of events, wonder how that plays into the parallel universes plot– considering how the writer handled Nine flawlessly I’m looking forward to how W will be executed.

  15. Totally on LJS and HHJ pair. Unless The script and the directing of W sucks, otherwise I don’t see how the other two is gonna beat W due to star power.

  16. If a drama wants to win the ratings game they should remove love triangles. Yes, all 4 leads of DotS are strong and well liked by the public, but why do you think that is? Because when you remove ship wars, you get an audience that actually has time to concentrate on the plot and characters.

  17. Before writing off Deal may I remind you that Secret beat Heirs (the highest profile drama before DotS) every week they aired against each other and Heirs only took the lead after Secret finished airing. That was a time when the writers of Secret were no names, Ji Sung wasn’t as widely popular as he is now and neither was Ji Sung-Hwang Jung Eum pairing and their chemistry.

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