Telegenic and Charming Leads of Descendants of the Sun Back Together for Mid-drama Press Conference

I usually see the mid-drama press conference from lower rated K-dramas trying to drum up interest in the show as a last chance hurrah. In the case of Descendants of the Sun, the highest rated prime time K-drama in over three years, gathering the popular main cast together for a media chat is all about the fan service and striking while the iron is hot. And boy is it red hot as DotS actually broke 30% ratings AGB in Seoul with last week’s episodes, but of course that magical number of 30% will need to be breached nationwide to fully cement the drama as a modern day ratings miracle.

I loved seeing the four leads Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Ji Won, and Jin Goo reunited for a sit down chat, each looking so casual yet undeniably gorgeous in their star appeal. Aside from my opinions on each of the lead’s acting so far in the drama, the consistent success has remained their great chemistry with each other that works wonders in selling even the most far-fetched story line. Kudos and congrats to the cast and crew for the lightning fast success of DotS, with an eye out to see how high it can still potentially go.


Telegenic and Charming Leads of Descendants of the Sun Back Together for Mid-drama Press Conference — 24 Comments

  1. Gorgeous cast! Wow…i know they are happy and energized with the ratings and fervor for all their hard work!

    I will push myself to continue the drama since I hear it’s getting better. Really happy for all of them. And I REALLY want Kim Ji Won’s career to explode after this. I’ve been rooting for him since I first saw him in Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek.

  2. They look great. SHK and SJK look especially cute together. This is such a huge comeback for both of them that is probably more successful than they ever imagined.

    I can’t imagine this drama not breaking 30% this week considering the ep. 9 ending.

  3. They are a good looking cast. I am loving the drama and am so glad it is doing well. I’d love to know what they are saying.

  4. Kim Ji Won’s shoes!!! Love them πŸ™‚
    I always wonder if K actresses don’t apply any makeup other than the lipstick… Hmm

    • Her styling is really chic and casual, it looks great on her. K-dramas actresses wear plenty of make-up, but korean cosmetics are so good that you look like you’re barefaced even when you have tons of BB cream on.

  5. I like the actors and drama, and the cinematography is great, BUT I do think it is a bit over-rated, esp with the plot. That’s why, I’ve been able to stop watching for now. I might marathon it after finishes airing.

    • Agreed. It’s good enough for me to be keep watching but nothing I haven’t seen before (on medical shows like ER, for example).

  6. If DotS is a bit overrated due to the plot, then My Love from Another Star is totally over the top. My goodness, I can’t believe I’m saying this about the hyped drama led by one of my favorite K actors and once-my-crush, KSH. LOL. I just can’t take Prof. Do and Chong Song Yi seriously. They are nothing but K version of Clark and Lois with a bit of twist. Nothing new. Fortunately KSH redeemed himself in quirky drama the Producers.

    • Honestly, the writing as a whole is much, much more cohesive in MLFAS than it is on DoTS and I say this as someone who is rewatching it (with someone who I have just got hooked to kdramas thanks to it) after 3 years. I actually lost interest in MLFAS when it aired. Dots wins in terms of production quality and power of the male lead but I still feel like I’m watching a bunch of scenes tacked on together around intensive events made more impressionable by very high production value.

      Also Dots has been advertised and hyped for months before airing. On top of that it has the return of a well liked actor along with an a-list actress. I remember barely seeing much details about what MLFAS was even about before it aired and it had that bland arse poster.

      Either way, I understand why both were/are so popular but i can still acknowledge they are overhyped. I can also acknowledge that it’s kind of fun to watch public fervor over a drama (as long as the fans don’t go over the top *coughs*healer*coughs* hehe)

      • We all have our personal preference. For me, DoTS is much more cohesive than MLFAS.

  7. Thanks Ms Koala for your updates. The cast looks amazing. I agree with you that they have great chemistry with each other. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in particular have contributed a lot to the success of the drama.

  8. Love these two OTPs and really happy for them to have such a huge success in DotS when K dramas had been going downhills recently. DotS rekindled my love and confidence in K dramas. I hadn’t be able to stick to a single K drama for almost one year. Thanks to Dots, now I’m back to check out other K dramas again. Honestly, T- or C-dramas do not have better screenplays than K dramas in average. T- or C- drama tends to be dragging. But they have served me well to satisfy my drama hunger when I was sick of inconsistent directing/production qualities and so many predictable cliches in K dramas. That’s probably because Chinese and Taiwanese, specifically Chinese, pre produced their drama series before airing and a couple of these dramas really stood out top-notch. TV drama is not only about script writing or star power. Shooting, setting, costumes, and editing all matters. I personally think some C dramas outperform most of the K dramas in those aspects. After you watch really thrilling cinematography with very impressive costume design and amazing settings in C historical dramas, you won’t give a shit to crappy sageuks with boring storylines and dull costume styles. I hope the success of DotS pre production will bring a revolutionary change to K drama industry. They said it wasn’t a norm for K production companies to find investors to finance their pre-produced dramas. Well, that has to change. There are certainly rich investors out there. They just have to see it’s profitable to invest in pre production. Now, those Chinese investors who had foresight for the success of DotS and were willing to take a risk in footing the bills for pre production must be hella happy now.

  9. Ms Koala, can I have a favor to ask? WHen you have time, can you please translate what they said in this mid drama press conference? thanks

  10. Totally agree with that SJK said about the negative comments:

    β€œThe drama is public art, and I think if everybody loves it, that drama becomes something less charming,” Song said. β€œWhile I welcome criticism, I would like to tell those giving negative reviews to watch the drama until the end so that they can see the deeper meaning the drama is trying to show.”

  11. ok let me guys tell you one thing.
    I haven’t forgot all those people who weren’t interested in this drama a bit (by watching the previews): IN YOUR FACE πŸ™‚

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