Newlywed Hwang Jung Eum Returns to MBC with Rom-com Lucky Romance

There’s no rest for the uber-successful and that suitably describes K-actress Hwang Jung Eum‘s acting career in the last two years. She’s one of those hard working toilers that does drama after drama but in 2015 she really hit the right project jackpot not once but twice. She started off the year with Kill Me Heal Me and finished with She Was Pretty. Her tendency to overact didn’t annoy me in KMHM but drove me nutters in SWP, so it’s probably safe to say that she works for me only in the right roles.

Getting married last month clearly isn’t putting the brakes on her red hot career as she’s now confirmed the drama casting rumors from last week. Hwang Jung Eum will be returning to television this coming spring with the MBC Wed-Thurs rom-com Lucky Romance based on a webtoon. It’s the opposite attract story of a luck obsessed office girl and her straight-laced no nonsense landlord. Reportedly being courted as one of the male leads is K-actor Ha Suk Jin and I’m not sure if he’s the male lead or his more usual role of the second male lead.

The drama is being directed by the PD from Gloria and Hero and will premiere in the time slot after Goodbye Mr. Black. In a stroke of funny timing, Lucky Romance will have a direct overlap in competition with Hwang Jung Eum’s KMHM costar Ji Sung‘s drama Entertainer on SBS. With Descendants of the Sun done by then, and replaced by Master: God of Noodles, I think the ratings battle will give each drama a fair shot at winning viewer hearts.


Newlywed Hwang Jung Eum Returns to MBC with Rom-com Lucky Romance — 14 Comments

  1. Sigh!!! I’m out then. Love the premise but can’t stand her screechy acting and nasal voice….How I wish the leads are Donjoon and Kim Seul Gi from Splash Splash Love. They suit the characters to a T.

    • I have nothing against this actress but she does not resemble Ruby Lin a bit. Ruby Lin’s is like a goddess, while HJE is cute in her own way.

      It is great that she’s a hard worker but sometimes being in too many dramas and not taking a break will make the audience get tire of her.

  2. I tried very hard to like her. I hv nothing against her as a person, but I simply cannot stand her screechy high pitch shouting. There were some shows I was really interested in but each time I just couldn’t get pass her, ended up giving up the shows.

  3. I was hoping it wouldn’t be her. So disappointed. The premise sounded fun, but knowing HJE’s tendency to overact in rom-coms is just unbearable. She really needs to tone down the obnoxiousness. I’ll have to pass.

  4. Love her in any role. I don’t mind her overacting as sometimes, these roles need someone who can do that. Can’t wait for this to air!♡

  5. Not really like HJE in person and acting. Just lucky, she got into 2 good plot of dramas recently, made her popularity rise. If you look back all her old dramas like, “Full House 2”, her usual clumsy annoyance appearances and voice tones is overacted.
    About her recently bob hair-styles is much suited her than any hair-styles. Is not because she doesn’t want long hair-style, she had a frizzy hair structures. That’s why she always kept short-hair and please keep it like that forever if she don’t want to look crazy ahjumma.

  6. She was great in Secret,a bit overacting in Kill Me Heal Me, and all over the top in She Was Pretty. As someone already pointed out above, I don’t think rom com is her strength either. I like this actress for her dedication and work ethics. But I hope she may want to consider melodrama again, or something else. Rom com is no no for her.

  7. I actually love love her in she was pretty. She has the eye for projects that sounds dumb in paper but executed well live. I think partially is because she elevates the material. I really like her energy even if at times it can be over the top. That’s a charm in itself lol

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