Lee Min Ho Makes Appearance at Eider Fan Event in Seoul

It’s nice to see Lee Min Ho out and about this past week attending a sportswear event for Eider, a company he’s represented for the past few years. Other than the drama news last month that he was going to be screenwriter Park Ji Eun‘s next drama, she of Producer and You From Another Star fame, things remain quiet on the acting front despite time ticking down to his military enlistment date. I think it would be great if Park Ji Eun’s next drama leaked some juicy spoilers to keep drama fans excited, it wouldn’t hurt for Lee Min Ho to leave for two years on a high note with one last successful drama, leaving fond memories with the public to set the stage for his return with new abs and a manlier aura. I’m talking Song Joong Ki‘s trajectory, of course, leaving with the critically acclaimed hit Nice Guy and coming back to ratings setting Descendants of the Sun. There will likely be new leading men filling the void after Lee Min Ho (and the rest of the 87’ers) leave for the military but I think fans hearts are big enough to simply add more hotties to the stable. As for Min Ho-sshi, I really hate this hairstyle on him which makes his face look huge and not in a good way. More hair and volume please, m’boy!



Lee Min Ho Makes Appearance at Eider Fan Event in Seoul — 21 Comments

  1. eeek what happened to his face?? Oppa….
    he looked so hot in Faith and City Hunter but ever since Kim Tan and his curtain sweaters and ugly orange hair he’s been looking…
    I feel like LMH isn’t the type to work out either. He is naturally skinny everywhere but his face really.
    Come on give us a good drama and then go so I can miss you less when you leave <3

    • probably he did get enough sleep worrying about his girlfriend filming with another hot actor aka kim woo bin. If I were him I might be getting insomnia too…. ??

  2. WOW it has been a long time since any LMH news! I have a soft spot in my heart for this guy. He promised a new drama last year but alas…..give us something good before you leave ;__;

  3. Yes, he used to be very charming in Faith and City Hunter. But it seems he has gained a lot of weight. Staying with military for two years hopefully will get him back in shape. I don’t want to say this. But I do feel that his charisma is going downhills after the fame of the Heirs.

    • He hasn’t gained weight, he lost too much weight actually and his fans are concerned about it. It’s just that his face has become puffier.

  4. He have a chinese movie Bounty Hunters with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan releasing in summer (I heard in July).
    I hope the drama confirmation also come soon.

  5. When does he need to go for his military service? Is it this year or early next year? I’m curious, how tight of time exactly is he.

  6. The Park Ji Eun drama wasn’t announced last month. It was announced in January so I am wondering if it’s still a go. There’s no news on his end or on the female lead for that matter. Anyway, he looks so puffy. I looooooved him in his BOF days and even in CH, but recently, he looks different. Maybe it’s just aging?

  7. I believe he has always been getting media dis-service rather then the other way around mainly due to his exploding popularity both in Korea and K-english media. It’s a conservative community imo. example this kinda of articles have been the pattern for quite a while. they view him in a competitive light which is kinda awkard but his only human like everybody else nothing special about him so he can gain weight or turn out days not looking so good but what I find hilarious is that they jump on these days and reported it everywhere so his scrutinized and in a sense de-humanized no wonder he didn’t want to make comeback so fast because they are allover him and his haters take more interest in him then his fans and also his detractors are his biggest believers while his fans just view him as human and guy who got lucky with some projects nothing to come after in all seriousness

  8. I’m not his fan nor his haters. I just wanna say my opinion. He was really handsome in Personal Taste in City Hunter or Faith, but he lost it in The Heirs. Even getting worst now while his girlfriend Suzy becoming more pretty by aging.

  9. To be Honest I have seen to many of this kind of articles and if you go back even to 2012 his detractors were ceasing every little bit of missteps on him like badly taken pics and him looking bad on the day etc etc much like how now his famous kris jenner pics has been flooding the internet for awhile back. His scrutinized to even small details which actully goes to show his greatness and to be fairly honest his detractors have him on high pedastal that his fans dosent even have him on.

    After few weeks he will be out again looking all good set his hair up and well dressed so the question is what are they gonna say then and the answer is they wont report it and throw hissy fit while going back to there detractors way. here is to hoping that he feeds them from time to time so that they can stay happy

  10. He was dealing with weight gain in the face at some point during Faith and that’s been a few years back. That just is where some people gain so if you travel and don’t watch your diet, well, it can happen. Also, the hair style is a little off and probably not helping. Why this is a huge issue, over and over again, I don’t know. Lee Min Ho was my gateway to k-drama land so I’ll always have a little place in my heart for him.

  11. i believe the puffiness is just him aging, the same thing happened to mike he. I look at him and like “age is a b**ch”

  12. Err, I thought he was looking puffy, but he looks good here o0 You don’t expect to him look like he was in his early 20s right?

    Some boyish features go through age, other stay baby faced (JSK for example)

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