Descendants of the Sun Confirms No Extension and Leads Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Deny Dating Rumors


A K-drama as big a hit as Descendants of the Sun is sure to generate news headlines nonstop during its run. This past weekend was filled with a succession of new tidbits about the drama and/or its stars so let’s start with the substantive news. KBS has officially nixed recent rumors of a special episode or extension, confirming that the drama will end at the scheduled 16-episodes on April 14th. Good news indeed, avoiding the plague of extensions ruining good dramas as well as undermining the whole point of a pre-filmed series.

The weird but expected rumor came from a star sighting of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in New York dining in a group, spawning shipper dreams that they have turned reel into real and are dating. Both sides immediately and vociferously denied the dating rumors, explaining that they were in NYC for separate work functions and dined together as friends among a big group. I don’t care if they do or don’t date in real life (adults, their business, yunno), but I don’t see any off-screen chemistry despite onscreen simmer so I think this is one rumor that is a far-far-far stretch even without the two promptly denying it.

 기자간담회서 발언하는 송중기 (서울=연합뉴스) 시청률 30%를 넘보며 인기를 모으고 있는 KBS 2TV 수목드라마 '태양의 후예'에서 특전사 대위 유시진 역을 맡은 배우 송중기가 16일 오후 열린 기자간담회에서 이야기를 하고 있다. 2016.3.16 [블리스미디어 제공] 16:28:12/

기자간담회서 발언하는 송중기
(서울=연합뉴스) 시청률 30%를 넘보며 인기를 모으고 있는 KBS 2TV 수목드라마 ‘태양의 후예’에서 특전사 대위 유시진 역을 맡은 배우 송중기가 16일 오후 열린 기자간담회에서 이야기를 하고 있다. 2016.3.16 [블리스미디어 제공] 16:28:12/


Descendants of the Sun Confirms No Extension and Leads Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Deny Dating Rumors — 44 Comments

  1. Yeah, there’s no need to have extension. Keep the drama intact as it was planned. SHK doesn’t appear to be an ideal type of SJK. Anyone can think of any K celebrity girl (or noona) who is witty? That’s what he likes from his own mouth. It seems Dr. MY in DotS is exactly his ideal type. hahahahahaha

    • I think sjk once said that he wants to work with shk so I’m pretty sure that she is his type . I mean I think shk is any guys ideal type tbh

      • Well, SHK is my ultimate girl crush so mel’s right, she’s everyone’s type. Haha!

  2. I thought SJK said he likes Shin Mina or Park Bo Young.

    But that’s what ahn jae hyun said – that his ideal type was han ye seul but now he is in love with gu hye sun.

    Anything can happen. I think SJK would be good for SHK. It does seem far fetched but who knows… Provided both are not paranoid over the same surname thingy.

  3. I guess another perk to pre-produced is it’s too late to get everyone together again for another few unnecessary episodes. Isn’t SJK already working on a movie anyway? Glad for both of them and k-drama in general that it’s a success. Nice to know it can still happen.

  4. The whole NY thing is still weird they confirmed part of the story when there is no proof either way. The two also work really hard not to see close off screen, so… well, I wish them the best either way. They’d make pretty babies for sure.

      • Lol everyone is aware of that, she was just talking about chemistry. But I think SJK and SHK would like to be in the second lead’s shoes in this situation. The actors can take all the selfies they want together, compliment each other in interviews and enjoy their friendship without having to deal with unnecessary rumors and that’s all because one of them is married.

  5. If there was a rumor of how Yoo ah in and song hye kyo were an item, I would believe this more. SHK and SJK just don’t seem to have the same chemistry off screen.

  6. Whether they’re in a relationship or not. I don’t think SHK will confirm it if she is dating anyone. She have been careful about dating in public after going public with LBH and HB.

  7. Well given SHK’s history with dating her co-stars and their chemistry onscreen i wouldnt blame them. Also this whole thing reminds me of PSH being overseas with LJS and that being just a coincident. Personally i believe the rumors that they are dating even with the lack of evidence.

    • lollll SHK is one of the richest actresses in SK. take your bitterness somewhere else pl. just because you don’t want them dating doesn’t mean you can go around spreading rumours. She acted with a lot of male co-stars but she only had two relationships. she didn’t date JIS, Rain, SSH, WB, KDW etc. it’s not her fault if some fans keep shipping her with male actors.

  8. I dont see anything wrong if they date each other. If they do, then okay, if not then it’s okay. It is their personal life. Who are we to dictate them?

  9. I’m glad they become friends who hang out after shooting a drama together! It’s good for them! Some actors/actresses do not see each other outside once they are done filming, so I’m always happy to see friendships formed during filming. It’s a good testament to the character of these 2 people that they are friends who hang out instead of being enemies after the whole filming.

    • that wasn’t the actual rumor. the rumor was grocery shopping and holding hands in NY, but their agency came back with they had dinner randomly in NY

      • Yeah. That was the original rumor: grocery shopping and holding hands. Then the agencies confirmed that they indeed met in NY and had dinner. It was like WHAAAAT YOU JUST CONFIRMED THE RUMOR THAT THEY WERE IN NY TOGETHER. i dunno. How many netizens saw them being close in NY though

  10. I chanced upon this drama on KBS WORLD. They were showing ep 1-4 marathon and I immediately loved it. It started strong, so I loved the drama immediately upon watching it. I agree, the script is cohesive, so far, so it’s a good thing they won’t extend it.

    What I ultimately love about DOTS is it’s visually pleasing. Not just the actors, but also the scenery, the cameraworks, and special fx and the bits and pieces thrown in to surprise the audience like the last part of ep 8 that was not shown during that cliff scenes. The only complaint I have on this drama is the scripts penchant for making the actors mention how pretty or awesome they are. Like, I know this happens to alot of kdramas, but it just seemed out of place sometimes considering some of the situations the characters are in.

    I guess I would be one of those people who didn’t watch MLFTS, it just wasn’t my cup of tea, even though they showed it on national TV in my country. That show’s just too narcissistic for me. But I think DOTS deserves the fame and ratings it’s getting now.

  11. Maybe it’s just me, but am I the only one who wants Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin to get back together? They are the perfect couple!

    • I am sure you are not the only one…, unfortunately, I am the one who is in the side of NOT hoping SHG and HB get back together. Not at all, I just don’t like HB of hiding in the army when the news break and let SHG get all the bullets. Besides, I heard that he cheated with TW. It may be right or wrong, I don’t care…just don’t like the idea they get back together. But if they do….well, it’s their life.

  12. The rumour dating remind me of SHK-KDW rumour dating when actually they went overseas for a magazine fashion photo shoot for their movie. I guess for SHK, another day another dating rumour.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if they really dated IRL. Heck, I would give them my blessing (but they don’t need that, of course) HAHAHA. That’s how believable their chemistry is for me. 🙂

  14. for those jealous people, c’mon whether you like it or not the chemistry bet SJK and SHK is undeniable. whether it’s on or off screen they really look good together. DOTS will not be this huge if they don’t have it. SHK is one of the finest actresses in Korea, and a decent one. SJK and SHK deserves to be happy. stop all the bitterness and just be happy for whatever they wanted to do in their personal lives. Love them both!!!

  15. they do look together i ship them both she is pretty he is handsome they do look good together i also hope they would be in a relationship by now but the weird thing is i like both of them i ship them but i also like song joong ki and fx victoria leader together i don’t know why but maybe it is bevause she is also very pretty and sexy perfect for my eyes maybe like song joong ki they are really popular in china now a dayas also song hye kyo i hope they will had a drama together well maybe it will be a hit but don’t get mad about my comment i just like it to happen thats all i just wished that it would happen so i hope don’t get angry this is my own perspective but i still hope both of them will be in a relationship song hyejoong hehehheheheheh mixture of their names but isn’t it weird they are both song maybe they are related hope so not but still the reason why i like vic and joong ki because i like them both so if you agree with me im glad if you don’t sorry if it bothers you thankyou but victoria is song to hahahahha destiny song hye kyo song joong ki victoria song or song qian

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