Daebak Off to Mon-Tues Ratings Lead in Close Viewer Battle with Neighborhood Lawyer and Monster

The ratings are for the new batch of Mon-Tues K-dramas and the playing field looks a lot different than the bloodbath going on in the Wed-Thurs slot. Mon-Tues doesn’t have a runaway winner (yet), with the race tight out of the gate and with plenty of wiggle room to change spots. SBS gets the slight win as Daebak (The Royal Gambler or Jackpot) grabbed 11.8% AGB nationwide ratings, with KBS coming in second at 10.1% for Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (My Lawyer, Mr. Jo), and rounding out the rear is Monster (Tyrant) with 7.3% on MBC. The win for Daebak plays completely into it’s title, a real daebak start for Jang Geun Seok‘s return to K-dramas in three years, though having Yeo Jin Gu and a sageuk genre following right behind Six Flying Dragons couldn’t have hurt. Now I’m even more curious how episode 2 ratings will fall, sometimes spots change as those who were lured in to the first episode by promotions may switch as the actual story fails to connect.

I believe Monster can’t really be counted out because as a 50-episode long drama it has plenty of time to start slow and build the momentum. Even major long drama hits like Giant started off in the single digits before breaking 40% in the last episode. Not to mention these three dramas are all staggered different in airing length, with Monster’s 50 double Daebak at 24-episodes and Neighborhood Lawyer looks short by comparison at 20-episodes. For now, congrats to SBS and a comforting premiere Jang Geun Seok.


Daebak Off to Mon-Tues Ratings Lead in Close Viewer Battle with Neighborhood Lawyer and Monster — 20 Comments

  1. Really sad for Come Back Ahjussi and Goodbye Mr Black. They are pretty good dramas, and if not for the formidable DoTS, I’m sure can see decent ratings of maybe 10 plus or more.

    Daebak for Daebak! I’ll certainly be tuning in for that drama!

    • they picked a bad slot,really bad one,
      CBA has this unlikeable Rain story (that’s quite stupid and stress the viewer out) and Mr.black has Marine back story with revenge (dun dun dun dun)
      both are good but of all, I have to said that DoTS is the most enjoyable, I don’t stress out because of the bad people and the directing, the scenery , the couple interaction is all interesting.
      maybe DoTS has the best strategy when they pull the nice people card out of “reveal the justice” story, nevertheless DoTS is enjoyable

      • exactly my thought too.
        i quit watching CBA and GMB. both were way too boring for my taste. preference. im still thinking what to watch besides Dots and Marriage Contract… i stopped watching too many Kdramas lately and prefer Mandarin and Japanese 😀

        sorry not sorry, but dots won in every aspect! even some people said the storyline was so-so, but hey, the chemistry, acting, ost plus setting… they help each other to make it beautiful.

      • I don’t get why the other main networks scheduled dramas with big names in the same slot when it was obvious they were taking a big risk with the the months long hype train KBS had for DOTS and the double whammy of 2 popular leads with one just returning from the military after 2 years.

    • GMB should have just delayed and put something else in the timeslot until hurricane DoTS left. A waste of acting talent.

  2. Epiosde 1 of Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho was surprisingly good.
    In fact so good!!

    The cast did a wonderful job and so did the PD (just realize he is the same PD as HEALER).

    Coming in second at 10% is commendable as previous KBS dramas in this time slot did poorly in the past. Ratings aside, I hope this drama continues to be as good as episode 1.

    • I knw I’m watching it now, loving the camera work, its visually gorgeous!!
      The acting is amazing, and the story is fun! I actually was wondering if it was a tvn drama, because it seemed to move so smoothly without the usual clunks you see in the big 3

      • Haha I know what you mean. The flow was really great and the flashbacks were very well done.

        Definitely a recommended watch even though it has no swoon worthy male hallyu stars.

  3. talk about the Mon-Tues, it’s all good, it just monster has 50 ep, I only can deal with long Saeguk ep, I really can’t stand weekend drama, the last I watch is the temptation of wife, T.T

  4. I watched the first episode for all three dramas and Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho is my favourite. It was surprisingly good, it’s not only easy to watch but there is a good (yet typical) buildable story and Park Shin Yang is just awesome! Daebak was also good, and its definitely nice to see Jang Geun Seok back in a serious role because I think he is definitely a better actor than the roles he has picked thus far.

  5. Daebak off to a good start, thanks to SFD which influenced a good rating and the senior actors. Looking forward to see next episodes.

    • The veteran actors owned that episode. I was watching it with my family and we were like, yeah we don’t need the kids in this drama any more. This whole drama could be about the sinister Choi Min Soo and his convoluted way to get the girl and I would lap up every second of it.

      Tbh I wasn’t that impressed with JGS’s scene at the beginning…it felt like he overacted? Fingers crossed though because I really want to like him again so he better impress me in this drama.

      Am definitely looking forward to the YJG scenes in upcoming eps. I liked what I’ve seen from in those teasers and previews. His acting is usually on point anyway, so I have no doubt he will continue to deliver.

      • I am willing to see the veteran actors conquer the drama until the end. lol. Sageuk without veteran actors is nothing. 😉

  6. I haven’t really watched the other two dramas but I might skip ‘Monster’ due to its… 50 episodes. I mean… I could take 50 eps of Six Flying Dragons but I don’t think I can do it anymore afterwards lol. As I’m rooting for JKS’s decent comeback, I’ll concentrate first on ‘Daebak’ and then continue with Mr Jo some time later. I hope the ratings will be equally good for the dramas (not with such a monstrous gap like the wed-thurs one… ouch DotS ouch…) though I am -again- still hoping that ‘Daebak’ will secure its 1st place further ^^

  7. i watched daebak in you tube… and i like how jks act…i really really like him…his my # 1 idol in korea…

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