Descendants of the Sun Episode 12 Recap


What a roaring return to form for Descendants of the Sun in this fantastic episode 12, putting to rest my worries from the last episode and delivering more than I hoped for. The Argus arc mercifully comes to a swift resolution, and while his villain character was never fleshed out at least Shi Jin’s emotional response feels real and gives this story line the depth it needs to be worth the while. The rescue may be perfunctory but gave Mo Yeon the eyewitness insight into Shi Jin’s world and this time her conclusion makes me want to give her a high five.

Episode 12 may have wrapped up the Urk sojourn so it’s fitting that a lot of time is spent on vistas and interesting locales, showing off that every penny used for overseas filming went to good use. Both sets of main couples make happy breakthroughs but not without some typical inadvertent jealous bantering, while all the side characters wrap up their own issues to ready for the trip back to Seoul. There’s still four more episodes left but Urk has run its natural story line course and I’m ready to head back to Korea for a different set of hijinks. Hopefully it involves Mo Yeon and Shi Jin finally getting to watch a movie together, among other more standard couply activities.

Episode 12 recap:

Mo Yeon gets herself kidnapped by Argus, and I know she’s not all at fault but a bit more savvy in a third world country would be prudent. Shi Jin sets off to rescue her in a solo operation, but he comes prepared by calling in favor for a chopper from the VIP patient Mo Yeon saved earlier.

Myung Joo is recovering nicely in the hospital and wakes up to see Dae Young looming over her. He’s relieved to hear she’s getting better and astute Myung Joo wonders why he’s dressed in black ops gear. Dae Young explains that he can’t get a hold of Shi Jin or Mo Yeon and believes she’s in danger and he’s gone on a rogue operation.

Dae Young asks for a present from Myung Joo, leaning in to kiss her on the forehead, before dropping his dog tag in her hand. Myung Joo holds back her tears and asks only that he come back alive.

Dae Young assembles three of his Alpha Team subordinates and explains that this is a black ops mission. They suit up, grab their gear, and set off.

Shi Jin arrives at the residence where Argus has stashed Mo Yeon and makes his way in after easily subduing Argus’s minion stationed outside.

Shi Jin takes down one man after another and chances upon a group of smuggled kids locked in a room. He shoots down a CCTV camera.

Argus gets confirmation that the wire transfer has gone through and he’s super stoked about being rich now. He takes the diamonds out of a safe and is asked about the kids locked up and what to do with them. He callously answers that things they can’t take with them need to be discarded.

Shi Jin is powering through the facility and cornered by one minion who orders him to drop his gun. He does so and is about to be shot when Dae Young and his arriving backup shoot the man first. Dae Young is upset Shi Jin went solo without asking for their help but they are here now. Shi Jin orders two soldiers to save the kids and take them to safety now, while Dae Young and Sargent Choi stay with him to rescue the hostage.

General Yoo sits in a meeting back in Seoul looking very concerned. He’s getting chewed out by the Blue House aide for Shi Jin’s rescue mission but General Yoo sticks up for the decision to save a citizen of South Korea. The aide wants to leave the rescuing to the US forces and they handle it diplomatically. General Yoo gets pissed and calls him a politician, explaining that this isn’t about diplomacy as his men are doing their jobs to protect the country and its citizens. He will now take responsibility for anything that happens. If it’s doing something honorable then he can even take off his soldier uniform for this. Booyah!

Myung Joo is being tended to by Ki Bum bringing food and Dr. Song and Nurse Ha checking on her. Dr. Song asks about Mo Yeon and whether she’s really been kidnapped? Myung Joo assures them that Mo Yeon will be returned safely but she can’t divulge the method.

Argus is checking out Mo Yeon all tied up and giddily announces that time’s up, wondering if Shi Jin will keep his promise. He takes Mo Yeon with him to head up and encounters Shi Jin waiting for him. Shi Jin has Argus’s escape route readied and Argus expected that but didn’t think Shi Jin would come personally. Shi Jin tells Argus to let Mo Yeon go and then angrily draws his gun when he sees Mo Yeon has an injury to her face.

Shi Jin calls his backup to ready and we see Dae Young and Sargent Choi outside as sharpshooters. He then orders them to stand down when he sees that Mo Yeon is wearing a bomb vest and Argus has the detonator in his hand.

The sound of a chopper arriving has Shi Jin and Argus negotiating on releasing Mo Yeon now, which Argus refuses to go until he’s safe but Shi Jin won’t let the chopper land unless she’s released.

Shi Jin and Dae Young speak in Korean about the bomb, with Dae Young asking Shi Jin to delay. Argus asks Mo Yeon to translate and she says they are talking about the weather which pisses Argus off and he points his gun at her head. Shi Jin shoots that gun and Argus calls him insane. Shi Jin orders Argus not to do anything to Mo Yeon because his target is Shi Jin. He is willing to be the hostage in lieu of Mo Yeon but Argus refuses.

Dae Young tells Shi Jin where the bomb connection is on the device. Shi Jin lowers his gun and apologizes to Mo Yeon for coming late. He asks her not to move and trust him. Shi Jin raises his gun and fires at Mo Yeon, shooting off the detonator on her vest in a perfect shot. Dae Young and Sargent Choi take out the other minions and Shi Jin also keeps shooting.

Sargent Choi gets to work trying to disarm the bomb while Mo Yeon tries to remain calm. Shi Jin explains that he’s never seen Sargent Choi be unable to disarm a bomb and is the best expert in the Korean Army. He promises that Mo Yeon won’t die but the time ticks down to 30 seconds so she wants them to move away from her.

Sargent Choi disarms the bomb and throws it out the window where it explodes dramatically. Shot but not dead Argus gets back up and fires towards Shi Jin so he shields Mo Yeon from the gunfire. Shi Jin covers Mo Yeon’s eyes with one hand as his other hand fires towards Argus and kills him

Shi Jin and Mo Yeon are on their way back to the army base and he reports back in that the hostage is safe. He’s willing to accept any punishment. General Yoo tells Shi Jin that he did a good job and there will be no punishment. General Yoo is willing to take all responsibility so the aide orders his men to write a report and mete out punishment.

The President arrives and the aide tries to explain that the soldiers acted out of protocol and went on a solo rescue mission. The President asks General Yoo what happened and hears that he’s willing to take responsibility. The President says there is no responsibility as the hostage was rescued and as the President he’ll handle the political fallout as that’s his job. The President thanks General Yoo and his men for saving a citizen of the country and asks that all soldiers return home alive.

Myung Joo hears a noise and pulls off her IV to run out of the hospital room. She nearly stumbles and is caught by the returning Dae Young. Umf, so smexy! They dramatically stare at each other.

Mo Yeon finds Shi Jin brooding by the ruins staring at the old picture of him and Argus as comrades-in-arms. Shi Jin pulls out a lighter and burns the picture.

Nurse Ha and Dr. Song tends to Mo Yeon’s shoulder bullet wound but she loses it and starts sobbing. They know she’s been through a lot and assure her that they are there for her.

The soldiers are out on their shirtless morning jog and this time they wave back at the admiring females. Dr. Song gets so jealous he pulls Nurse Ha aside and runs out to summon Dae Young back to question their lack of propriety in jogging shirtless. Dae Young just chuckles and gives him a reassuring pat.

Mo Yeon and Shi Jin encounter each other outside and he asks about wound while she hears that the little girl is safe and being taken care of. Mo Yeon calls out Shi Jin for not telling her the truth, he said the kids from the village were safe yet they were locked up in the house by Argus. Shi Jin apologizes for lying and did so to not worry her.

Mo Yeon asks what else he’s lied about so she’s not worried? Shi Jin thinks about his lies on his gunshot wound and other times and claims he’s never lied to her about anything else. Mo Yeon calls him a liar to his face because his lies are so big but she couldn’t use it as a reason to break up type lie. And he lies because there is danger behind those lies and things that can’t be made public, which he glosses over by joking all the time. And if they continue will they one day have nothing to say to each other left?

Mo Yeon cries as she explains her day back in Seoul, getting annoyed and upset at people over mundane things. When she’s with him she wants to talk about insignificant things that happened to her and Shi Jin tells her that he wants to hear about those things. Mo Yeon knows that he wants to listen but she can’t bring herself to talk about those things to a man who lives on the precipice of life and death. Mo Yeon pauses and then explains that she’s thinking about whether Shi Jin is a man that she can handle, i.e. have the capacity to be with. Mo Yeon walks away leaving Shi Jin brooding over such a heavy and valid concern.

Shi Jin goes to send off Argus’s coffin as its being shipped off. The US special forces thanks Shi Jin for giving him hundreds of new reports to write, but it’s something he’s happy with because it’s worth the price for lives saved. They glance towards Argus’s coffin and mourn a man who has no country to go back to even in death. The commander bids Shi Jin farewell with an admonition to stay alive no matter what.

Mo Yeon meets with the remaining medical staff as they ready for their return to Seoul. Everyone’s feeling a bit sad and reluctant to leave.

Mo Yeon leads the team to make one final round in the medical facility and the first stop is Myung Joo’s bedside. Mo Yeon is impressed at the speed of her recovery which Myung Joo attributes to being so young. Myung Joo stops Mo Yeon as she’s leaving to be her doctor, checking on the shoulder gunshot wound and reminding her to change the bandages and wait two more days to shower. Everyone smiles at the girls finally getting along.

Mo Yeon next stops by the Manager’s bedside as he’s also pulled through, telling him that once he’s recovered he will be sent back to Korea to be prosecuted. He asks about the diamonds and Mo Yeon is happy to tell him that the diamonds have been given to the US.

Mo Yeon goes to check on Min Jae who is all recovered and Ki Bum happens to deliver the test results from Chi Hoon’s blood work. Min Jae offers to take it to Chi Hoon with happy results that he’s tested negative. Chi Hoon is happy that he’s not going to die and Min Jae says he’s happy as well that Chi Hoon won’t die. He tells Chi Hoon not to say thanks or anymore apologies because Min Jae won’t be saying the same back.

Chi Hoon is so happy to finally have all the clouds lifted from his life. He splashes water on his face outside and the little boy he helped earlier comes by to check on him. Chi Hoon gives him a pair of expensive sneakers and the little boy doesn’t want it, he wants a goat to raise. Chi Hoon doesn’t understand and just gives him a hug.

Mo Yeon can’t stop reliving the memory of Argus shooting at her and Shi Jin and how Shi Jin shielded her from danger. She also remembers him burning the picture that he took with Argus before breaking down in tears. Mo Yeon also remembers Shi Jin crying as he was shooting Argus while shielding her eyes so she walks over to reach out her hand to cover Shi Jin as he sobs.

Mo Yeon washes the tears off her face and invites the arriving Shi Jin to coffee. He brings two cups outside and offers Mo Yeon her cup but she walks past his hand to grab him in a tight embrace. Awwwwww. Shi Jin stands there getting a much needed hug and listening to what Mo Yeon has to say. Mo Yeon did her rounds before he got here and saw that Myung Joo is getting better so that made her happy. She was looking for a rubber band to tie her hair up but couldn’t find one. These are the little things she wants to share with him, because she wants to take the chance to get used to his life.

Mo Yeon asks that he not lie to her when it’s a life or death situation but on other matters she’ll let slide. If he tells her that he’s going to the department store then she’ll know he’s off on a mission and she’ll tell him to work hard and be safe. She asks that he also get used to her nagging and worried about him, and give her that chance to be concerned. Shi Jin can only nod to everything she’s asking.

Mo Yeon then steps back and asks one final question – does he love her or love his country? Ha, such a trick question, and even Mo Yeon knows it as she tells him to answer carefully. Shi Jin just pulls Mo Yeon in for a hug and promises not to worry her. He calls her cute and she sasses back that she knows it. They hug each other tightly.

Myung Joo is checking out of the medical facility and finds herself really hungry now. She wants bbq and soju and all sorts of delicious foods. Myung Joo takes off Dae Young’s dog tag and puts it around his neck. She smiles and says “I love you” and he smiles back at her.

Ki Bum is in charge and directing Dae Young and Shi Jin on preparing a dinner for their girlfriends. The men ladle out their hand cooked meals and place it before Myung Joo and Mo Yeon. The ladies are impressed with how tasty the food is.

The chicken soup brings back a memory to Myung Joo about eating it in med school, and triggers a memory in Mo Yeon who brings up how Myung Joo had chicken soup with their medical school sunbae. Myung Joo wonders why Mo Yeon is still upset about that, it was the sunbae who followed her to the restaurant wanting to talk, and he claimed to be just classmates with Mo Yeon. She says they were flirting and went to dinners in April. Myung Joo says she dined with him in March so Mo Yeon clarifies she meant April from the year before.

The two girls stop bickering when they realize their boyfriends are sitting across from them looking very stern. The guys finally understand why Mo Yeon and Myung Joo don’t get along, and now Shi Jin wants to meet this medical school sunbae (I bet money it’s Yoo Ah In’s cameo role lol). Myung Joo and Mo Yeon are all contrite and claim it’s a misunderstanding.

Shi Jin can’t believe Mo Yeon would get so mad at him over a picture and here she is having a backup option. Dae Young can’t believe that medical school sunbae is so good at playing women to line up replacements, makes him want to kill the bastard. Shi Jin and Dae Young toss their aprons aside and walk off to plan their attack operations on the sunbae. Myung Joo and Mo Yeon are upset at how they went back to discussing the past. Myung Joo thinks Mo Yeon is worse off since all she needs to do is pretend to be sick and Dae Young will stop being mad.

Mo Yeon pretends to be sick when she goes to see Shi Jin but he can tell she’s faking it. In fact she looks rosy cheeked probably because she’s thinking of that oppa. Mo Yeon decides to go with it and takes out her phone to call the oppa and hear his voice. Shi Jin warns her not to call and tries to take the phone away. Mo Yeon tells Shi Jin to hear her well, of all the men in the world the one she likes is Yoo Shi Jin. For him she’s almost died many times, that’s how much she likes him. To her, everything about him is attractive.

Shi Jin and Mo Yeon are wondering what to do about the little girl and Shi Jin suggests putting her in the care of the waitress as the guardian. He trusts that she can help the little girl and she agrees, thanking him for being a good patron and wishing him well heading back to Korea. Mo Yeon asks the little girl for her contact information but she doesn’t want to give it. The little girl thanks Mo Yeon for everything she’s done and Mo Yeon wonders how she’ll be when she’s all grown up.

Shi Jin and Mo Yeon take in the view from the rooftop and the sun dappled city is breathtaking. Mo Yeon can’t wait to go home and take a hot bath and asks what Shi Jin is looking forward to. He teases that he wants to see her doing that and then get serious that they need finally watch that movie.

Shi Jin tells Mo Yeon that he’ll see her back in Korea but she’s not to have dinner with the hospital Managing Director or start flirting with the medical school sunbae. He tosses the rock from the island into Mo Yeon’s hands and she’s so surprised he’s kept it this whole time. He asks Mo Yeon to hold the rock and see if she returns one day.

Shi Jin reaches out to take Mo Yeon’s hand and they smile at each other. The camera pans across to them kissing.

The ladies admire the morning jog shirtless soldiers one more time and notice one unfamiliar physique which turns out to be shirtless Dr. Song jogging at the front of the pack lol. It’s his surprise to Nurse Ha and quite adorable. Min Ji asks why she can’t just date him now and Nurse Ha quickly takes off. Min Ji wonders if she said anything wrong but Mo Yeon assures her it’s fine.

The medical team waits outside for departure and watches as the Korean flag is raised over the clock tower. Mo Yeon remembers the aftermath of the Urk earthquake and everything they did as medical personnel to save lives. The soldiers walk out and everyone lines up to snap a picture.

Mo Yeon is back in Seoul now and meets up with Nurse Ha as they arrive to the hospital for work, joined by Chi Hoon and Min Ji and finally Dr. Song. The team is back together and stand outside the hospital wondering what lays in store for them.

Thoughts of Mine:

A big sigh of relief to start off this section, thank goodness this episode went back to all the things that work so well in this drama. Shi Jin’s big rescue of Mo Yeon and the smuggled kids was as simplistic in action execution as to be expected but done with just the right amount of sleek confidence it sells the situation. I’m not upset Shi Jin broke protocol to rescue Mo Yeon, it wasn’t just that she was his beloved, I see him as also being more willing to question authority when it stems from political underpinnings. He’s loyal as a soldier but isn’t a political chess piece, so this solo rescue mission fits into his MO. It’s nice that he has such capable Alpha Team comrades who have his back, and come equipped with expert skills in sharpshooting and bomb defusing. The drama makes everyone larger than life in ability and personality, which fits in the exotica of Urk and the world of special forces, but sometimes seems silly in medicine just to create angst. At least this episode was less doctoring hence less head desking. I’ve never liked a character as much as I like Chi Hoon while simultaneously rolling my eyes at his entire story arc.

It’s been a long trek to see Mo Yeon go from attracted to Shi Jin to agreeing to be with him knowing the entire heavy package that comes along with. Her conversation with him was lovely, just candor and respect and sincerity, she laid out her worries but put forth what she wants from him to make it work. It’s not too idealistic, yet she’s being optimistic. If Shi Jin dies I think she won’t regret loving him no matter how much it hurts. Sometimes we just need to love and live rather than passively keeping ourselves from the prospect of heart break. The rescue operation was nothing special other than the last scene when Shi Jin shot Argus while crying and shielding Mo Yeon’s eyes. That was nicely framed and delivered, making Shi Jin human in a moment when he’s being super soldier yet feeling the emotions of death from his hands. That Mo Yeon was there alongside likely gave her the full picture she needed to make her decision, she can be told how dangerous Shi Jin lives but seeing it is a different story. Myung Joo can love Dae Young without reservation because she’s a trained soldier who also lives in the same world, for Mo Yeon it really is like going into a different dimension where guns are aplenty and people rappel out of helicopters. I’m happy that the couple chose each other under such open circumstances, now it’s just onwards to getting Shi Jin a new job that doesn’t involve black ops missions.

My favorite scenes in this episode were, of course, the dinner scene when two incredible capable soldiers watch their lady loves bicker because of a past beef over a man. All four are such quick to jealousy types, which makes the passion burn bright for a fun dramatic watch, but likely will get tiring soon in real life. It’s cute how the tables are turned this time and the guys can get upset at their girls, and even cuter in threatening to take out the unknown medical school sunbae who can still cause Mo Yeon and Myung Joo to sass each other over. I find the two couples more fun when they are jealous, moping doesn’t suit them, and with jobs such as theirs who has time to waste on the mundane. Shi Jin needs someone as quick thinking and fast talking as him to keep up, and Mo Yeon’s quips are as flashy as her smile. She’s becoming prettier and prettier in this drama as her character falls in love with Shi Jin, she’s fairly glowing onscreen. Urk has been good for her, stepping out of her comfort zone and world of medicine and little inconveniences, and having her in Urk is good for Shi Jin, pushing him to see just how extreme his life is compared to that of the average person. If he wants to be with Mo Yeon he’ll have to tone it down in the long run, and I don’t know any more if being a General is a good goal if it means playing the politics game. It’ll be interesting to see how the drama plans to give our four intrepid leads a happy ending, and I’m not even going to entertain anything less than that.

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Descendants of the Sun Episode 12 Recap — 79 Comments

  1. I’m amazed they delt with their problems honestly instead of breaking up until the end. Both have grown so much from loving each other, and that’s lovely to see. I loved how My laid out what she wanted from him in a straight forward way. And the hug was just beyond adorable. So happy with this episode. Almost felt like it could be the finale. Looking forward to seeing how they adjust in a more normal climate now.

  2. Yeah this episode is fun and excited.back to previous episode. Like how I.predicted I’m going to love my well because it is played by shk,as lately she choosing interesting character carefully. MY really grow up slowly and strong and a big Hah to those who bad mouth bout her and her I can see anyone else bing Kang Moo Yeon. I can’t wait for yai cameo.I bet in episode 13/14 and if we lucky he will be that sunbae but I heard his role is as a bank employee. But anyway next episode I see a drunk MY.uhmmm what could that lead to.dayum.hope something involved heavy make out since they are stingy only giving us zoom from mars kiss.

  3. does anyone else feel as though the drama could have ended with either episode 12 or with a episode 13 finale? it feels complete already as it is. curious to know if the rest of the episodes fall in line with the storyline. what loose threads are there though to tie up?

      • @drama2016
        I don’t see a reason to worry about SJ dying. This writer doesn’t know how to do angst for long. What in most dramas would have become a multiple episode breakup and reunion became a 30 minute argument that ended in complete cuteness.

        And the last OST is the super happy Junsu song lol

    • Yup! I had the same thought as you for a brief moment before watching ep 13 preview. Darn it! There’s obviously another crisis coming, perhaps a bigger threat to Captain Yoo’s life than smuggler Asparagus had ever posed.

      @Sylvie, I’m sure they’ll be both back to Seoul, to face another crisis again. LOL.. Now I’m worried again SJ will not survive this one if the ominous spoiler of a sad ending is true. The writers are trolling us.

  4. Just wander,the character of YSJ make DOTS popular? Or & DOTS make SJK famous? DOTS’ popularity mainly contributed by female viewers attracted by YSJ? Female lead is less important?
    If the character of KMY played by SHK replaced by other famous actress like KTH,JJH,KHS or HJE or may be HGI, what would be the outcome?

    • SJK is already famous before DotS. Please watch The Innocent Man. I think SJK’s acting has contributed much to the success of DotS. The beauty of SHK compliments the whole cinematography… I think KTH may fit the KMY character well also?

      • SJK is indeed popular before DOTS but not yet considered a Hallyu star. I don’t think KTH fits the KMY character mainly because she lacks the ability to pull it off. I’m not saying she’s a bad actress, I believe she’s doing her best in every role. However, she lacks the restraint SHK has in acting e.g. KTH tends to widen her eyes when she’s angry, surprised, emotional etc. Beauty-wise, she may fit as KMY same goes with Han Ga In. Acting-wise, not so much. Jeon Ji Hyun might fit since she’s a good actress and pretty to boot.

    • The ladies you mentioned are not for SJK.The chemistry would be different.Younger lead will not bring out YSJ’s masculine self.They will be be able to portray a strong minded heroine who can tame our Captain YSJ with him showing his overload cuteness.SHK nailed KMY’s role.With a pretty face but a fierce character,she successfully brings out KMY’s character alive.Likewise for others veteran to portray YSJ.Dont think they can be as childish and manly at the same time.SHK and SJK are a match.SHK did it,once again,to pull all her supporting co-stars up to a whole new level of fame.Awesome!!

      • which of the actresses mentioned by Janet is younger than SJK? I thought they are all older than him??

      • candycane.I mean the actress she mentioned will have diff chemistry with SJK. About the younger leads iswith regards to my own opinion.cheers

    • i think, at first, because SJK made YSJ character so alive, people got attracted by YSJ. thanks to his great character YSH, SJK got so many attention. it’s because he played it well. if it weren’t him, perhaps the respond would be different. good thing that SJK is both handsome and just finished his military. he’s still has that military body that fit him well.

      but in process, SHK made her KMY super attractive. i dunno if other actress plays this character would be as good as SHK or not. but SHK made her KMY character so good and acceptable. she made me couldnt imagine this character in KTH or HGI. especially HJE, ught.. i still can’t get over her screaming/facial expression in SWP.
      JJH perhaps could pull it, but she’s pregnant. haha

      so well, good thing is this played by two popular songs and the chemistry is on fire. they help each other. both of the character are shining in every episode now.

      😀 my personal thought. perhaps, others have their own opinion 😀

    • Aw these are interesting questions. Before watching the drama, I only rooted for my fave Song Joong Ki, wasn’t a fan of Song Hye Kuo though. However, after a few episodes, I like SHK’s acting so much that I think she’s pivotal to the success of DotS. Perhaps other talented actresses can also do a good job. But I doubt they would have the same cool/chic aura as SHK, not to mention equal beauty. Based on the script, Dr. MY must be extremely pretty and physically attractive to men. Those actresses you mentioned simply don’t have equal beauty/aura to SHK. I don’t think anyone of them can pull it off as well as SHK for this role.

    • The female lead is very important. Without a character like KMY then YSJ would not get to shine as much. I can’t think of someone other than SHK to play MY. Not many could capture her mature and reasoned beauty who balances out YSJ’s more playful side. Not to mention physically her petite and feminine looks really put YSJ manly aura over the top.

      And SJK was already famous before DOTS, but YSJ put him over the top. There are a lot of things that contribute the the popularity of the show. Not just one person.

      • People here are fair to SHK! With the justifications many of you commented on SHK to portray KMY,it really proof that you are all great supporters of DOTS,not just some fangirls drooling over SJK and bias towards SHK.You have my respect!Salute!

    • SJK was already famous before DotS but this role made people see him in a different light. We all knew he was a good actor but not many would have imagined him being able to pull off a manly, boyishly mature character. As for other actresses playing the role of KMY, out of the actresses you named I think JJH would be the best choice but then I can’t see her having good chemistry with SJK. Then again I wouldn’t have thought she’d pair well with KSH in MLFTS but then they proved me wrong. I love SHK though (always and forever my ultimate girl crush) and think she suits the role of KMY perfectly, but then if I had to think of another actress who I imagine would’ve also been a good KMY then maybe it’d be Moon Chae Won? I don’t know, imo they seem to have a similar aura with SHK.

  5. The first 18 minutes or so of ep 12 was so nerve racking that I couldn’t swallow dinner properly. Luckily my indigestion didn’t last long. I didn’t expect villain Asparagus was so easily gunned down. He’s perhaps the lamest asshole in all the K dramas I’ve watched so far. LOL…I believe MY must have been in great shock when SJ fired bullets to knock down Argus and shielded her from being hurt nor seeing the bloody shootings. This scene is a nice parallel to the moment when MY later on covered SJ’s eyes from staring at the sad pic of his past bromance with Argus. It’s very touching she reciprocated his caring protection and this also symbolizes the progress in mutual understanding and bonding. SJK and SHK are such a great leading pair that they slayed to effectively deliver their emotions in nuance. I was particularly moved by the pain and hurt Captain Yoo revealed when he stared at his pic with Argus. It must be very depressing to take your old comrade’s life with your own hands. I can’t imagine.

    One of the scenes I love most in this episode is when MY had that heart-to-heart conversation with SJ and asked him to fully open up himself and let her engage in each single detail of his world regardless of how dangerous it is. It’s MUST for the relationship of a dating couple to progress from physical attraction into something deeper that could resonate in each other’s soul. I so much love how the writer carved out this romance in such an epic and dramatic setting while keeping all the sensible and realistic elements in perspective. Brilliant!

    Now the series is back to its usual consistency. I thought the death of Argus will put a closure to my fear of losing Captain Yoo at the end. LOL.. What the heck! He’s obviously not the last villain to threaten SJ’s life. Ep 13 preview gives us a hint about what’s emerging. Dang it!

    • I think SJ cried for a world that has disappeared..for the captain he loved, for his regrets in the captain’s death, for a comrade who died for money and not honour, for taking his comrade’s life..and such grief , often, we have to deal with it alone. Sometimes, well meaning words from others don’t help.I think MY acted correctly in sharing the pain but not interfering at that moment, even though it could have been because she herself was too traumatized to know how to react.

      I was very touched by MY’s reasons as she cried about SJ lying, even even until the last moment of that conversation, he lied. If SJ continues to keep secrets and lies, the relationship will slowly die, and one day, heartfelt communication will not be possible.She was very thoughtful and insightful about that observation. Initial love is simply not enough to sustain a relationship that has no real communication. MY’s visualisation of reaching out to help SJ’s pain, helped to give her the direction to go. She would not give up but find a way to breakthrough that barrier. How interesting, that it is the woman who thought through all this whilst the man might have just tried to maintain status quo.

      • I loved her reasoning too. It wasn’t “I’m scared you’ll die” like some people boil it down to, but simply they run in totally didn’t worlds, and he doesn’t do anything to bring the two together. He lied the whole time she was accusing him of lying. She’s not asking for every detail, but just to know when something bad might happened. I agree with her that eventually they’d just stop talking and that would be the end of it.

        She wants to share his burden, and it’s up to him to let her in and tell her. Honestly, he should have trust in her. She’s a tough woman. Even for SJK after that kidnapping I think I’d probably dump the dude too and go back to my fancy lifestyle in the big city. No guy is worth that much trouble. That she thinks SJ is shows how much she loves him. I really hope he’s able to do what she asked.

      • Uh…..The scene where MY covers SJ’s eyes is her imagination…If you look closely, her clothes in that scene was different from the initial scene when she saw him crying. The one where she just stood behind the wall accompanying him was the real scenario. It wasn’t until when she think it though about their relationship again, she wished she had did that (covering his eyes like how he did) then that is when she realizes that her love for him to wanting to comfort him was stronger than all the reasons she doesn’t want to be with him.

        At least….that was how I look at that scene.

      • Cimmie, I totally agree with you. Sometimes, I think the grieving of SJ parallels that of MY’s in an earlier episode when she sobbed remembering and seeing before her eyes the world that has disappeared with the earthquake, the good man who died so courageously, the role who played in the death. These two moments changed their lives..SJ saw MJ sobbing, so vulnerable with her guard down, showing her heart, he then confessed to her how much he missed her and wanted her in his life…and similarly, MJ saw SJ sobbing and , after that she committed to stepping into his world and his life, prepared to risk her future happiness with him.

        MY has more courage in her finger tips than I have in my whole body. She has shown this from the beginning, albeit sometimes a little rash, and during the last episode her courage and dignity really came through when held as a hostage. But perhaps, her move to accept her future with SJ requires just as much courage.

    • Thank you Drama2016. You know what? I have read so many of your comments and this is the one that I feel has heart in it.

      • hahaha..My apologies for my typical teasing-around, goofing-around tone with a bit sarcasm that seems insincere to drama fans. To be honest, I rarely took Asian dramas seriously since I equate most of them to American daytime soap operas or sitcoms. Deep in my heart, I clearly distinguish Asian dramas from Western drama or movies of true art form such as PBS/BBC Master Theater, An Lee’s movies, or Lord of the Ring Triology etc. I confess I never expected to gain any philosophical insight or enlightening life lessons from Asian Drama. I watched them just to wash off my fatigue from very demanding work and found a getaway place to totally put aside work-related stress. Most of the time I would choose to watch a fluffy drama that has no hint of life-lesson preaching. LOL

        BUT C drama Nirvana in Fire and DotS are two exceptions that I singled out from the large pool of Asian Dramas. I initially watched these two dramas for star power to see my favorite actors. More than what I expected, these two dramas speak certain volume of artistry and inspire viewers for deeper reflection. So that may be why you feel my heart in it.

  6. It was an action packed episode with emotions as raw as it can be. Whether the protocols weren’t followed in reality a lot of this happen in real life especially when it involves politics and relations with other countries. Fictional or real I still love this drama, and moreso because the actors are equally talented and full of charm. I think thats what this drama offered its audience to stay glued up til the very end?

  7. Asian drama fans often talk about A-list and argue about who’s considered an A-list actor/actress. Does anyone disagree with me that Song Joong Ki is an A-list actor now? I know Song Hyu Kuo has long time been considered A-list (at least by media).

  8. Loved this episode. It could’ve ended but I am happy to see more of them together. And I see them in suits in the next episode! A guy in a suit. Him in a suit. *swoon*

  9. This ep is Suuuperb!! I enjoy this alot more than the previous one. I cant get over to Dr. Song’s shirtless scene HAHAHA so funny! CH and Blakey oh c’mon Goat is what he want not a limited shoes HAha..
    And about the Sunbae(Yoon-gi)right?Hope its my Oppa YAI,wish to see him wd SJK oppa and SHK unnie<3<3<3
    Thanks again Koala:-)

  10. I love that our two couples remained strong in spite all the odds and show no signs of noble idiocy. They displayed both love and maturity and this is really nice to watch. The action scenes are nerve-wrecking enough. I don’t need anymore unneccesary heartbreaks.
    On a side note, I thought the whole Argus storyline ended a little abruptly. They built his character up to imply that he’s a formidable opponent filled with mysteries. It seemed as though it was all empty talk. Of course I wouldn’t call the whole first 18 minutes light-hearted at all. But it only took a couple of alpha team soldiers to bring him down?

    • same. I also felt that that even as Yoo Si Jin cried and grieved over the loss of Argus, who he unfortunately had to kill, there wasn’t much emotional attachment to begin with. They showed backstories of them in the same team before, how he saved his life and how he was legendary, but there wasn’t much to work with to make us draw the conclusion that he meant that much to him. If there were deep feelings of betrayal, these weren’t clearly shown or relayed on screen so it doesn’t feel so personal. I know that Argus was the accidental reason YSJ’s comrade/superior was killed when they were boarding the plane. They took time to rescue him so to see him turn to the dark side does feel betrayal at its worst. His rescuing him was for naught. That’s very yalid. Of course it was sad to kill a former comrade. I just wished they dug deeper at the well and gave us a better story to this from earlier episodes.

  11. This episode hits me close to home, to the extent where I had tears while mo yeon confessed about her fears once again. As someone who dated a man with a career that is 100 miles out of my league, mo yeon’s speech was very realistic and brave. Something I couldn’t do after being in a relationship for 1.5 years, and make me wish I had talked about it.
    It was so spot on, about how she just want to talk about trivial matters to a man whose job is to put other’s lives before his and how it affects the nation itself. She is no way making a big deal out of it, because it’s so important. There is also a sense of incompetency because you feel like whatever you talk about doesn’t matter, the soldier probably has more urgent things in mind already.
    Anyway, since it’s a drama I suppose they will last, unless one of them die or sth. I definitely root for them bc I know in real life it is wayy harder to make it work.

    Also I’m glad Argus is dead. And chihoon and minjae are done with the mess.

  12. I Love this episode, I love Kang Mo Yeon. This goes to show that good things are worth the wait. She is an incredible woman. The beauty is her growth and character development is amazing. This writer may be lacking on a few point but she made Kang Mo Yeon excellently and no body is perfect. KMY before leaving Korea was a bit spoiled and sheltered who took for granted the work of a soldier or at least didn’t understand the difficult choices he makes in dangerous situation. Going to the Urk put her in situations in which she will understand. It. Was just a great episode. Song Hye Kyo deserves an award.

  13. Closures! Finally, the Uruk arc is done. I love that this chapter closes and with it, our heroes and heroines now come to a full understanding of the sacrifices that must be lived out in their intertwining relationships. While Kang Mo Yeon still wants the regular conversations between girlfriends and boyfriends, I admit that I agreed with her when she asked for the heavy conversations and for the right to be worried. I would, if I were in her shoes. After all, relationships aren’t always walks in the park, right? I’d want to know if at that moment, someone I love is fighting a battle between life and death. I’d want to know if he is in danger. While I won’t be able to do much about it, there is something intrinsically valuable to a relationship about shared miseries. People want to go through it together. To keep the suffering to oneself feels very selfish, and while the argument will also go that it is for protection, it always doesn’t seem and feel that way to the other party. She asks simply not to be kept in the dark. She’s as invested as he is, so I think it fair (in certain respects) that they be honest with each other. I liked that she gently confronted him about it, and assured him she will try to cope with it. I’m beginning to see how she now tries to fit in her role and understand the dangers that come with being the Big Boss’ lady love. In the same way, I feel Yoo Si Jin also now realizes that he is lucky to have someone like her understand things this way.

    Both these actors are killing it. I can’t imagine anyone else play their roles. I don’t think KTH would fit. I agree with one of the comments above. SHK is made for this role. She gives the maturity and fierceness and sass and at the same time, captivates audience with her timeless beauty. SJK –to be honest, i never watched any of his drama prior to this. So I can’t tell how he changed but I do know now that he’s insanely popular more so because of DOTS, and it’s likely to go up, up, up from here. 🙂

  14. Favorite moments:

    1. Alpha Team. The whole brotherhood is just too awesome for words. You save my neck, I save yours. Even cracking jokes in the face of danger –that’s how these men trust each other. When Snoopy was defusing the bomb and Yoo Si Jin was trying to calm Mo Yeon, he said something important: In 15 years, he has never once seen him not be able to disarm a bomb. He’s the best at what he does. I love that he took away her attention from the ticking 30 seconds left of life and assured her of his full trust on his men. It’s like, welcome to the family, see how we do this whole “I-take-care-of-you-you-take-care-of-me-thing”.

    2. As soon as Yoo Si jin realizes that Mo Yeon was hurt, he doesn’t hesitate to point the gun at Argus. He’s consistent and the protective side of him came out. I love the way he took a good look at her, and within seconds, how he switched to being bad ass boyfriend.

    3. Along this line, I also love how he fired a warning shot at Argus when Argus pointed the gun at Kang Mo Yeon. Don’t touch my girl, don’t scare her, don’t talk to her. Deal with me. Smooth, Joong Ki. Extremely smooth.

    • @Kesh well said, all the above favourite moments. to add one more is when General Yoon talked down at the idiot politician and spoke proudly of his men. whom he had trust and faith in their ability and the reason why they were carrying out this rogue op mission.

      I’d like to add the funny moments too

      1. Girls bickering over ex sunbae only to realize that current boyfriends are sitting there stony face with killer jealous boyfriend mode on full setting, shooting the guy is to easy, blow him up too boring.

      2. Jadi (goat) blackey wants a Jadi, Chi Hoon thinks its his name, goes to show when language is a barrier for miscommunication.but very sweet gesture but chi hoon still has a long way to go in understanding what a child like blackey really needs to survive, whats important to him are these limited edition trainers and to the boy its useless.

      3.Dr Song running shirtless with the dove troops in their morning jog. with his thumping fist to chest then gun finger points to nurse.

      4. when MY caught the phone that SJ tried to knock out of her hand and his shocked face at that moment only for his face to be smirky cute once MY told SJ straight that he was the best man alive on earth and she cares only for him.

      5. loved that private Kim Bum was exasperated at both Wolf and Big Boss attempts at cooking chicken soup, yet both ladies attributed the great taste to Kim Bums cooking.

      • I loved the phone thing because it’s not cute to knock a phone out of someone’s hand, even if they are calling their Yoon Gi oppa and you are jealous. Bet he won’t try that trick again. I also like how easily MY plays SJ lol. Tell him she likes him the most in the world and he’s 100% better.

  15. The second lead couple, would you guys agree that their love for each other is so strong and heartfelt it is practically bleeding through the TV screen? He’s worried, she’s worried and I can feel it.

  16. There are always things to nitpic in k-dramaland but this is a solid episode, and I didn’t expect a return to Korea but am glad that it’s happened. I do wish the initial conflict between the two leads hadn’t been the “you kill people” cliche because it was never that strong. Rather it should have been “you’re job sucks and worries me” with it basically ending in the same way; with her realizing she wants to give it a go. I loved the lead actress in this episode and with her discussion with the captain about what her expectations are. I married someone in the military and while he’s not special forces, he would still deploy and while I knew where he was stationed, I wouldn’t know where his missions would take him (though watching the news certainly helps). There are discussion and boundaries that have to be hashed out so this discussion has been the most reality based so far and really worked for me.

    I agree with others that the Argus story (no blame on the actor) was mediocre. I love the scene with the picture, but I didn’t really feel it as much as I should because they never really explored that story more than superficially. That’s fine because I’m in it for the romance, but I just think an opportunity was lost.

    I agree with others that this could have been the last episode so I get that we now get to see the leads deal with their relationship in the real world. I hope it continues to be treated like two mature adults in a relationship instead of falling into clicheville.

  17. My favourite moments in the drama :

    1. Alpha Team never deserting their Captain. Brotherhood at its best ? The touched look of gratitude and appreciation on YSJ’s face was so precious.

    2. The crying scene of YSJ brought me to tears. The fact that he had to take down his former comrade, ugh the pain is so real. Joong Ki really did this part so well! I was in tears T.T

    3. KMY opening up to YSJ was also my favourite. It showed that both of them are starting to include mutual understanding and appreciation of each other in this relationship. KMY’s speech was really mature and brave, and YSJ finally sees that he has a capable woman by his side all the time and that sometimes he should let her share the burden.

    4. THE DINNER SCENE HAHAHAHA MIN YUN GI OMG the boys being jealous is so funny i swear!

    And finally the Urk story arc is done! Its so heartening to see the characters grow from this trip, especially the leading couple. KMY went from being sheltered and narrow minded to being able to understand YSJ properly and the decisions he made and vice versa is what made this drama so worth watching.

    Thank you for your recap!

  18. OMG!Can you imagine your beloved boyfriend have to aim at you with a gun..”Do You Trust Me?Don’t Move!!” *SPEECHLESS* And you have to find your own way to safety when they exchange fire!!!!Seriously….Hands down to you,Dr KMY!..LOLOL

  19. I cried buckets when YSJ started to sob and KMY imagined putting her hand over his eyes and telling him to forget all of it. What a beautiful scenes
    Ahh this episode was so good!

  20. This episode was ah-fuck8ng-maxing. Perfection after the mess that was ep 11. I LOLOLOLOVE Shi Jin, but MO Yeon is the true winner of my heart. What a great female character. The moment she took the cell from him and confessed was so vital to their relationship, she grew so confident through all the hardships all while knowing that her badass boyfriend is also human and that he needed her at his worst time. I’m so happy with how mature they became as a couple. They’re the best thing in this drama, for me. SHE and SJK will get all the deserved awards this year.

  21. I really tried watching this drama but it’s probably the glossiest vanilla drama I’ve ever seen on TV. Now I get why so many people like it. It’s so bland and trivial. It’s too well-produced to call it bad but too boring to call it good.

    The only thing it will do is hopefully change the way dramas get produced in Korea – in the future. Just with a more appealing plot, please.

    I hope Saimdang does a better job. 🙂

    • While I am enjoying the drama, I do admit it is a bit vanilla. I think opportunities were lost, but I do like that at least we don’t have the dreaded triangle, chaebols, and the regularly seen arrogant male lead. Apparently that’s enough to keep me relatively happy, but there are a lot of people who are passing on it (on another forum I visit) for what you say so I do get it.

      I am a fan of Jewel in The Palace so I also am looking forward to Saimdang.

  22. Yoo Ah In as their Dr Sunbae — was thinking the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crossing fingers this happens!

    yep, that would be icing on the cake that is DOTS!!!!

    no words– this episode– awesome!

  23. hey, read rumors that SJK was not the first consideration for the male lead… just wondering if YSJ were to be casted with another actor, who would be a suitable candidate and how would the chemistry with SHK be like?

    • No one else other than SJK would have fit the role of Captain Yoo.

      According to the drama producer, the script was later changed to make SJK more appealing as the Alpha leader. So the new script on which the current drama version is based was sorta tailored to the characteristics of SJK.

      • Agree. SJK is so suited to the role. We needed someone quick to joke and flash that smile to offset Jin gu’s solemn and serious character.

  24. Shi Jin giving Mo Yeon the pebble might be a bad omen. Could be Shi Jin would die in the end & Mo Yeon would go back Urk & the beach alone with the pebble.

  25. kim ji won jin goo great acting from both of you!!!so proud to be your fan!!!ji won unnie you are the best!!!love you!!!goowon couple should win the award of best couple!!!

  26. I have a quick and simple answer for you. No one else other than SJK would have fit the role of Captain Yoo.

    According to the drama producer, the script was later changed to make SJK more appealing as the Alpha leader. So the new script was sorta tailored to the characteristics of SJK.

  27. Was I the only one that noticed that it looked like Captain YSJ got shot as he was shielding Doctor Yang? You can definitely see the slow motion shot of him seeming to get hit/shot as he tries to shield her. But after there was no mention of him getting wounded, so I got confused. Can anyone clear this up?

  28. I love your recaps and thoughts koala. Hands down this is the best yet from DodS. It reminds me why I fall I’m love with these series after a long hiatus from kdramaland.

    Why I love love love ep 12;

    1. We were back on focusing on the humans. There were enough moments to focus on their love and memories. Humanity too back into focus. I appreciated when they stood in silence remembering the catastrophe and the fallen
    2. Argus arc concludes. Thank goodness I was so afraid they make him the main villain that will only get killed off in last episode. So happy it’s done. There was very little doubt he would die. I really like Shi Jin shooting off his gun when he dare to threaten MO Yeon. So manly and protective
    3. Shijin tearing when he fires fatal shots at Argus and later when holding his photograph. We are reminded although he’s a soldier he’s human and Argus was his friend.
    4. Moyeon’s emotional yoyo was realistic and heartfelt. Argus had planted doubts in her mind one whether she could handle the danger with a man whose job is both dangerous and mysterious. And then her recapping how he shielded her and in the end decided to put her trust in both of them.
    5.yay they finally hug. Love love love
    6. Scenery at the clock tower. Puts shooting at this exotic location to good use. And the rock returning to moyeon. Again the story of the rock flows through from early.
    7. The guys cooking for girl scene. Total boyfriend material both of them. Followed by the jealous scene. So cute. And was well executed tying back to the episode where the girls were jealous over the parcel
    8. MO Yeon’s aegyo and quick banter. It was always Shijin and nows he has to handle the cuteness of his girlfriend. And just like koala said skh character really blossom. ANd she’s looking more beautiful than before
    9. Mo Yeon confession. First part of telling Shijin to let her know if he’s off doing something dangerous and made up a code (go deptment store) and the right to be worries (if me I would totally be like this too. The right to know worry and pray for my man) and second part that tells him she really likes him and is into him. Sigh I appreciate the maturity of both Shijin and moyeon. Their candor, their respect for each other but still flirting and romancing each other. Oh the beauty of love.
    10. We are ready for som typical dates and sweet romancing back in Seoul in episode 13.

  29. My thoughts on the rock that captain gave back to Dr KM is pivotal. The twist and turns of this drama is unfloding snd our lead actor might just DISAPPEAR (as what Argus said) and our damsel Dr KM will eventually return to URK perhaps work for UN like Dr Daniel.??

  30. After watching ep12 there are a few things to think of

    1) the pebble now has gone back to MY….hopefully nothing bad to happen but the beach is where the story ends

    2) the fact that the US commander asking SJ to stay safe and alive just makes me wonder whether something will happen to SJ

    2) SJ ask MY about her blood type probably something bad will happen to SJ that requires MY to donate blood and she herself will save SJ in the OR

    Forgive my wild imagination but cannot help wondering …

    Love so much the song-song couple and hopefully it will have happy ending!

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