Ji Sung and Hyeri Dance into Audience Hearts in First Teaser for Entertainer

I don’t know how I feel about the character arrangements in SBS new drama Entertainer, but I do know that I unabashedly love the just released first teaser. Only two of the four leads make their appearance as music agency president Ji Sung vogues and then shimmy and shakes in a convenience store after encountering dance bug bitten Hyeri. Despite my initial hopes, the drama has them paired up while second leads Kang Min Hyuk and Chae Jung Ahn have crushes on the respective opposite gender main leads, once again sounding so much like My Lovely Girl one wonders if the script was merely dusted off and recycled with slight tweaks.

With that said, I did like MLG in the beginning and am in the mood for a bright cheerful drama that embraces the creative and energetic┬áside of the music world. Please no moping about dead exes and dying dogs! Ji Sung has chemistry with anything, everything, and could convincingly sell me the love story of a man and his beloved tree should that be the set up, so I’m not worried about his pairing with the much younger and greener Hyeri. If anything he can bring back Ahn Yoo Na and the two can swap boy crazy stories lol.

Teaser for Entertainer:


Ji Sung and Hyeri Dance into Audience Hearts in First Teaser for Entertainer — 18 Comments

  1. I honestly believe that Ji Sung setting up a raf tag band will be front/foremost and lovelines will be background story!

  2. haha LOVE it. Jisung can do no wrong ­čśŤ
    @ockoala did you read the news Park Hae Jin will star in the next drama of the writer of Descendants of the Sun.

  3. I wasn’t really psyched about this until this teaser. Ji Sung nails it every time!! I hope it’s not trolling us with cute and hilarious teasers but end up becoming a melo, like Hogu Love. I miss Yoo Na, hopefully I can see glimpses of her in Ji Sung’s character.

  4. We will be watching this drama, it will be again a good act and fascinating scenes of JI SUNG acts. He is such a great actor!

  5. MLG was weird for more reasons than the age differences and the love triangles. Don’t really think this is the same.

    This looks cute Wasn’t sure what to expect, but they actually don’t look bad together already. Helps that Ji Sung is really youthful.

  6. Teaser reminds me of a Japanese drama teaser but for the life of me can’t remember which drama.

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