Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun Top the Vlinkage 2016 Most Popular Korean Male and Female Star List in China

After releasing the list of current most popular K-dramas in China, polling site Vlinkage is back with the Top 30 list of most popular Korean male and female stars, respectively. Some are long time regulars on any Korean star popularity list while others are a surprise to me but adds diversity to this list. On the male side, the most popular Korean stars are Kim Soo Hyun followed by Song Joong Ki and then Lee Min Ho. The female list leads off with Yoona then Park Shin Hye and Jeon Ji Hyun completes the top three. Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity remains sky high in China as You From Another Star buzz is nowhere near dissipating for him or for Jeon Ji Hyun. Yoona’s reign at number one is also not surprising since her currently airing C-drama is a huge domestic hit there, while Park Shin Hye has three popular dramas in the top 10 of the drama list and she’s been very proactive in courting her C-fans. Song Joong Ki is the only big new addition on the top of the list and it’s all thanks to Descendants of the Sun, and I’m always expecting Lee Min Ho near the top of any Korean popular poll in China. 

Top 30 Most Popular in China male Korean stars:

1. Kim Soo Hyun
2. Song Joong Ki
3. Lee Min Ho
4. Lee Jong Seok
5. Park Hae Jin
6. Rain
7. Kim Woo Bin
8. Park Shi Hoo
9. Jang Geun Seok
10. Ji Chang Wook
11. Kim Ki Bum
12. Joo Jin Mo
13. Song Seung Heon
14. Yoo Seung Ho
15. Lee Jun Ki
16. Park Yoochun
17. Kim Ji Hoon
18. Jin Goo
19. Choi Siwon
20. Lee Joon Hyuk
21. Jo In Sung
22. Lee Hong Ki
23. Heechul
24. Hyun Bin
25. Lee Hyun Woo
26. Lee Seung Gi
27. Yeo Jin Gu
28. Kim Bum
29. Jung Il Woo
30. Jung Yong Hwa

Top 30 Most Popular in China female Korean stars:

1. Yoona
2. Park Shin Hye
3. Jeon Ji Hyun
4. Song Hye Kyo
5. Kim Ji Won
6. Yoon Eun Hye
7. Yoo In Na
8. Krystal
9. Park Ye Jin
10. Han Chae Young
11. Park Jung Ah
12. Char Rim
13. Gong Hyo Jin
14. Lee Da Hae
15. Chae Yeon
16. Moon Geun Young
17. Park Min Young
18. Song Ji Hyo
19. Suzy
20. Lee Ji Eun
21. Eunjung
22. Kim Tae Hee
23. Kim Ha Neul
24. Kim Hee Sun
25. Lee Tae Ran
26. Jang Nara
27. Kim Hyun Joo
28. Lee Hyori
29. Son Ye Jin
30. Ha Ji Won


Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun Top the Vlinkage 2016 Most Popular Korean Male and Female Star List in China — 91 Comments

  1. Yay for #4 Lee jong suk, he is still popular in China all well as in SK without doing nothing recently. KSH, LMH,LJS look like regular stars for this kinds of lists.

    • What I remember is that in all lists which I’ve seen in the past two years these three actors are on the top with some changes in their rankings between themselves,it’s first time that I see someone has surpassed LMH & LJS which should we wait to see will SJK the next one who is fixed in these kind of lists or not!

      • But he is currently filming it, till starting the promotions & its airing he officially is in hiatus in public eyes.

      • He is active in China… the drama isn’t airing but he isn’t in hiatus.
        It’s different.
        LMH also worked on a cmovie too
        KSH is working on a kmovie.
        None of them is in hiatus.

        Hiatus means resting and no work at all, like Wonbin.

    • actresses: #1 Yoona #2 PSH #3 JJH
      male actors: #1 Kim Soo Hyun 2# SJK #3LMH

      they deserve it! they are so talented and successful. i am so proud of them.

      note: Yoona’s drama reached more than 10 BILLION of views. she is amazing. because she did ALONE without the support of her SM company nor snsd members nor snsd name. well! Yoona deserves all successful.

  2. LJS is at #4 although he has been away for a year and a half now, and as i heard with no agency backing him up for few month now,yet he manages to be among the top names in every list in Korea and China.

    SJK let’s see if he can maintain his position on that list like KSH, LMH and LJS

  3. Didn’t Lee Hyori retire? And she’s still on the list, wow. And aren’t Park Min Young and Song Ji Hyo working in China or at least worked in China recently? Why are they so low? I’m happy for my favorite actors all in top 5 of each list. I feel like a proud mom haha

    • The female list is practically a joke. I would only agree with the top three having any real impact or significance. As for the others, it’s basically a list of who people recognize from the some what popular korean dramas the people being polled have watched.

      As for Song Ji Hyo, Park Min Young, Chae Rim, etc. a lot of these Koreans who worked in China still can’t seem to have more relevance than JJH or PSH who have yet to work in Chinese dramas. Yoona got the extra push because she just had her cdrama premiere and is an SNSD member.

      • ERROR!! you should know that Yoona’s drama reached more than 10 BILLION of views because she is talented and she is YOONA! … Not because of sm or snsd member. You needs know that SM did not support Yoona’s drama, …even snsd members did not support her too. YOONA REACHED ALONEEEEE HER HUGE SUCCESFUL IN CHINA & ASIA, AGAIN!!! .note: Yoona always supporting snsd member, because she is the most successful, popular and famous. *note2: Asia know Yoona’s career and her snsd group, but Asia loves more Goddess Yoona than snsd. In china : Yoona is more famous, success and popular that her snsd group. ofc, t-ara is the most popular kpop girl group, not snsd.

  4. I’ve been reading conflicting news about Yoona’s drama. Sone say it’s a gugh hit while others say it is a moderate success and wasn’t even top in it’s time slot. Anyone care to post numbers?

    SNSD fans should be out in full force support her.

    • God of War Zhao Yun is pretty much most talked about drama in China right now, ratings are great and getting higher by the episode and their online views are trough the roof, the drama already has over 3 billion views.

      And out of all the cast Yoona is getting the bast feedback, she is pretty much most talked about drama star these days, together with Song Joon Ki and Hu Ge.

      So the drama is not some HUGE hit yet, but it`s doing very well and is giving Yoona extra exposure.

    • Its true the numbers are steadily increasing but it has a long way to go considering half the show has aired. The channel it airs on released its popular drama ratings and her drama is third. However in its time slot its doing well.

  5. Lee Min Ho even doesn’t need drama to keep his star!
    he’s quite popular even without doing a drama
    no drama for few years
    he maintained his popularity without being in any drama since heirs
    even without any drama in three years

  6. Not surprising whatsoever tbh. KSH always tops these kind of lists. He’s such a huge star in China and in Korea. I’m happy to see some unexpected names though!

  7. I don’t have qualms about this celebrity popularity list. (For one-time drama popularity, I still think DotS outpaced both MLfAS and Heirs unless you can really prove those reported commercial and financial numbers such as ratings, online views for each episode, and total business profits generated are fake.) KSH and LMH have been in the Hallyu wave for a while not b/c just a single hit drama such as MLfAS and Heirs. The Moon Embracing the Sun, Boys over Flowers, and City Hunter etc. are also very popular in Chinese-speaking markets although these dramas do not create as much buzz as MLfAS and Heirs. Their popularity as Hallyu stars is accumulated through several famous dramas well-loved by fans, specifically LMH. His fame in China may not cause as much media attention as KSH. But I guess in general he has a larger fan club following him worldwide. (Just my speculation without any hard numbers to support.) I think there’re reasons for him to be selected as a culture ambassador for S. Korean government and also mentioned numerous times in Korean entertainment media for his impact on Kdrama’s international market while I never saw KSH or other K actors equally mentioned in the K ent.

    I like all top 4 actors in the list and love some (if not all) of their dramas. But personally, Song Joong Ki has always been my number 1, followed equally by the other three. Before DotS, I enjoyed the Moon Embracing the Sun most. I also consider TMETS is KSH’s best drama so far.

    • KSH was already selected as Korea’s Tourism Organization ambassador back in 2012. He also got top award last year at the National Brand Awards for raising Korea’s brand image.

      These official national boards look more than FB fan count to determine who has more impact and influence.

      • I personally don’t value these ranking polls since the polling method might be crappy and misleading from professional perspectives. For me as a fan of some of these top actors/actresses, I enjoy their dramas perhaps with different takes from the majority of drama viewers. Each actor has different acting style and aura and appeals to different groups of audience. Why compare????

      • Sorry, Drama Queen, oops, I mean Drama2016, I had to LOL that you’re the one saying why compare.

      • @checki, hahaha..LOL at your sarcasm. Welcome to join my little thread inside Blog queen Koala’s forum. Yeah why compare with ranking#? So what’s your point to drop pointless comment? LMAO..

      • Haha you are indirectly mocking lmh bringing up FB accounts and all. They are also one kind of criteria to measure popularity and influence. Talking about the national boards lmh is the tourism ambassador of korea for 2016 and his ad promoting tourism kept records having more than 20M views. And he was awarded Brand of the year korea 2015 proving his impact furthermore. And even selected as hounarable ambassador for 2018 winter olympics. So has so many titles to depict his influence other than being the and king. That’s a plus for his popularity.

    • I agree with Drama2016. They know whats up and the polls has no much weight. He has 4 governmental posts. His also the OL ambassador. he has considerable the more impact. it’s common knowlegde

    • So I finally agree @whatever we both like to stalk each other. LOL…Let’s continue to troll each other and our faves. I assure you that you’ll definitely get pissed at me again as long as your delulu princess is referenced in the same blog as my faves. LOL…See you soon.

      • Actually no one is pissed at you….we read your posts, laugh at them and then respond when you make contradictory remarks…..and you say she is delulu…..on what authority are you basing this comment? You say only facts – hard facts are acceptable so where did you find a statement, comment or such from a reputable professional authority figure saying she is delusional? Those sort of comments are legally actionable. Comments that can effect the reputation of public figure adversely are actionable. It happens all the time. And being sued by a famous person would definitely end your so-called Wall Street career!

      • You seem to have a lot of time but I don’t
        Just calling out the ironic.
        Let’s not see each other often 🙂

      • @drama2016, whatever you said girl, but you can’t deny psh really famous n popular even she doesn’t have drama 1,5 years because she want to finish her school and guest what she finish and have degree now.

      • hahaha…I have never ever denied PSH is popular. LOL..When did I say that in my comments? But it won’t change my and many others’ opinions that her acting mehhhhhhh. I think she’s a nice person (I also said this in my comments before) so she has good relationships with ppl in the K industry. My Kpop favorite composer CNBlue Yong Hwa befriends her so I have no particular hate against her as a person. But still, the fact is SHE ISN’T TALENTED IN ACTING. I don’t care much about celebrities’ private life or school or personality etc. What I’m most interested in Koala’s blogs are showbiz related topics. You PSH fans should stop trolling me just b/c I don’t like your bias. LOL…

      • The troll calling out others for trolling……kettle calling the pot black!!!! so funny!!!!

      • Yeah kid graduating 2018, let’s continue to troll each other since you insist. LOL

      • not insisting just calling you out when you sound crazy…..it is embarrassing to see a grown woman make a fool of herself even if she thinks she is smart and can say anything she wants because no one can trace her….brhahahahahaha…..you don’t know much about coding or the world of hacking do you? brhahahahaha……

      • Yeah kid, you can come hack me. LOL..remember my background in STEM.. hahahaha.

      • why would I want to hack you? I posed a simple question concerning people who post actionable words wondering why they think no one can figure out who they are….in the huge scheme of things your posts are not that important and evidently your blasting others makes you feel good/perhaps better than others or some such reason so blast away and have fun…..I’m starting to find that you say the same things over and over so it’s starting to lose it’s LOL factor…..
        and almost any high school kid knows the acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math – however well you do in those fields the field of hacking is a whole different puppy……but that is neither here nor there…..you haven’t really said anything that I would go over the deep end on….it’s all just petty hatred of a famous actress that out does your favorite bias….and your continuing bringing her name up every time you are confronted for stupid comments or comments that don’t make sense….so I will stop in this particular query line because the fun is gone…….

      • Hey this kid of class 2018. Stop you nonsense would you please? You generalize too much. PSH out does my bias? Who do you think my bias is? My one and only one bias HAS BEEN actor Song Joong Ki since his drama of Deep Rooted Tree years back. LMAO. Nobody continued to bring up your bias PSH except you rabid fans. You should have realized earlier that you’d better stop messing around with me. I have no interest AT ALL talking about your fave all over this blog. That’s not my purpose to visit this forum.

  8. err Yoona drama is doing well because of the entire cast not because of her?

    the drama was already a success even before she appeared in the drama? lol

    someone explain

    • Popularity wise its huang xuan’s (The king from imperial doctress) new drama that is first followed by zhang han’s japanese fushigi yugi rip-off show & lastly yoona’s drama. However for its time slot her drama is first that’s why her fans are happy. All 3 dramas air on same channel diff time slots

      • @strider you must be a suzy stan ,

        You don’t evn know what you are talking about .The imperial doctress drama already ended almost a month ago and regardless yoona’s drama has been getting much better avg ratingsthan that drama,and already surpassed its highest rating.

        zhang han’s drama’s rating is half of what yoona’drama is getting and in online views yoona’s drama surpass it by huge margin.

        You tried

    • ? what clueless suzy/seolhyun/psh/victoria fan talking now?

      The provided ratings includes 2 eps each !!!.
      and every one hyped about yoona is going to sit through the drama waithing for her regardless,like I did expeceting her ,as if ppl knew when she’d appear

    • – also on vlinkage daily charts yoona is in top 3 always and topped 4times since the drama started airing ,her costars aren’t even in top 5.

      In baidu aactress trend index yoona have been no 1 for weeks now her costars are not even in top 20 and have 1/5 of her index rating .

      CHINA knows what causing most impact .

  9. yoona top the list is surprise. one woud think it PSH or JJH.
    SJK jump LMH is surprise. one woud think he still hold on to second place.

  10. Really surprised to see Ha Jiwon ranked lower than some of the other actresses who are less active like Lee Hyori for example.

  11. No 2. SJK & PSH, seems better when paired in the next drama..
    No 3. LMH & JJH, still in the process of talks next drama..
    No 4. LJS & SHK, pair swapped with No 1..Hahahaha…

    • LOL…He won’t pick a project to co-star with her unless she steps up her game as she did in Pinocchio. SJK has been always smart and sensible in choosing his scripts and leading ladies. PSH is not in the same acting league as all his co-stars although she may be more popular than some of them. Way to observe her progress. I will watch her upcoming drama to see if she has grown as a real actress. So far, Pinocchio is not enough and her acting sucks in gerenal. Then I will see if the Heirs writer ruined her or she ruined the Heirs. LOL

      • Brhahahahaha – @Drama2016 – I think you just proved Scar99’s prediction correct! Jealousy looks good on you Ms.-Knows-it-all-and-sees-it-all.
        I agree with some of your comments mainly there are delusion people on here and you are one of them. Since you have a degree in engineering then I assume you have the same personality and observations as the 3 engineers in my family. Engineers tend to not be able to depict anything artist if it would save their lives. Sigh such a let-down when you spout reviews as if you are qualified to be an art critic or movie critic. People can think for themselves and what is good in the eye of one person might not be what someone else thinks is good. Please do watch her upcoming drama perhaps you will learn something but I have my doubts. SJK would more than likely choose PSH to act with because contrary to what you think or what you want to be true…he does have an eye for good scripts and co-stars. Those 2 together would be a blast. And am I being a rabid fan? No just stating my observations and opinions as you have so often cited for your comments….what’s fair for one is fair for another…..You so hate Heirs don’t you? Sigh such a pity you can’t get beyond hating just PSH in that drama and taking it for what it was meant to be. Did she ruin the drama? LOL – you so wish. It wasn’t a failure money wise or popularity wise. Could some things have been better? Of course but you can’t blame PSH for the writer’s lack on some parts of the script. You seem to forget that actors and actresses can only portray what the script and director allow. All in all too many people enjoyed Heirs and there is a lasting impression of the Minshin couple that seems to not be going away anytime soon. Was it on the level of some dramas – heck no! was it meant to be – again no. So just grow up (ahem) and let it go. Life is too short to debate the quality of one drama meant for a specific audience.
        Time for class – say what age bracket do you fit in? Some of your comments make me think you are my Mom’s age (40) then again some make me think you are my cousin’s age of 18. You don’t have to say but the age of someone makes a big difference in how they see dramas and actors. Just curious…..of course if you are an established Wall Street Tycoon with all your college degrees then you have to be at least 40ish…….

      • hahahaha LOL @ all these speculations about my profile. Your inexperience with job market simply proves how immature you’re as a young brat. There’re tons of young professionals in my area who have career other kids are envious of thanks to our hard work and performance at school. You ignorant and have no idea of the average age of fresh Ph.D. from popular STEM programs at elite universities. LOL. Let me tell you. I have a boy friend who got his EE Ph.D. from MIT at age 22. LOL. Don’t get all butthurt just b/c of other ppl’s academic accomplishment looks incredible to you.

        The more you PSH fangirls talk trash about me, the more I’d return crap for crap. That’s my style unless you stop your crap first. I know bringing up PSH will get you all riled up and just reveals how rabid you are. So until now, it proves this strategy is successful to expose you lunatic fan club.

      • Don’t you think it is shameful to say such words like butthurt to a 15 year old? It could be construed in a legal way and man would you feel the hurt. I don’t like threats from silly old women….yes I know how old people are when they get out of college…considering it takes 4 years for college starting at 17 or 18 that’s usually 20 or 21 and if it is a one year master’s degree then 22 with an additional year for a PhD if they are lucky and don’t have to work….then establishing oneself takes a few years….oooh congratulations that you got a much younger boyfriend…way to go….
        don’t know why you keep thinking and posting how no one else in the world knows anything about anything except you…..little conceited there aren’t you?
        Talking about PSH doesn’t rile me up but it sure does you…..tit for tat and all that…..brhahahahaha how on earth can a 15 year old keep you in such a state that you need to justify as you try so hard to sound smart and up on the latest and greatest…..like I said old is old……

      • Kid of class 2018, I think you should stop. Now you’re beyond stupidity. You’re only a minor who still need guidance and supervision but you talk as if you knew everything about the real world. Stop exposing your idiocy by saying nonsense. Go look what kinda students could get Ph.D. at young age from top graduate schools like MIT, Stanford, or Ivy League. I personally knew a bunch of these folks. You literally know nothing how academic works. Are you not in the US so you are blind at how the American education works? We here in the high school offered all kinds of AP courses so a lot of college courses can be waived and we can get out of college way earlier than you think. You finally reveal your age. Seriously, this is not a place for you to goof around. Work hard at your school and then you may have chance to meet young academic prodigies someday. BTW, boy friend N. = boyfriend. LOL…I’m so done with you.

      • Yes I know all about AP classes since I and many of my classmates are enrolled in classes at our state university. You like to throw off on me because of my age but lady you sound so stupid with your generalizations and pretending you know everything there is to know. Kids today know more than you give them credit for and many of us are on an academic path – mine will be in the medical field. What I would like to caution you about is your use of sexually laden comments online to a minor. Yeah your terms like “butthurt actually according a lawyer I asked can be construed in many ways. You use this term far too often thinking it is a put-down to the other person yet you don’t know the age of the person you are using such language toward. It is suggestive, it is crude, rude and wrong. You may be all you claim to be but dignity and character you don’t possess. And you keep saying I am a rabid fan. I did not bring her up first. In all articles that anyone questions a remark you make you bring her up. YOU bring her up. If that doesn’t make you over zealous about her I don’t know what else does. You need to take a deep breath and rethink how you act and what you say.
        Wisdom, dignity and good character are not limited to those over 21…..young people are far more deserving of those labels if one goes by the remarks you make constantly.
        Personally I think you are a 40ish older woman who works a mundane job and regrets not having the life she wants, so you live in a fantasy world where you have a more glamorous life. You go online and spout such idiotic trash thinking you are out doing and giving people a one up to show them you are clever. You have chosen an actress to hate because she is all you are not and can never be. Duh…..such a pity.

      • I don’t see you are the one for medical field, might rather go for a lawyer since you spend most of your time blahblahblah…..LOL

  12. Don’t mind that troll,she is always on every shinhye article,he said it is because her name came up with her favourite actors,but she is always on every article of hers which do not even include drama on koala.
    I just hope his\her grudge will be solve soon so that she can leave shinhye alone

    • It doesn’t bother me because my parents have taught me the difference between right or wrong. I just hate to see someone try to put down anyone and everyone and then pull PSH’s name into every conversation. I too hope she gets a life and leaves SH’s name alone. A troll is a troll is a troll…haha

  13. Troll? Who trolls whom? LMAO. I see PSH’s banana fans everywhere stalking me. You don’t have to reply to my comment that didn’t even mention your bias PSH. I don’t care about PSH. It happens Ms Koala is also fond of her and perhaps likes to reference her in almost every article including those which are aimed to talk about the actors/actresses I’m interested in. Be rational. I absolutely don’t care what’s up with this particular actress called PSH. She’s irrelevant to me when she’s not in a drama co-starring with my favorite actors/actresses. But you banana fans kept nagging me just b/c I used to bluntly say that I don’t like her acting and style in other blogs. Please respect other K drama fans’ preference. I usually go eye for eye. If you trash talk to me or diss me up first, I won’t hesitate to fart back on you.

    • @Scar99 – thank you. She says such bull crap that it is disturbing to read. Sometimes people like her need to pretend to be something they aren’t and brag about it online where they think it is impressive and will make others think she is smart. I find it weird that someone who says they are intelligent with a high power Wall Street job would use such crass and school yard words to get their point across. Especially when those responding aren’t using school yard language toward her. It doesn’t sound like they are smart and I have heard much of the same words from kids at school….and she really isn’t very good at reading what others are writing because she can only repeat the same thing time after time…..or use what she thinks is put-downs. If she wants to hear put-downs she should visit a school yard…hahaha…..but thank you very much.

      • @class2018, yes thumb up for you defense psh n her fans, I’m agree with scar99.bravo??

  14. I don’t think these delulu schoolers of PSH fans do well at school at all. LOL @ all their imagination about my profession they don’t know. That won’t change my salary. LOL…Keep up all your crap and axes to grind. You’re irrelevant to my life. Study hard and don’t goof up around here. I usually don’t think kids spending too much time in entertainment will perform well academically. Not among my friends though. LOL

    • don’t judge people,please. you never know about their future, maybe their higher than you. and please act like whoever you said about yourself and I salute for your achievement because it’s not easy to get degree in here (state) like me in final now. brb.

      • Yup! But they judged me too and I don’t really care how they’re doing or gonna do in the future since that’s nothing to do with me. I’m leading a very comfortable life with decent income so there’re no reasons for me to make comparison with other ppl, specifically high school kids. I went all gibberish talking like those K-12 kids. But please also put in my shoes. Rarely are there normal ppl able to take any ludicrous insult from strangers without lashing some dirt back on them. I was sarcastic to these teens for how they kept biting me just b/c I don’t think their bias PSH a capable actress. They’ve actually been consistently doing the same over-defensive-offensive acts to whoever doesn’t show appreciation towards PSH in Koala’s forums. It’s just me blunter and wouldn’t take their lunatic behavior quietly.

        I won’t respond to their stupid comments anymore since it’s all exchanging words without any constructive opinions. Their ridiculous insult on me for my education/professional credentials and my firing back do not change who I am and what I’m working on as a professional anyway. That’s not what I’m here for. Also good luck to your school work. Education is a HUGE asset after you get on the job market.

      • Wait! You’re in the same lunatic fanclub of PSH. LOL..Then the same advice to you! Keep working hard at school. Better not spend too much time goofing around here. LOL I thought you were sincere. But reading your prior comment, I realize you’re nothing more than a school kid like other teen fans of PSH. LOL..my sarcasm mode is back on and you deserve it.

      • no one judged you…you did that yourself with your crassness everytime someone made a comment you used schoolyard language to try to make your point the correct one…doesn’t work that way in real life. I suppose if you really spend your whole life cooped up in an office and don’t interact with real people then this is your way of making yourself something you aren’t….again pity…

      • @drama2016, wow, bravo, now you insulting me,lol. fyi, I’m not a kid, okay and I’m in final for my degree as international business @ Fairfield University of Fairfield Connecticut and going to get my master in 2 year’s. don’t be a jerk, okay. life too short to deal this bs with you. do whatever you always do (put down down psh ) call us name and whatever you want to call us but in the end of the day we know who the winner, I’m so done with this bs,#sorry not sorry.
        To all psh fans from now on ignore this person she will insult you like she did to me.

  15. Whereas a professional spending all their time on here will do well? such crap you preach….brhahahaha….you show no dignity at all. Ohhh and my grades are excellent…straight A’s and skipped a grade upward…and irrelevant? hahahaha then don’t spend so much time trying to out do me on here…..and old person pining away at their desk with nothing to do, wishing they were somewhere else doing something else….sad, so sad…. I pity you…… and could care less about your salary. My family does well and I have a bright future ahead of me…and I will always keep in mind not to turn bitter like you….

    • Yup! Keep b*llshitting and doing well at school. See you someday going to a top university. LOL…How come you don’t even know there’re many Ph.D. at their early 20s? hahahahaha

      • Haha back at you…..of course there are many PhD’s in their 20’s – I did not say there weren’t. I have 2 cousins that just received theirs and they are in their early 20’s. How come you don’t know as much as you pretend to know? Don’t generalize toward me since that is what you always say. Actually I bet I will get accepted to a top school. So since you can’t seem to say enough crude things toward a “kid” you have decided to try to put down my desire to go to university and make it in the field of my choice. You must have lived a rough and unsupported life huh? otherwise you would not be so hateful and mean.

      • I know what it is now….you have no people skills – you don’t interact with people well and it shows in your writing, cursing, accusations and threats…pity……

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  17. I am an educated with university degree fan of PSH and I like her so much because she is a very versatile actress.Just to let you know that her fans are not only kids . I never watch Korean dramas before but when I saw You’re Beautiful per recommendations of relatives who are watching Korean dramas, I started searching for all her past dramas and she is a really good actress past ,present and future.I only watch her dramas.

  18. my pretty boy is in no. 2!!!! So proud, as well as my fave actress!!! I’m really hoping to see PSH and SJK in a drama!!! It is my dream to see them both… since i first watch SJK in SS and RM I really fall in love with him…and I’ve been following PSH since her “You’re beautiful days”… It would be a dream came though if that happens.

  19. All actors and actresses have their own style in acting but Kim Soo Hyun and Rain will always be my # 1 actors. Soo Hyun and Rain are versatile actors. 🙂

  20. Some of fans get very emotional. The actors/ actress are friends. They work together and have fun among them. Just enjoy the show girls.

    Despite popular, i admire more to an actor who has vision. Just like …… JANG GEUN SUK !

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