First Rollicking Movie Trailer Drops for Bounty Hunters with Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung

Lee Min Ho‘s Q score remains sky high in China despite not having a hit project since Heirs two years ago. That will likely change this summer when his Chinese-Korean collaboration movie Bounty Hunters airs. His costars are uber popular Wallace Chung and Tang Yan, plus the addition of pretty young faces like Karena Ng and Jeremy Jones, the movie is assembled with an eye towards maximizing the visuals. The cast attended the Beijing International Film Festival last week to promote the movie and once again all eyes are on the dual male leads who continued to evidence tons of bromance appeal. The first trailer is out and I enjoyed it immensely, slick and fun without taking itself too seriously. In the bounty hunter team, Lee Min Ho is the brawn, Wallace the tricksters, Tang Tang the brains, and Karena the wunderkind hacker.

Movie preview for Bounty Hunters:


First Rollicking Movie Trailer Drops for Bounty Hunters with Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung — 19 Comments

  1. I thought it was the theme song from Hawaii five ‘0 then wham! Lol anyway as I’ve said before I’ve yet to see a korean and chinese collaboration that made me really like the finish product–that being said I like the trailer I really do really looks promising….don’t you guys just love it when your expectations are low then it knocks you off your feet in awe? I hope this movie has that effect on everyone who watches it.

  2. LMH I have to say, he no longer depends on his look or plot. He becomes a real man with variety of experience with action, romance, melo, saegeuk dramas. He is now a versatile actor.

  3. Not a fan of Tang Yan and Karena Ng but I totally love both LMH & WC! I’ll definitely check this out.

    I am impressed that LMH does not look out of place at the Film Festival. He seem quite comfortable.

  4. I don’t know why I feel like,it Remain me with lupin live action and city hunter (kdrama).
    that is good movie,and I hope it better than that,

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