Third Movie Trailer for Bounty Hunters Ramps Up the Action and Sparks with Leads Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, and Tang Yan

I’m going to place my bet that there will be a big bounty at the box office waiting for Korean-Chinese movie Bounty Hunters when it premieres on July 1st. The third trailer really hammers home the fun factor, and for caper and chase movies like this fun outweighs the substance so there’s not a huge hill to climb to win over viewers. Starring Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, and Tang Yan, the movie hops from China to Korea as Tang Yan’s lady boss ropes in a bunch of bounty hunters to help find an international baddie. K-movies of this genre mostly deal with chasing after a prize or treasure but this one makes a person the target and also turns the cops and robbers roles around so that the good guys get framed along the way and have to battle both sides. Check out the new trailer below which is more action packed and confirms that the assembled cast has chemistry and complementary visuals galore. Continue reading

New Trailer and Stills for Bounty Hunter Up the Bromance Factor with Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung

Promotions are ramping up big time for upcoming Korean-Chinese joint production movie Bounty Hunters. Starring Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, and Tang Yan, the movie is directed by a Korean movie director based on a Chinese script, following a team … Continue reading