Lee Bum Soo Doubles the Cuteness with Daughter So Eul Attending Media Brand Event

I’m so going to pin the blame on Lee Bum Soo for my next cavity. The sweetness is through for the roof as the acclaimed K-actor brought his daughter So Eul out to attend a brand media event. I don’t even care why they were out in public together, all I care about is gobbling up how happy So Eul looks to be strolling hand-in-hand with her appa. Lee Bum Soo has been on the reality program Return of Superman with his two kids, daughter So Eul and son Da Eul, so this isn’t the first time he’s been seen out with his precocious progeny with his wife Lee Yoo Jin who was an English interpreter before she married Lee Bum Soo. I’m so happy he’s got a thriving family life and fans can see it first hand through the show for as long as he stays on, they are relatable family with charming dynamics.


Lee Bum Soo Doubles the Cuteness with Daughter So Eul Attending Media Brand Event — 14 Comments

  1. They’re so adorable.

    I guess big man wasn’t free to attend the event. Haha. Those siblings crack me up!

  2. His daughter is so precious!!!! Reminds me of my niece… I love all the faces she makes hehe.. she’s really enjoying her day out with dad. I’ve been a big fan of LBS since History of A Salaryman and I’m happy to see he’s blessed with a wonderful family. Much love to them!

  3. Maybe all those heroes with half-face masks are thinking clearly after all. They just forgot to mask their eyes as well. I couldn’t recognize LBS with those shades on, even after seeing the final photo and going back.

  4. This ahjussi is a real actor. I like him a lot in those old dramas such as On Air. He was so hot in Prime Minister and Me. LOL..

  5. Soeul and Daeul are the cutest! Such good-looking kids. The mom’s really pretty. They’re my new favorite on TROS.

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