Song Joong Ki Makes Casual Wear Interesting in Top Ten Pictorial

There is and will be no shortage of Song Joong Ki pictorials for the foreseeable future, but too much of a good thing can overwhelm the senses so I’m going to be selective about the things I post with him. It’ll be nice when he does a drama or starts filming his movie since substantive acting posts are way more fun than covering his unending stream of magazine features and CF spreads. This week he’s the face of Top Ten clothing in Korea, a chain of casual affordable wear that nicely dovetails with Song Joong Ki’s every man/boy/hottie appeal. He clearly is still sporting a nicely defined upper arms from military service and staying fit filming Descendants of the Sun, but overall he’s settled back into being boyishly cute with the ability to turn on the intensity and charm in an eye blink.


Song Joong Ki Makes Casual Wear Interesting in Top Ten Pictorial — 9 Comments

  1. I feel like at this point, I should be getting tired of seeing his news everywhere, but alas… I fangirl every time. Damn you, Joongki! ~_~

  2. I still can’t decide if he’s too pretty to be hot or if he’s so pretty that he’s hot.

    I’m sorry, SJK. I know men hate being called pretty.

  3. I never hesitate to click on any news titled Song Joong Ki blah blah blah….LOL. Thank you Koala for still keeping up fantastic fan service by feeding us with his update here and there. Given that he’s been shooting CFs non-stop, I feel his main focus now is being the milkcow of his agency, as he stated himself that he had more responsibilities to make sure his agency staff can bring home enough paychecks and make a living. LOL…Joong Ki, make sure you make enough bread and butter for yourself and the agency before next drama project. Then I won’t care if next one will be a huge hit or not.

  4. I’m the biggest SJK fangirl ever. But I’ve got to say i found the previous side-scratching and this new ear-picking(?) hilarious. I dont see how that can be attractive. Even if its SJK.

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