Rainie Yang Works with Screenwriter of In Time With You on Upcoming TW-drama Rose-leaf Bramble

The beautiful and talented Rainie Yang will be making a longer return to TW-dramas after doing the one-episode short last month with fellow award winning actor Chris Wu. Rainie turned down a massive paycheck to do a C-drama this year in order to work on this series with famed screenwriter Mag Hsu (Hsu Yu Ting), who wrote In Time With You, You are the Apple of My Eye, An Innocent Mistake, among other recent works. Rainie actually got her acting debut on a Mag written drama with Meteor Garden so it’s been 14 years since and both have gone on to win plenty of recognition for their respective television work. This new drama is called Rose-leaf Bramble after the flower, and all that’s known is that Rainie loved the character and story to pieces and rearranged her schedule to do it. She looks gorgeous in the first stills from the filming and is clearly growing her hair back out after five plus years with super short hair after she cut it for Drunken to Love You.


Rainie Yang Works with Screenwriter of In Time With You on Upcoming TW-drama Rose-leaf Bramble — 17 Comments

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen any of her dramas, but she looks so lovely and natural with a charming smile here. How refreshing!

    • It depends on whether you want to start with her best work, or if you are a completionist and want to watch all her work. If you are only interested in her best drama, try Drunken to Love you.

      However, if you want to watch an actress grow over time, start with her bit role in Meteor Garden (in which she is cutely so young and a bit awkward), and move forward through all of her work. I’ve watched her grow up over the years and now appreciate the mature actress she is, so I recommend all of her work from oldest to newest, but I recognize not everyone has that time or preference to watch that way.

      Either way, enjoy!

      • …but I’d argue her best drama is a toss-up between Together and Hi My Sweetheart if only because her acting skills have diversified in those dramas, when she finally went beyond the cute. Of course this is only an opinion 🙂

      • Omg…i love what you justbwrote. Also, dont forget the drama Tomorrow Club. I watched it as a teen and was a bit confused by the storyline, but, they all made an empression. Thats how i followed Rainie to Meteor Garden. Im so happy to see more of her work! Ive missed her and ive miss the days of Devil Beside You…nostalgia…

    • i agree with Jee. Hi my sweetheart is my absolutely all time fave drama from her. It got my crying bullets but the beginning was a tiny bit boring. Together was a nice comedy and easy watch. My very first drama from Rainie where she starred as main was Devil Beside You. I think if you watch it know, it might to old but the chemistry between rainie and mike was unparelled even when you compare it to their reunited drama Why Why Love, which is still liked. Drunken To Love You in my opinion was a waste of time.

  2. I like how she looks so much more mature here than many of the characters she played. Can’t wait for this comeback!

  3. I love Rainie! I remember when she was still a teen playing a small role in Meteor Garden and how the roles in her drama has matured over the years. Yet she still looks as fresh as ever and I hardly ever see a photo of with too much make up. I love how she change her looks for the last couple of years, from her long hair to a bob and a pixie and not a shoulder length wavy hair. I haven’t watched much of her dramas until Drunken to Love You which I really enjoyed watching.

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