Nam Joo Hyuk Shows Off Good Hair in New Still as 13th Prince in K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

Hair seems to be the bulk of all commentary around the upcoming K-version adaptation of Chinese romance novel Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step). To be more precise, the hair discussion all revolves around the side-swept eye covering thatch of locks over male lead Lee Jun Ki‘s left eye, a look I think he pulls off even if it’s a stretch in the more free flowing Goryeo costuming looks. I think poor Im Joo Hwan in Shine or Go Crazy got the worst male Goryeo hairstyle of all time in a waterfall wave, whereas I loved Lee Min Ho‘s curly low pony with subtle side bangs in Faith.

There’s not a lot of choices to be had but even a similar hairstyle can look different between actors, so for now I’m still subscribing to Bobogyungsim: Ryeo having a good hair day for all. Supporting actor Nam Joo Hyuk can be seen in character as 13th Prince in the newest still from the drama, a role that is universally loved by all readers and is the quintessential renaissance man, a girl’sย best friend, and ultimate bromance partner. He looks great as 13, seen here quietly writing, with the copper brown robes a nice improvement over the cheapo colorful ones early on in the costuming phase.


Nam Joo Hyuk Shows Off Good Hair in New Still as 13th Prince in K-Bu Bu Jing Xin — 18 Comments

  1. LJK looks like a wet dog died on his head. Not feeling it at all. NJH’s hair looks ok. But looks like a historic poor girl’s hairdo with lots of volume. I can totally see it in a historic drama being the main lead female’s hairdo, where she’s a normal/semi poor girl who likes to beat people up.

  2. I’m looking forward to this, but i don’t think that i could take LJK seriously in here without cracking into laugh.

    • Hmmm don’t get me wrong, i like his acting, i think he’s a good actor.
      It’s the hair fault. I love saeguk but Goryeo is really not my cup of tea.

  3. LJK is a good actor but he needs for serious roles because all these pretty boy flower boy roles is just making everyone bored of him.

    • LJK is gorgeous but it just seem like he’s so fabulous in saeguk drama that so most of his drama seem like a pretty boy flower role but it’s not. He done serious role before like Two Weeks and Joseon Gunman. The man just gorgeous so everything involving him seem like pretty boy flower drama LOL

    • Flower boy roles… LOL really??? seriously? I wonder, did you really watch his dramas? TBDW,Iljimae,Hero,Two Weeks and so on. Or are you just assuming bc he’s gorgeously beautiful?!

    • Ohh…. You watched them plenty. Well, his role was the most badass, serious and coolest flower boy role I’ve have ever seen. Never get bored of this man.

  4. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with NJH lol. I disliked him A LOT in school 2015 cuz I was totally on sungjae’s ship and it reeeeeaaaaally didn’t help that next to sungjae, NJH just came off so damn green and uncharismatic as an actor. However, I totally enjoyed NJH in CITT and actually wanted him in even more scenes. He was just such a cute puppy ??

    Anyway, I’m convinced that I will be able to love NJH in this role because he’ll just be a side character (like in CITT) and wouldn’t have to carry the show–which is something he just doesn’t have the skills for yet. I hope to see some improvement tho! & everyones bitching about hair but I really just don’t care LOL. I’ll be looking forward to this drama 100%

  5. He looks the best so far tbh. LJK is gorgeous tho, and his hair looks better in that picture above than the official still, but the other guys look totally ridiculous.

  6. What’s up with LJK? His make up in that selfie reminds me of kabuki.

    Is this drama a comedy or parody of BBJX? In the first stills, the princes looked like Goryeo Power Rangers. Add 4th Prince LJK and we now have cosplay as well. I am guessing his character is the emo type, wears black only and goes around expressionless with the dead crow on his head. The other princes look like pre-schoolers except for Kang Ha Neul. Why are you even here, KHN?

  7. —a role that is universally loved by all readers and is the quintessential renaissance man, a girlโ€™s best friend, and ultimate bromance partner—

    yeah, I hope they don’t make me feel problematic with this character in Kdrama ver

  8. I’m not familiar with this K actor. Is he comparable to the C actor playing 13th prince? That C actor is a great actor and dat badass! LOL

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