Vogue Korea Features the Cast of Best Selling K-movie The Handmaiden

A new record got broken from the Korean film contingent attending this year’s 2016 Cannes Film Festival – famed director Park Chan Wook‘s long awaited intense period movie The Handmaiden broke the record set by Bong Joon Ho‘s Snowpiercer as the best selling┬áKorean movie of all time. The Handmaiden was sold to 175 countries over Snowpiercer’s 167, but the more important thing is on Korea continuing to churn out visually and directorially sumptuous fare.

The Cannes screening of The Handmaiden got a minutes long standing ovation and much praise for the debut of ingenue Kim Tae Ri, who landed the role after Park Chan Wook auditioned overt 1500 actresses. Kim Tae Ri joins her leads Ha Jung Woo and Kim Min Hee in the cover and pages of Vogue Korea June edition, artfully decked out in couture and funky hairstyles. As much as I love watching and writing about K-dramas, it’s Korean movies that has really elevated Korean entertainment to auteur levels.


Vogue Korea Features the Cast of Best Selling K-movie The Handmaiden — 5 Comments

  1. Ha jung Woo’s hsistyle is atrocious. Its like a mass of p**p on his head. His made up eyebrows as well are a put off. Something is seriously wrong in East Asian entertainment funds where men have to get their eyebrows shaped worse than a woman’s. It makes them less manly n more asexual. Why is this done?.

  2. It would be great to see this level of design and craftsmanship (Evening Division) appear on Korean red carpets. It’s sad seeing Korean stars default to dull and badly made dresses year after year.

  3. I think Ha Jung Woo is so flipping sexy he could pull off p**p on his head. I think this is a gorgeous shoot, everyone involved looks cool and the clothes are beautiful!

  4. I love Kim Min Hee’s look, she’s so different from the usual wide-eyed cutesy type that seems to be favoured in k-ent. She’s not a conventional beauty but she has a charisma and mystery that makes her stand out.

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