Kim Ah Joong is Beautiful Star Mom in First Stills from SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Wanted

Filming has commenced for the next SBS Wed-Thurs drama Wanted, taking over on June 22nd from Entertainer. Only one out of the three initial leads signed on, with Kim Hyun Joo and Jin Goo passing on their roles while Uhm Tae Woong makes his drama return after last year’s mildly buzzy Valid Love. Joining Uhm Tae Woong is Kim Ah Joong as the female lead and Ji Hyun Woo as the other male lead, with the three tackling a thriller about a female star who gets her child kidnapped while on a television show and needs to rescue him with help from PD and detectives. Kim Ah Joong is coming back to SBS after the critically acclaimed Punch and continuing her darker roles, and she’s in good company with Uhm Tae Woong as the PD and Ji Hyun Woo as the cop. I’m loving her hair here, the short shoulder length bob with volume is lovely and perfectly accentuates her concerned mom aura.

The PD of Wanted directed 49 Days and Divorce Lawyer in Love, while the screenwriter Han Ji Wan doesn’t have any prior credits to his credit. This drama sounds like a non-fantasy version of God’s Gift: 14 Days, and a plus for genre is that all actors and actresses who play concerned parents over lost or injured children always wins accolades and audience sympathy.


Kim Ah Joong is Beautiful Star Mom in First Stills from SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Wanted — 3 Comments

  1. She rejected to play Oh hae young which is a massive success right now but Seo hyun jin is doing a bang up job with it.
    Will definitely watch this for her and Uhmforce.

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