C-stars Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi Tie the Knot in Destination Wedding in Germany

Huge huge congrats are in order as C-ent celebrates another happy ending for it’s huge pool of pretty marriage eligible stars. Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi, dating since early last year, have tied the knot in a family and friends destination wedding in Frankfurt, Germany. The location is surprising but the wedding is not, the two have been inseparable since meeting on the set of period C-drama Princess Jieyou, playing the leads and lovers onscreen in a romance that helped pave the way for a real life union.

Media is calling this the second Bu Bu Jing Xin cast member to get married following the wedding of Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi. If and when Hu Ge gets married then it will really feel like an end of an era for me, the Tangren three treasures era. Congrats to Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi, the wedding looked like a blast in pictures below, and their wedding pictorial is less location shoot glamour and more the everyday happiness of a couple in love.


C-stars Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi Tie the Knot in Destination Wedding in Germany — 22 Comments

  1. Aww they look so cute, hopefully Hu Ge finds someone then the whole Tangren set will be complete…. So sad that they’re all grown up and getting married. Congrats to the newly weds

  2. Aw, no wonder these two had such amazing chemistry in Princess Jieyou. They are real off screen anyway. LOL..Love them as actors. They are so charismatic in PJ except that I wish ZXY had a more feminine voice. Hahahaha…. I personally see Yuan Hong perhaps the most talented actor among all the supporting cast in BBJX. The rest other than the main leads were less impressive than this guy.

    Congrats! They look really match each other.

  3. Lol. They look adorable together, but who goes to a foreign country and gets almost no photos to indicate that!

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