First Look at Park Bo Gum as the Crown Prince Filming KBS Drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

I’ve kidded about the glaring commonalities between upcoming sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and the mega hit 2012 drama The Moon Embraces the Sun, not the least of which is the word moon in its title. There’s a young prince, hidden identity female lead, jealous queen, and long suffering second male lead. The first look at the drama filming is out and the similarities took a giant leap forward seeing Park Bo Gum in costume as Prince Hyomyung along with his trusty eunuch and ever present bodyguard.

I immediately flashed back to Kim Soo Hyun walking in the palace flanked by Song Jae Rim and Jung Eun Pyo. I wanted to love MoonSun so badly but the lack of chemistry between the leads, the overacting by one and the underacting by the other, and the really wafer thing plot really dragged it down. I really want Moonlight to have an awesome story because the pairing of Park Bo Gum with Kim Yoo Jung, who was the best thing in MoonSun for me, is certainly not going to be a weak link for this drama.

The logo is pretty, so so pretty. Love the styling of the title with the red Moon hanja like a seal at the end.


First Look at Park Bo Gum as the Crown Prince Filming KBS Drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds — 13 Comments

  1. kim yoo junj & Yeo jin goo was best thing i got from Moon embrace the sun. how can kids could have such chemistry?? and i agree the grown up one was bad at acting tho she’s so beautiful and i sense the similarities between MoonSun & MoonCloud. Young Cold heart king/prince & his wife.

    anyway i don’t think the plot will be too similar coz i think the MoonCloud will be more cute(?) lol coz the lead actress will be someone who’s good at advicing love lesson haha. sounds weird but fun.

    bogum looks sooooooooooo cute with his costume and i can’t wait to see more promo/BTS pics from this drama.

  2. Kdrama has been treating me well in 2016. So much to anticipate. I’ve been looking forward to this sageuk. Needless to say the reason that’s always the OTP. Although it appears to remind ppl of TMETS, I don’t think it’s gonna have the same vibe. Actually another sageuk led by child actress Kim Sae Rong has more similar touch to TMETS even the storyline is totally different. To me, TMETS was very entertaining and I enjoyed watching the story unfold. I hope this one too.

  3. I really like TMTETS tho, everything is great except Han Ga In there lol, that drama is literaly the first time I discover Kim soo hyun, not dream high sorry, but it’s nice seeing yoojung finally being the lead and not changed into an older actress for once, she’s so talented!

  4. In TMETS the king did not overact. he was just acting the emotions of a person of that age. if you did not take acting classes, don’t comment on an actor’s acting. very irritating.

  5. are we expecting to see a lot more Kdramas with the word or part of a word of either Sun, Moon or Star included in the title? LOL…

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