Production Reveals Top 10 Finalists in Female Lead Casting for K-drama My Sassy Girl Starring Joo Won

It’s unusual to see a K-drama casting process so transparent, and in a way it’s like the drama casting version of The Bachelor. The search has been on since early May for Joo Won‘s leading lady and the titular My Sassy Girl for the K-drama remake of the popular early Hallyu classic movie starring Jeon Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun. I’d say Joo Won does better in original fare like Yongpal or Good Doctor than in remakes such as his failed drama Tomorrow’s Cantabile and 7th Level Civil Servant, so this choice of his next drama is a tad concerning.

He’s also going to have to carry the publicity and media attention of this drama all by himself as the production is going for an unknown or newbie actress and has whittled thousands of names down to the Top 10 finalists. The list has been revealed and I don’t even name or facially recognize a single girl, lol. Reportedly Joo Won will be doing scenes with each actress as the PD watches to make the final selection, so who will get the final rose is still up in the air. Below is the Top 10 list for your perusal and commentary.

Top row: Lim Yoo Ji, Kim Joo Hyun, Park Se Wan, Park Eun Ji,Jung In Sun

Botton row: Bae Min Jung, Vivian, Ji Soo of Tahiti, Park Ji Hyun, Han Ji-Eun


Production Reveals Top 10 Finalists in Female Lead Casting for K-drama My Sassy Girl Starring Joo Won — 34 Comments

  1. I recognized Bae Min Jung at the bottom row. She has a supporting role in Tomorrow’s Cantabile and minor role in She Was Pretty. She’s okay but Idk how she will be in bigger roles

  2. Don’t like any of them lol.This sucks though.Joo Won deserves someone better.Industry has already got so many buzz worthy they need to milk more cash out of this?

    • Actually, this is a massive role given that the actress will basically be in Jun Ji Hyun’s shadow. I think auditioning maybe the right thing to do to see if it works chemistry and setup wise.

  3. I don’t recognize any of those actresses and I can’t comment on their acting. But I can say that it’s a bit disheartening to see that Park Bo Young didn’t get an offer. I was hoping they would choose her or Moon Chae Won or even Yang Jin Sung. *sigh*
    For Joo Won’s sake, I hope the writing is top-notch.

  4. lol @ ppl. claiming that all of these actresses can’t act when they don’t even know who they are. I think it’s wonderful that they are actually auditioning for the role rather than star power or just picking someone who’s pretty.

    • I know right? I like the fact they all look different vs from being in the same mould.

      I presume they all act to have passed.

      It must be just ignorant, biased, totally irrational to say someone can’t act when they probably haven’t even seen most or any of them acting.

      Shesh. And one wonders why some viewers comments on actors fans being totally… name your description.

  5. I am not a hundred percent sure, but I think the second actress, with the black and white photo, played Bul-ja/Hwa-Ran in Modern Farmer.

  6. Wait is that Vivian who’s Yuri’s (SNSD) cousin?

    I’m interested in the girl furtherest to the right on the bottom row (my fav so far based off the photos) or the 2nd one from the left in the bottom row. IMO, they both look the most refreshing/interesting. The rest have a very general typical Korean pretty look that I’m just not interested in, no thank you. There’s already too many girls (ahem, kpop idols) that look like them.

  7. Han Ji Eun must have immense talent for her to beat 4000 other aspiring actresses to be the lead opposite The Kim. Soo. Hyun. Must’ve been ridiculously tough. Now she’s in the top 10 for My Sassy Girl too, so I’m really looking forward to seeing her act. Very impressive indeed.

  8. This could be a disaster or a good thing. I don’t know yet. We’ll have to wait and see. I wonder if the producers of the show wanted to have fresh faces for the leading lady or they offered the role to well-known actresses but they all declined.

    For Moon Chae Won… as she just finished GMB and pretty much disappeared like she always does after a project is over… I didn’t expect her to go for another drama. Although I’m sure she could pull off the sassy girl. 😉 On the other hand I rather want her in a sageuk and with a new leading man at her side. I liked her with Joo Won though.

    Anyways back to the actual topic. I liked the movie but I never thought it’s necessary to turn it into a drama. But I’ll take anything for Joo Won’s last pre-military service project. 🙂

  9. They are trying to make this drama project seem better than it actually is. It sounds terrible. Joo Won has weird taste in dramas sometimes. Either hit or miss.

  10. Jung In Sun was Ham Choo in Wild Chives and Soybean Soup and the young shamaness in the first episode of Mirror of the Witch (she was great there)
    This is a nice idea but I hope the drama is a success, it would suck if it flopped after all this.

  11. This is just a big fat publicity stunt and I fear it will suck like one. I haven’t liked anything Joo Won has done since Gaksital. What a waste.

  12. I like the girl with the Hanbok…
    She left a great impression on me on the 1st episode of the current JTBC’s “mirror of the witch”…
    She’s definitely a fantastic actress.
    It’s true though that she’s the only one I have seen act, but based on the above pics, the others look dead eyes to me even with their smiling faces so
    I hope she gets the role.

    Hanbok girl fighting!!!

  13. Look-wise, since I don’t know how these girls are in term of acting, Vivian and Han Ji Eun look the part the most. They both have that mature, cute, and sassy look to them which fits Jun Ji Hyun’s image. And Joo Won looks a lot older than his actual age so I don’t want him to be pair up with someone too young looking. It’s off balance.

  14. Still can’t imagine Joo Won playing a comedic role as CTH did in original. Lee dong wook could have been better in this role, he’s actually pretty good in rom-comedy dramas.

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