Frankfurt Wedding of Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi Bring Out the Famous Friends and Fun

The Frankfurt destination wedding of Chinese stars Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi turned out to be the star-studded affair as expected, not surprising since the happy couple are well liked in the industry and have tons of famous friends. The sweetest part was the reunion of Yuan Hong with his Tangren besties Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi, the former attending as Yuan Hong’s groomsman as well as TW-actor Eddie Peng.

This wedding looks legit awesome from all the pictures below, playful and sincere, with the marrying couple clearly in love and surrounded by people who love them. Congrats again to Yuan Hong, who I have loved for a nearly a┬ádecade since Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008, and seeing him marry the woman he loves is so gratifying. Now all that’s left is Hu Ge to find his forever someone and join Shi Shi and Yuan Hong in the married bunch.


Frankfurt Wedding of Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi Bring Out the Famous Friends and Fun — 11 Comments

  1. Omg the Tangren buddies are together again after so long, missed them dearly. And omg Eddie peng is there also *. * would be nice if there are more pictures of the wedding, congrats to YH, Hu Ge needs to find someone and join in with the other two he he.

  2. Love the Tangren 3! Yuan Hong and Hu Ge both look so dapper and Shi Shi still looks sweet and glowing. The bride certainly has a wonderful sartorial style, am loving her whimsical hummingbird top and dramatic wedding dress, a nice contrast to her bridemaids’ Victorian lace dresses. The bridesmaids and best men look like they are having loads of fun. Hoping my Hu Ge will find his own happiness soon!! Thanks ms. koala for sharing these pics…

  3. I feel like shi shi and Eddie avoided each other. Back then, I believe the rumour was real, they were hooking up when they were filming ballad of deserts. They might love each other back then, but I guess Eddie was not ready to marry. In the end Shi shi chose Nicky who is more mature. I’m happy with Shi shi, though no matter who she chose

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