2016 Baeksang Arts Awards Shines with Big Korean Film and Television Stars

This Friday night was the 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards in Seoul, with the brightest Korean television and film stars of the year gathered for glitz, glamour and peer recognition. Acclaimed movie director Lee Joon Ik took home the Film side Daesang for directing The Throne and Dong Ju while the Daesang on the television side didn’t go to a person but instead to the drama Descendants of the Sun. The DotS leads Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo were of course the belle of the ball, looking every bit like they were headed either to their grand wedding or to a Governor’s Ball after party.

The Korean awards fashion parade remains ever disappointing, with plenty of good looking people but nothing sartorially to turn the head or elicit wows. The biggest netizen grip appears to be over Jo Jin Woong winning nothing in either the film or television categories, but I’m fairly certain his massive surge in critical acclaim over his various works in recent years is way more substantive than taking home a trophy. Congrats to all the winners and hopefully the industry keeps making good cinematic fare in the coming year.

Ryu Jun Yeol

Kim Hyun Joo

Yook Sung Jae

Lee Dong Hwi

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo

Ra Mi Ran

Park So Dam

Park Ha Sun

Do Kyung Soo

Kim So Hyun

Han Hyo Joo


Kim Hye Soo

Im Si Wan

Park Bo Gum



Go Kyung Pyo

Gong Hyung Joo

Yoo Ah In

Lee Sung Kyung

Park Seo Joon

Kwak Si Yang

Jo Jin Woong


Jeon Do Yeon

Complete list of winners:


Descendants of the Sun

Best Drama

Best PD
Shin Won Ho – Answer Me 1988

Best Actor
Yoo Ah In – Six Flying Dragons

Best Actress
Kim Hye Soo – Signal

Best New Actor
Ryu Jun Yeol – Answer Me 1988

Best New Actress
Kim Go-Eun – Cheese in the Trap

Most Popular – Actor
Song Joong Ki – Descendants of the Sun

Most Popular – Actress
Song Hye Kyo – Descendants of the Sun

Best Drama
Descendants of the Sun


Lee Joon Ik – The Throne, Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet

Best Film

Best Director
Ryu Seung Wan – Veteran

Best Actor
Lee Byung Hun – Inside Men

Best Actress
Jeon Do Yeon – The Shameless

Best Supporting Actor
Lee Geung Young – Minority Opinion

Best Supporting Actress
Ra Mi Ran – The Himalayas

Best New Actor
Park Jung Min – Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet

Best New Actress
Park So Dam – The Priests

Most Popular – Actor
Do Kyung Soo – Pure Love

Most Popular – Actress
Suzy – Dorihwaga (The Sound of a Flower)

Best Entertainment Program
King of Mask Singer


2016 Baeksang Arts Awards Shines with Big Korean Film and Television Stars — 60 Comments

  1. That first picture of SHK and SJK with the cathedral-like building in the background looks like a scene from a blockbuster movie. Absolutely gorgeous, props to the photographer – and of course, the two leads who absolutely stole the spotlight on the red carpet last night.

  2. SHK and SJK looked like they were there for their wedding, especially with the cathedral-like building at the back. They’re like the Korean Barbie and Ken: Wedding edition! I’m not too fond of SHK’s dress on its own but she rocks it anyway. Some people even commented about how it looks too prom-like and juvenile for her but I think it was a good choice as it makes her look younger to match baby-faced SJK. However, if she had walked the red carpet alone, I would have preferred a less safe look for her with a pop of color for a change.

    • In some photos and angles, Han Hyo Joo’s looking more and more similar to Song Hye Kyo. Even more so with her current hairstyle, which is similar to how SHK usually wears her hair. She looked very pretty last night, despite the bland color of her dress. I also thought Park Ha Sun looked really lovely in her simple blush pink dress even if it is pretty safe. Suzy rocked both of her dresses, too. Some don’t like her black dress but she looked really nice IMO. Contrary to some comments, I don’t find it cheap or revealing.

  3. SHK and SJK looks good together. They are smitten with each other. They are the highlights of the night Power couple indeed.

  4. Disappointed jo Jin woong didn’t win anything. He’s amazing! They should have a supportive category for dramas too.

    • I know, right? How can such latent and performance go unawarded? At least with Dots winning the grand price, it pretty much tells you what these awards are all about.

  5. SHK and Sjk looks so purty
    Sad that SHK doesn’t win acting award but Glad that the award went to Kim hye Soo ,I haven’t watched signal but if SHK lost to kim hye Soo then I’m okay ,
    The fashion looks boring with style and colors imo

    • Congrats to all actresses and actors who did receive the awards and who did not because thanks all to you ,( your hard work and performances ) we have so many good dramas to enjoy

  6. I agree, everyone looked pretty boring. Can nobody wear color? I actually like Ra Mi Ran the best I think. It’s a bit edgy at least.

    SHK and SJK looked flawless though even if she was wearing a prom dress.

  7. @Koala

    Did you actually sneak in “Best Drama: DotS” or is that a typo? O.o

    While everyone is so obsessed with “them”. I’m still in awe – and not in a good way – that DotS got the Daesang. I know it was to please the Chinese sponsors and to give recognition to the popularity of the drama. But the Daesang is a bit much, huh?

  8. They are paid to write and so what you read is according to what the sponsors want you to know. Unfortunately the couple thought that it would be their greatest day in the entertainment world and so behaved like that. they seemed so proud of themselves and showing to the public how popular they are. DOTS was just another very average drama.Without the hype, they wont even have the chance to behave like that.

    • You sounds so bitter !! I feel so sorry if your life is like this
      its red carpet and they were invited to attend as nominees they should show their best to look goods and Pretty
      And Ofcourse who doesnt want to win and doesn’t want to look confident and so what
      Dots was just another hype you are so funny it is hype because of whom ?? The audiences the people loves to watch it ,
      Are you kidding me “without the hype they won’t be able to behave like that ”
      Behave like what ??? Do you have issues with your life that you are so bitter about people ?

      Your tongue of voice so bitter and jealous Toward the casts, the dramas , which I feel so sorry
      Get a life

      • I don’t think dots is good to win the daesang award but your comments and your attitude toward the actress and actor and the people who work hard and show their earnest performance in dots just made me sick

    • Wow, the venom you’re spewing is disgusting. With so much poison in you, be careful it doesn’t kill you instead.

      I can understand that not everybody will think DOTS is the greatest thing since sliced bread – and to each his/her own – but resorting to personal attacks on the actors is just so low.

      By the way, can’t help but notice your name…..maybe you can do it justice someday.

    • First let me just say Baeksang awarding Dots the Daesang was a joke that most people get. However, I don’t think SS was full of pride in the way you described. While, their shippers are already planning baby showers, I for one thought they were just doing their job. Everything looked staged to the tee but they should not be faulted for being professional.

    • LOL

      Both will have plenty of chances to be the most popular people in the room again together and apart. Stop being so nasty and bitter. Both are hard working, beautiful and talented people. Not sure why they bring out so much hate lately. Well, I know why but you should control yourself.

      • Why?

        Many drama fans such as Javabeans/girlfriday and some other drama bloggers don’t like DotS. are they hateful and bitter people?

        From the comments from K-nets, many also didn’t think Daesang should go to DotS but to JJW.

        Would love to read your reason of why they are getting hate.

        Wait, maybe if fans like you can stop being overly senstive and replying others who don’t share your opinions with sarcasms and calling them as bitter, people won’t get much allergy with it.

  9. For all the doubters about DotS getting Daesang, yes, you’re definitely in the minority as someone has been self-aware and acknowledged before in a comment. There are good reasons why the drama is so much more popular than average K dramas and why it deserves a grand award. Just quoted from a non- K drama fan:

    “…our entire drama review club here in the UK got so hooked we even put off our Sherlock re-runs just to watch these as soon as we could. I was amazed, I’ve never seen a Korean Drama before, and I’m so glad our friend showed us this.”

    She’s talking about the drama you diss, DotS. Just accept the fact the majority appreciate this drama and recognize its unique qualities in terms of production. Being a K drama freak for so many years and having watched countless Western dramas/films since young (British, American, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese..), DotS is the first K drama that has equivalent production values comparable to Western mini series. You may not like its storyline and script writing. But overall the acting in DotS, directing, camera operations, editing, and cinematography that are all part of a drama as a whole package are definitely slay all the K dramas I’ve ever watched.

    • I’d have to disagree with you here. Coming from the perspective of someone of zero Asian ethnicity and who almost solely watches American TV, this drama is nowhere near the quality of the TV shows I watch. I mean, I certainly don’t laugh at them. This drama made me fall of my chair (seriously, no joke). I was hoping for some great visuals, but nothing impressive there either. I got better footage of Greece I shot when I was there than what you see on screen.

      • Please. I’m American who watches American TV shows and they aren’t anything special production wise unless you are talking GoT or something.

      • @Mel
        Lol. I’m not from the U.S. but I mainly watch American tv (no choice there, really). I think, story-wise, American tv is underwhelming, that’s why I supplement with dramas. But the quality, is better (more $$$, stiff competition). Also, no overacting. How often do you watch on American TV a 30sth year old act like a 5 year old, bouncing down the road or kicking all over the place, or screaming and bulging eyes…not even in soaps you don’t see that. I don’t watch GoT…too nerdy for me. I’m more into the Walking Dead, lol.

      • There ares some very good shows out there.. but network tv? Garbage. Much like how cable in Korea is better, cable in the US is about the same.

        There are also just as much terrible acting in American TV shows.

      • I respectfully disagree with you , there are also Many terrible acting in American TV shows , they just get away with nudity , bed scenes ,
        You cannot compare the acting style between American TV show and asian TV show since there are many elements that accounted for including cultures
        Since you mentioned you got better footage of Greece compared to what had been shown in the dramas , I would love you to share that if you don’t mind

      • Sorry, the reply section is a mess. LOL
        I totally agree with you. Network vs cable…big difference. But, yeah, visually stunning programming is lacking in most shows both Korea and US. Either lack of funding or inspiration I suppose.

        @Ta on
        You are absolutely right regarding cultural differences. That’s way I think Koreans are indifferent to Western TV shows and vice versa, but I do wish Korean dramas were given a chance though. There are few that I believe would do well. I can’t think of any shows with glaring bad acting, but I’m sure there are-I just haven’t come across one. I’m pretty selective, lol. Lol at the Greece thing. It’s true though. The island of Skiathos. I’d have to get written consent from a lot of people to show that to you. Lol.

      • May I ask where you’re from? I’m from the US.

        When I said DotS comparable to Western mini series, I did not have those crappy American shows (Hollywood style) in mind. My dad didn’t allow us to watch mainstream tacky American shows anyway. In my parents’ house, we only had well-known artistic films like those produced by PBS Masterpiece Theater or BBC drama series or some other internationally acclaimed (e.g. Cannes awarded) films from France, German, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, or An Lee’s films. So I don’t know where you’ve got that much confidence in your “taste” about what is good and whatnot. Even with my upbringing watching a lot of Shakespeare theatrical plays with my dad and reading a lot of literature by Nobel Laureates, when it comes to drama watching experience, I still can’t say I’m absolutely objective with my views. I can only again and over again reiterate it’s based on my personal preference and taste. Personally, I think SJK is a great/talented actor; DotS is well made; easily resonated, and empathized by mass audience; YAI is good but I’d appreciate him more if he could tone down his theatrically over-expressive acting; 6FD has too long ass and dull narratives in the first few episodes that easily turn audience off who are not familiar with nor much interested in ancient Korean history (BTW, the English subtitles of 6FD in Viki isn’t that good since a lot of meanings are lost in the crazy phonetic translation. It could have been better if the interpreters literally translate the meanings of those Han characters rather than just phonetic translation); Signal is not up my alley since the dark concepts are too similar to the plenty of thrillers I’ve watched with my dad, my personal prejudice against this genre.

        My main point in my originial post was meant to tell ppl that the impact of DotS may appear far-fetched to some of you in the minority. But the fact is a lot more audience in the majority LOVE this drama. Why such an impact has never happened to other K dramas before including your beloved 6FD and Signal? Think about it.

      • @Drama 2016
        I’m from Canada. Actually, I don’t have refined taste at all. I’m not into classical stuff. Great question about objectivity. I trust my taste because of a natural inclination towards all art form (music, dance, painting, writing) and psychology. They’re not just inclinations. I actually do more than watch and think in regards to those. Still, I’d never say s.th is good or bad just because I think so. If I have an opinion, I back it up…and it better be logical.
        The main issue I have with Dots is its writing. Not because it’s flawed, but because it undermines the audience’s intelligence with its absurdity. Many people liked it, that’s great, but that doesn’t validate its quality. Heirs was also immensely popular because it resonated with people. I think I’d be more on board with people who say “I acknowledge the hot mess, but it still resonated with me.” But if people tell me it’s a quality piece of work, when I can give a thousand reasons why it’s not and they come back with “but it’s so popular, it resonates with people, Greece is pretty,” I’d say. “Watch the damn Travel Channel.”

      • DOTS is overrated in my opinion i’ve been watching kdrama for almost 12 years and i’ve seen a lot of kdramas. for this year i can really say that SIGNAL is the best as of the moment. Eventhough there’s no pretty faces, no romance and no hot bodies, it is well-written with great cast and acting skills… Everyone in the drama shines even the ones with small roles. I’ve watched DOTS but it didnt get me hooked like what Signal did. I sometimes fall asleep in between watching DOTS… Yes Song Joong ki is great but SHG acting in this drama is just a mediocre.. i like the second leads story than the leads… This is just my opinion.. I’m so sad Ahjussi Jo Jin Woong didn’t win he was so great.. But I already know that since the awards includes voting he will not gonna win cause there’s not a lot of people esp young ones knows him as he mostly do Movies… But hopefully he will get a recognition someday..Can’t wait for Signal Season 2….#teamsignal

      • @bebz, that’s fine you don’t appreciate DotS as majority do. It’s also your personal opinion that this drama is overrated since a lot more drama viewers don’t side with you. You have watched K dramas for 12 years do not qualify your opinions to be more legit either. For me, Signal doesn’t have any appeal to me. I couldn’t even get past the first 30 minutes because I cringed at the young male lead’s excessive acting. I tried to fast forward to see if there’s anything interesting. But none! So it’s all about personal preference how we see and assess the values of dramas. To me, DotS overall is definitely a better drama than Signal and 6FD. Chill and Peace!

    • @whatever, you still haven’t given any substance to support your opinions about DotS, only your personal dislike of the screenplay. If you have comprehensive embrace of all art forms as you claim, you should come to understanding that performing art is very subjective. So it’s fine we should both agree to disagree.

      I’m watching 6FD after several unsuccessful attempts in the past as I said, the first few eps were dull and monotone. Now it’s getting more interesting from ep 6 on. But still, I can’t see the reasons why YAI outperforms other nominees. As a matter of fact, I think his costar Kim Myung-min is amazing and should have been nominated for best actor rather than YAI. Just my opinion. YAI biased fans can argue against me. But keep your etiquette. Then I won’t sharpen my words into staggers.

      • I have in past posts gone in detail about the screenplay (especially dialogue), acting, plot (or the lack of), soundtrack, even cinematography. But yeah, different people have different views/tastes…nothing wrong with that. It’s fun to discuss differences of opinion, but ultimately if you got entertained the show served its purpose.

      • I’m now watching 6 crazy flying dragons thanks to YAI and the badass performance of the wonderful cast. All the 6 dragons are charming as heck and I can honestly fall in love with each one of them. The screenplay is VERY good, the lines are profound and full of wisdom/humanity. Imo, 6FD should have deserved some of the awards including best supporting actors and best screenplay if there were such a category. Specifically, Kim Myung-min deserves best acting and should have been nominated at least. For Signal, I didn’t watch it since it’s not up my alley. Still, daesang doesn’t just look at one particular aspect. Shooting, camera manipulation, editing, styling, and cinematography etc. are all an integral part of directing that decides how good a film presents to the audience on screen overall. 6FD is more one-dimensional and lack of dynamics in these aspects compared to DotS. Pre production is a huge factor contributing to the reasons why DotS outperforms average K dramas from artistic and aesthetic points of view. For example, C drama Nirvana in Fire has a similar genre of plot as 6FD and equally has a very intriguing storyline and intense fight scenes. But NiF obviously excels in the artistry features of film production. In my opinion, C historical dramas are mostly doing better jobs than sageuks.

  10. Park Ha Sun and Kim So Hyun look gorgeous, simple yet elegant. There is something off with SHK’s face makeup, the skin tone in her neck and face is completely uneven. I wish there was a bit more color too.

  11. Signal and Six Flying Dragons were so wonderful. The acting Yoo Ah In brought to SFD was so intense and raw, brilliant acting. I cried at some of his monologues in SFD. Signal was beautifully written, the storyline was the most complex and unique I have ever seen in a Kdrama of recent, I am craving a second season. I honestly don’t understand DoTS still but I am happy they are receiving so much recognition, even if the storyline doesn’t fit my taste, I give a lot of prop to the people behind the cinematography.

    • I’m happy that Signal got the BEST DRAMA award cause it s truly the best drama of 2016…I’m just sad that Jo Jin Woong didn’t win the best actor award as he was so good in Signal..#teamsignal

    • Trust me. Signal won. Best drama, best actress, best scriptwriting. What else is there? Lol. Giving Dots the Daesang, but NOTHING else is like they’re saying “we know this drama is crap, but we have to acknowledge it for its immense popularity.” Giving it any other award, it would have been laughable.

      • That’s what I meant. You’re overconfident of your own subjective opinions about DotS but still short of solid evidence to support your points. In your eyes DotS is crap based on your own taste. Nonetheless, I think DotS deserves the Daesang given how it’s produced combined with directing, camera shooting of moving scenes, and complex editing that’s only possible for pre production according to interviews with the drama PD. If you think your extensive experience watching American shows(, which I subjectively consider pretty cheesy, cheap, low taste, and tacky,) can validate your personal opinions to even call an award-winning drama crap, then should I also flaunt my life-time experience with fine performing art including dramas/films as I mentioned in my prior comment to rebuke your mockery? For those dramas not up my alley such as Signal and the Heirs, I would only say my personal taste doesn’t get to appreciate these dramas. But I won’t call the shows crap. So you sound too arrogant to me. Just refrain your wording!

      • Honestly, you’re too serious/uptight about something as silly as entertainment. I just wish you had the same regard for actual people here, who you have called much, much worse names for simply stating their opinion.

      • So now you’re running out of points to support your biased opinions and started to side track to irrelevant topics in order to beat me over? LOL..I’ve read plenty of your comments and I have good memory so I clearly remember what you said about whatnot. The only names I called ppl are rabid and lunatic fans that are commonly used terms to address crazy behavior of hardcore fandoms of K celebrities. Ppl including Koala and me all have used this term to describe how crazy and irrational fans can be about their faves. What’s wrong with that? So this is what you mean by much worse names? LOL..I also called myself a rabid fan of SJK. What’s wrong with you getting so much hate by residing on that bcos I don’t appreciate certain actress or dramas? At least, I never said these fans or dramas are crap, unlike you. So don’t make excuses for your own derision.

  12. Plotwise, Signal is in deed so much better than DOTS. Signal already won the best drama, best writing and more. But it doesn’t mean that DOTS did not deserve the Daesang. DOTS brought rise to the Hallyu Wave even more. And the ratings were really high. So, stop saying that DOTS did not deserve their win, because they sure had an immense effect.

  13. best look of the night goes to Lee Sung Kyung, her dress is beautiful and romantic, such a change from the usual basic white dresses on the red carpet. The headband was the perfect finishing touch – I can see why she was such a successful model.

    The SongSong couple look gorgeous. I wouldn’t be into Song Hye Kyo’s dress on its own but somehow the effect when she’s on the stairs or the carpet, especially with SJK, is perfection – for once, the bridal effect makes things better.

    Also liking Park So Dam for her short hair, it makes everything she wears look fresher and edgier and sets her apart from the usual long-haired starlets on the red carpet. The sleeved dress was perfect.

  14. Hapoy for Signal, Yoo Ah In and Kim Go Eun.

    Not a fan of SHK dress. Too bridal. And the cut and shape of the dress. But agreed she looks younger in it. Love Han hyo joo and Park Ha Dun dress.

    • SHK’s bridal dress is for fan service so as to look like a couple with SJK. It’s clear they were acting in front of the public so as to please them. Real couple would never behave like they did, it’s too fairytale movie

      • @Melody…..Thank you for (in my opinion) the FIRST sensible overview of the Cinderella couple’s appearance. Over the past few days, I have been reading some of SJK’s statements regarding his dating style and what type person he would choose. He distinctly stated he would keep his relationship secret to protect the woman he was involved with. He also stated he liked long hair, then changed it to short hair, but most of all the woman would have to be sensible. Several other traits/qualities of the ideal person changed. After a time, I began to believe that he changed his mind more than he changed his underwear…..then the Award show happened and based upon appearances, all former statements went out of the window. If he was keeping his relationship a secret, what they did was give another performance worthy of an Academy Award. Liz Tayler in her prime could not have done a better job. No excuses for the fiasco they pulled off.

  15. Signal just grabbed my attention from the get go…..while with Dots ,still just a few minutes of 1st episode….don’t know why, when I actually like the main actors, compared to Signal actors, who I don’t really “like” but kept me watching from the start. The characters made me care for them maybe because of the great storyline and acting of the 3 leads ! Still hope to watch and finish Dots to see what is special that everyone is writing about. The ratings was amazing and great for the actors, production team……but Signal for a smaller production, who also got good ratings without much media hype but from word of mouth was also amazing!

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