KBS Releases Teasers and Stills for Medical Mystery Drama Beautiful Mind with Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam

K-ent is calling it the battle of the doctors for Mon-Tues night ratings supremacy but the substance and tone are so different I can’t see it appealing to the same group of viewers. SBS premieres Doctors on June 20th after Daebak (Jackpot) while on the same day KBS brings out Beautiful Mind to take over for Neighborhood Hero Jo Deul Ho. I’m for sure watching Doctors but also intend to check out Beautiful Mind – it’s got Jang Hyuk putting on his scrubs again nearly ten years after Thank You, adorable Park So Dam as his leading lady, and a fantastic supporting cast including Park Se Young, Yoon Hyun Min, Oh Jung Se, and Heo Joon Ho. BM is the story of Jang Hyuk as a brilliant neurosurgeon who lacks empathy as a clinical condition, but once he gets embroiled in mysterious patient deaths at the hospital he crosses paths with Park So Dam’s lady cop and their collaboration to solve the crime also starts to heal Jang Hyuk’s zero emotion problem. Sounds interesting enough to me!

Beautiful Mind teasers:


KBS Releases Teasers and Stills for Medical Mystery Drama Beautiful Mind with Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam — 27 Comments

  1. Definitely watch this one. Jang Hyuk forever! Forget about Doctors. LOL…rabid fans totally turned me off.

  2. So I guess we are going to be seeing Park So Dam in every drama for the next few years now? She seems to be in everything. They should give the audience time to miss her. Is there really that big of a shortage of young actresses?

    As you can tell I’m not a big fan of hers. But there have been plenty of actresses where I didn’t like them to begin with and now I watch whatever they are in. The number one example is Hwang Jung Eugene. Could not stand her. And because she wasn’t on every show, I was able to grow to like her in screen more.

    Just…stop pushing Park So Dam down our throats. Let me decide to like are as an actress.

    • “top pushing Park So Dam down our throats. Let me decide to like are as an actress”. lol how self-entitled can you get? you probably have never seen her in anything and you decide that you don’t like her just because she’s getting a lot of roles while your untalented faves are not getting any. shouldn’t you look at things like acting ability (which she definitely has) before you write such a stupid comment?

    • this is her first appearance on the small screen and you are tired of seeing her? you can choose not to watch.. =.=

  3. ^^ she has literally done 3 dramas in her whole career, one of which was a web drama (i loved it tho) and the other 2 hasn’t even aired (One of her dramas hasn’t even dropped teasers or even a poster/still). What “push her down our throats”?
    She’s been getting recognition for “The Priests” and that one web drama, it’s only obvious she’s be pushed now bcs the timimg is right now. And no, people of sick of hwang jumg eum, she needs to take a break.

    • You said it! I’ve never watched Park So Dam, but she’s hardly being forced down our throats. She’s much more prolific with movies.

      It didn’t sound like she was even thinking about another drama so soon like BM (they practically chased her down?) when she filmed Cinderella, and I think that drama’s schedule dragged on because they couldn’t find someone to air it.

    • Whoah, stop dragging HJE. Nobody can push somebody down somebody’s throat without their consent. Stop watching what she does, that should be enough. Her profession is acting, she gets offers, why must she say no??

  4. PSD was in a short film with Ji Sung called Vampire lives next door. It was shown in Busan Film festival and she was great in it. I have liked JH in Thank You. So I am looking forward to BM. Doctors storyline is very typical and teacher crushing on High school student. Yikes. I understand that both are grown up but still…Male teacher/female student is a big no! .

  5. Just realised the number of typos in my prev comment lol.

    Anyway, yeah, BM was rejected by lots of people after which eventually they signed Sodam. I honestly think she/her agency took this drama only to put her on a mainstream platform (yunno, the “big 3 stations”) bcs the Cinderalla drama is on TvN and her web drama was on Onstyle (both are cable channels). She’s a good actress, she’s pretty, she’s rising up on her own (If u see her filmography, she actually started out by doing short films & supporting roles). So, idk what ppl are saying abt “pushing her down our throats). She was relatively unknown till last yeat. Plus, it’s not that there’s a shortage of young actresses, it’s that they are choosy and won’t do dramas which could potentially be a train-wreck and get them hate. Of course, with the exception of few.

    • Father and daughter? Likewise, many ppl also question the OTP of Doctors; they look like uncle and niece. LOL

      • No much difference. They are all grown up anyway. So why a concern? Audience could overlook even more questionable age gaps in High School Love On and Mirror of the Witch.

  6. When I first read this drama’s premise, I rolled my eyes. Had enough of geniuses and other mutants in kdramas who always come with some emotional lack. I must say I am pleasantly surprised by these trailers. I am not a fan of Jang Hyuk but will take him anytime over those overrated hallyu youngsters. Already, he is riveting in the teasers and the camera work looks great. I am definitely gonna try this.

  7. Is this a remake of Wallace Huo’s “Love Me If You Dare”? Because the plot and characters look the same with it.

  8. came back to check the teasers just now. The emotions Jang Hyuk exudes have heightened my anticipation of his new drama. I was a bit disappointed at Shine and Go Crazy bcos of the female lead. How is Park So Dam? It seems she’s well known but can she act? BTW, I love how the English title of the drama is the same as the critically acclaimed film to portray a mentally ill math genius and Nobel laureate, a professor of my thesis adviser.

    • @jhon

      Jang Hyuk is 39 and Park So Dam is 24. I know that people can reproduce at the age of 15, but that is cutting it pretty close, don’t you think? So, NO. He’s not old enough to be her dad. An older cousin, or uncle maybe, but definitely not her dad.

  9. Park So Dam was so good in The Priest! She carried her own scenes so well and the switch from sweet girl to demon was so so good.

  10. What’s wrong with Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam? The photos show they match. Look at them smiling…❤️.. genius doctor no emotions, remind me of Dr House, I’m in. Beautiful Mind good luck!

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