New Preview for W: Two Worlds Has Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Curious About Each Other’s Worlds

One of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy series is Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, which is late teens aimed but I didn’t read until I was an adult and still loved it. I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection until now, but the latest teaser for MBC drama W: Two Worlds totally reminds me of the parallel universes conceit in the HDM series. In this new teaser, leads Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok say the same lines to each other – asking where the other is, and what that world is like? That’s so Lyra and Will, my beloved OTP from HDM!

Universe-crossed lovers who find each other through the cut in the fabric of the universe and it’s all so illuminating and life-affirming. While Han Hyo Joo plays a doctor in her world, Lee Jong Seok is a super genius, Olympic gold medal sharpshooter, and internet company wunderkind billionaire, which leads me to think his world is the one that isn’t real but perhaps he gets a chance to be once he crosses paths with Han Hyo Joo’s character. This is one drama where I love getting fed snippets leaving me curious to find out more.

Third teaser for W: Two Worlds:


New Preview for W: Two Worlds Has Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Curious About Each Other’s Worlds — 33 Comments

  1. Looks good.seems like bangs is the new trends for k-actresses lately.almost all female leads in upcoming dramas hv bangs.

  2. Ooooooo. I love HDM too! I really hope this well written as it just has all the makings of something truly special, but it’s also very ambitious, which so often goes badly in the writing department. Please be good!!!!!

  3. His Dark Materials! One of the first series I fell in love with, and the first to make me legit bawl my eyes out. Lyra + Will, OTP 🙂 I will definitely check this out just for the comparison.

  4. I can’t wait for this, I so miss Hyo Joo in dramas and she has a good eye for projects (most of the time) just like Lee Jong Suk.I really hope this recieves good response.

  5. I love their facial expression & narrating tone, hope it will turn out good.
    BTW it isn’t an official teaser, they even didn’t upload it on their Naver channel, just SNS.

  6. Yeah, some fans say they released it as a fan service just because they were dissatisfied with the way MBC is promoting this drama, better to say not promoting this drama.

  7. @Noona well it ‘ll be their Loss if they don’t promote it well, “W” is the best they can have this year, great writer, great cast and most important very interesting script, they will be dumb if they don’t take advantage of all this.

  8. Love love jang guen sok oppa ….han hyo joo can’t act for a cent but this wouldn’t be the first time jang guen sok is placed with a woman that can’t act ,,,yes park shin bye am looking at you .

    • lol your love for PSH is something.
      It’s ok not like it matters to her.
      She is getting drama centered around her and high profiles movie offer with all those CFs… when you can stay biter haha

    • @ EG @Greedy
      Please ignore her, surely she is a troll who seems to hate PSH, LJS & HHJ at the same time, I mean isn’t it obvious from her/his comment! The fan who doesn’t know the name of her oppa!!!(let alone the spelling of his name) & accusing a Daesang winning actress for not knowing how to act & of course I read her/his comment on PSH’s articles, so don’t bother yourself, everyone in common sense get her/his intention.

  9. Gyah, the anticipation is eating me alive… I really hope this will be the epic romance I want it to be. The entire cast and crew has my full trust! *crosses fingers*

  10. I like the concept of the drama and I look forward to see how it would work – with the two parralel universe existing, cant wait to watch.
    It interesting that you find the plot remind you of a book, but one sentence of yours made me do a double take: “which leads me to think his world is the one that isn’t real” – what do you mean the world that isn’t real? I thought they were a parallel existing worlds, can one be not real?

    • Even though I believe HHJ wasn’t the one at fault but unfortunately her scandal is too much worse than tax evading, so netizens believe it will impact on this drama badly but I hope this project can bring her back to her reputation days.

  11. I loved HDM! Highly recommend it, it’s been one of my favourite stories since my early youth. This drama definitely reminds me as well of it in terms of vibe and main premise (though ofc the story, universe and characters themselves are very different).
    Agreed with some of the comments above regarding not wanting a similar ending though… Not that the ending in HDM didn’t fit the story well, it was actually poetic, heartfelt and well-thought, but it had me melancholic/nostalfic for days (-.-)

  12. And as an add-on to my previous comment, very fittingly today’s the Summer Solstice, so it’s a happy day for Lyra and Will, if you know what I mean! =)

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