Latest Previews for Uncontrollably Fond Play Up the Melodrama Tearing the OTP Romance Apart

This is the most substantive preview yet for Uncontrollably Fond, and makes me hope the happy moments establish the OTP romance tightly before the melodrama hits the fan. I need to ship Suzy and Kim Woo Bin‘s characters intensely so that I can weather their separation and root for their reunion. I see the truck of doom again, along with Yoo Oh Seung playing the mastermind baddie that seems to set up Suzy’s dad in the drama. Second leads Im Joo Hwan and Im Joo Eun are both in love with the respective leads and can’t help but get worked up because they can’t easily get their affections returned. Lee Kyung Hee writes melodramas well partly because she establishes strong supporting characters and I glimpse that here which is a relief. Even if Suzy isn’t the strongest actress if she’s surrounded by a great story and excellent cast then the drama is in good hands.

5th and 6th preview for Uncontrollably Fond:


Latest Previews for Uncontrollably Fond Play Up the Melodrama Tearing the OTP Romance Apart — 59 Comments

  1. The acting in the previews are giving me pause. I am nervous, but I will wait for first 2 episodes to decide if it’s crapastic.

  2. I don’t know if anyone else is victim of this illness…just that I can’t warm up to any and every pair that we’re supposed to get super interested in these days[starting from UF to LMH’s new drama or even DOTS,so it must be a great habit that you possess koala that you can ship Suzy and Kim Woo Bin‘s characters intensely…Wish I could do that too…sigh.

  3. Wow, the latest preview is so good.

    I think the 5th one was a let down with Suzy acting drunk but I very much prefer her either being adorable with KWB or in the emotional scenes. I think this will be a step up in her improvement.

    *crossing fingers*

    • Agree! Suzy’s acting actually looked ok in the first video preview above but not so much in the second one. If she does cute well, I hope that they’ll be more cute than melo!

  4. The stills are better than the promo trailers..if I haven’t seen the trailers I’ll probably consider watching it…im just not “fond” of suzy’s acting skills.

      • how do i know the photos were taken a year ago. they were posted after W so thought KBS want to rival those poses lol.

      • you can use google and you will know that they start filming last year & woo bin in Philippine now with another hair style
        P.s:i really hate compare anything & really adore both of them

    • Let’s don’t compare these two dramas, a few days ago LJS liked a post on a KWB’s fan club on Instagram while he could like tons of his own pictures instead, Also he promote UF in one of his latest interviews, that’s cool, no need for any comparison! 🙂

  5. Koala is neutral about Suzy as I am.

    Writer LKH’s Thank You is memorable. Her Innocent Man is pathetically addictive given that Song Joong Ki did an amazing job interpreting the antihero. But for UF, I’m not sure. I won’t judge how the drama will be doing simply based on teasers of a few minutes or edited stills. The leads of UF are not my faves. But I’ll give a shot to see if pre production will make an impact on the overall quality.

  6. Agreed on the acting, not only from Suzy but Woo Bin too. So much shouting as well, a bit OTT. Suzy’s eyes seemed rather vacant. This drama doesn’t move me at all. Hope it works out for everyone though.

  7. suzy acting trun me off. she alway play cute role. which is another trun off. for this drama to do KWB&suzy need lot of kiss scene bed scene for the view to even want to watch the show. their acting along will not carry the show. shoot both of them sux at acting. they get by look not acting.

  8. Kim woo bin is so gorgeous… Those eyes …I pray I never meet him in real life ….shin min ah will probably cut off my head ….totally gorgeous couple .

  9. Suzy is not my cup of tea ,but if dream high has thought us anything is that she has some good moments unlike park shin bye who can’t ever get it right .

    • Dear, Koala. I do wish u banned this troll. Even I hev my own bias, I never bash or say something bad about Suzy or others. This has nothing to do with PSH. Now I pray hard the more u bash PSH, the more people bash and hate u in “real life” bye.

      • Hahaha… Actually it is quite entertaining to read the troll’s comment… LOL… Such an insane person who cannot even take criticisms while keep on bashing a good actress like PSH is totally pathetic! rofl…

    • Why in every article u bash PSH…r u insane? She step on your tail….how pathetic u r keep saying negative thing to PSH….envy her she got praisevin her drama? U better get lose…

  10. Whoever who compared these to W, please dont let your hate broke your brain, UF finished all things even before W start script reading. Kim woo bin already has new haircut during UF wrap up party. Sadly dear Uf come with better art than W ooppppssss…….

    And yeah judge everything you want. First they judge woobin as rockstar then bomb kbs give teaser about he being actor?

    Well You watch it or not. You doesn’t contribute ratting so good luck Uf,good luck W ?

    • Theyre saying the time theyre releasing them. Not that they just took them. Theyre having a promo war since they will be competing for ratings. Also ur as childish as the others stop putting one down for the sake of the other. Theyre both good friends and JS has even been promoting UF in his interviews so. Also the otp shoot for W isnt the official one just one after an interview

  11. Omg, such a dramatic. Lee Kyung Hee’s drama is always moved me, even with Han Ye Sul as their female lead, I cried so much watching will its snow for christmas even when some people said it’s one of LKH’s least quality

    • And based on trailer, while I’m not his biggest fan, i think kim woo bin will be delivering. Lee Kyung Hee might be his first drama when that thespian nature in him will blossom? I hope lee kyung hee will given 2nd lead more juicy material just like she did with PSY.they both good actor

  12. Suzy is inept for acting. I don’t understand the hype about her.
    The first photo look like they are about the have s*x.I can see she was sitting in between his legs. I’m sorry I cant help it. it’s just my opinion. please ignore my twisted mind.

  13. Gahd!! I’m starting to ship Kim Woo Bin and Suzy so hard.♡♡♡ I can see that the improvement of both of them in this drama… I also love the fact that their love story seems to start from high school, college, working stage, etc.

    I hate dramas with a instant romance in short span of time and when the actors/actresses are so much older than their partners…so this drama somehow suits my taste… I’m so hyped with Uncontrollably Fond.

    • Yeah, me too. I hate dramas with leads falling instantly with each other and when the partners looks auntie or uncle of the other.

      I think I will try Uncontrollably Fond. It’s hard to find dramas with overload chemistry nowadays. Hopefully, Suzy and WooBin will fill my appetite. I pretty convinced with this teaser tho.

  14. I thought this drama is all about Suzy and Woo Bin’s poor-and-rich love story. Damn, I’m wrong. I think they will also featured in drama about politics, social discrimination, unequal justice system, etc. I’m pretty sold with the latest trailer.

    Well, good luck with #UncontrollablyFond. I will surely watch it 🙂 Suzy and Kim Woo Bin’s also oozed so much chemistry.

  15. I dont care…call me childish or whatever. Dont start if you dont want someone doing bad to your fav, tell this to your fellow.
    And i dont say anything bad about W, it is just my opinion that Uf pic looks better.

    Idc they are going to competite in rat, since i like both, im gonna watch both. Good Luck, have nice day!

  16. After watching this latest trailer, the more I feel underwhelmed by this drama. The poster was enticing but the trailer is meh. And Suzy….oh Suzy…. she’s definitely pretty and hardly can sell to me.

  17. For a while I was pretty neutral about watching this. But after seeing the fifth trailer, I’m going to skip it. Suzy really does nothing for me in terms of acting. Her “saranghae” was so devoid of any emotion. She was ok in Dream High, but sadly seems to not have progressed at all since then.

    And KWB seems to be playing the same character over and over again.

  18. The writing and theme of this drama is actually very interesting. But this kinda of story really needs strong actors. I’m not saying Kim Woo Bin and Suzy are bad but they need more strong actors for both male and female lead.

  19. I read the character discription on line and I originally thought the 2nd lead girl was in love with 1st lead guy and is engaged to him but character discription said she is engaged to 2nd lead guy.

    Both guys have the same father, unsure if biological or one is a step father.

    So unless 2nd lead girl is in live with one brother while engaged to the other or she is in love with the 2nd lead guy from the start.

    I am hoping for the later as it gives all four of them a fighting chance of happiness.

  20. I mean… why people picking only Suzy acting? The main lead and second lead guys are also overacting, and so far, from teasers, we can’t say the acting isn’t showing to be promosing.

    People keep hating on suzy, but I think she is getting better.

    Her crying scene in dream high was bad, then in Gu family book it got better but still lacking, her crying scene in the teaser for UF looks better than her last crying scenes.

    Maybe I’m bad to jugde others acting IDK.

    Is it her voice acting that I can’t judge unless I’m korean??

    • Same, I don’t understand some of her critics tho. And I think Suzy’s acting is quite decent here based on the teasers compare to her previous projects. And when I went to K-websites, most of Korean netizens also praised her improvement.

      Well, I think only international haters are on the run and so hyped to bash Suzy tho without watching the drama or even the teasers ?

      • I’m half-Korean and I don’t see any wrong in her voice or acting in here. I do think the people that complain are mostly I-fans (or her haters).

      • Her “improved” performance would still get any other actress torn to shreds for being terrible. She’s only getting a pass because she’s popular and her level was so low to begin with.

        And ifans are not the ones who criticised her for bad acting in Gu Family Book or other projects, that was all Koreans.

      • @teacakes GFB was 3 years ago and we’re talking about the UF here .. about how I-fans are the one who aggressively bashed her acting in the teaser of “Uncontrollably Fond” while K-fans are somewhat neutral and somehow praising her for her improvement here.

        And “mostly” I-fans are the one who criticized her “now” even without even starting/watching it.

      • I hope Suzy will prove the haters wrong in this drama because I also saw her maturity in this “main trailer”.

        Anyway, even the POPULAR VETERAN ACTORS still have haters/critics saying that they CAN’T ACT so I’m not surprised.

        I also anticipate this drama after Suzy and WooBin’s hiatus for 3years in small screen. Goodluck Uncontrollably Fond, I hope that it will be a big hit.

    • I think I do understand them.. I mostly see many hate comments from I-fans than K-fans in #UncontrollablyFond teasers. Maybe it’s not about her acting but just purely hate.

      I know she’s not good in GFB, but it’s years ago so I will give her a “benefit-of-doubt” here. Because I watched Dorihwaga and I was amazed with her improvement.

  21. I remember everybody cringing and talking bad about descendents of sun too, in the end everybody ate it and loved the drama lol

  22. Seriously if Suzy even improves to the level of Hyeri in Reply 1988, I will have so much respect for her. But right now, neither she nor Kim Woo Bin look that good. This will probably end up being another Heirs – popular because of the leads’ popularity but otherwise meh.

  23. suzy going have to take her cloth off. if she want the drama to do well. her acting will not bring in viewer. KWB is not LSG.

  24. WOAH! I love this teaser, Suzy really improved alot in acting. My favorite one is the last scene, even tho she’s not speaking, I can feel her emotions thru her eyes. ?

  25. Sorry but this is a skip for me… The storyline seems very repetitive to older dramas and doesn’t spark my interest. These days with so many choices in Asian dramas, writers really need to work harder to create something more unique. Also, Suzy is still acting like “Suzy” and I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment as I did when watching her past dramas. It’s such a shame as there are many other promising actresses that maybe could infused more life into this drama.

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