Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Cuddle Up in OTP Posters for W: Two Worlds

The combination of Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo in the promo posters for W: Two Worlds totally sells them as a couple for me. There is a bright warmth about them even with such uninteresting backgrounds, with Han Hyo Joo’s patented toothy beaming smile and Lee Jong Seok with his trademark grin. The light blue dress and slightly reddish tinted blunt cut bangs long hair all frame Han Hyo Joo beautifully, but Lee Jong Seok’s wide stripped collared shirt makes him look a tad cheesy and not the Olympic sharp shooter gold medalist turned billionaire genius character he’s supposed to be, but it’s a tiny quibble on what is otherwise a very visually compatible series of OTP posters. If Uncontrollably Fond fails to make audiences uncontrollably fond over it come early July, that leaves W: Two Worlds ready later in the month to scoop up the undecided viewers, unless of course Wanted on SBS keeps rising steadily in ratings.


Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Cuddle Up in OTP Posters for W: Two Worlds — 23 Comments

  1. Really match each other!
    But those aren’t official posters, you can’t find them on any korean articles jut it is for Taiwan, they did this photo shoot before or after recording TV Sections a few days ago, so their outfit are what they had worn for that show.

  2. these are just promotional photos for Taiwan TV not official posters 😀

    but i love them despite the gray background and simple editing , i feel warm just by looking at LJS and HHJ 😀

  3. I love them individually… but I do feel that they look like siblings. (maybe because HHJ is older while LJS is baby-face and maybe because they somewhat look similar in some angles) -_-

    No chemistry at all, dull background, and LJS’ outfit is meh. I only like their bright smiles in here.

  4. I agree. I find that she looks more like his noona. Is she supposed to be older than him in the drama? Nothing wrong in noona romances. Only hope they bring on the chemistry in the drama.

  5. @juliesean no they both suppose to be at the same age in the drama, 30 yr old while in real life they are 2 yr apart, ( I googled them :D)

  6. idk but the W wording with the turquoise-maroon-red color font just make my eyes ache when seeing them… Honestly, the picture will look good without the distracting W.

  7. They absolutely look adorable together. This drama will be one of my must watch for sure…looks interesting.

  8. I love the hair style on HHJ. Very refreshing and beautiful. Saw her on 2 Days and 1 Night and it was a super fun trip. She should be on variety shows more often. 🙂

  9. These two really match. I didn’t like the writer’s previous dramas but I will try watching this thanks to them.

  10. HHJ is an A list actress and so beautiful to boot! Love that LJS has a

    chance to work with her. Looking forward to this drama and this lovely


  11. They do look good together in the teasers… waiting for July 20th to come. So glad they have the çhance to work in this project. HHJ first caught my attention in Brilliant Legacy. I really adore her, she soo pretty.

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