Cha Tae Hyun Lost Confidence with Failed My Sassy Girl 2 as Encouraging Message on How to Tackle Failure

It’s such a positive and reassuring message not to share, especially in a time of steady negative news coming from K-ent. Veteran leading man Cha Tae Hyun filmed a segment on variety show¬†2 Days & 1 Night (2D1N) where he spoke at an university and heard from a college student who had lost her confidence and felt unable to do anything. Cha Tae Hyun told her that he felt the same way recently, openly discussing how his last movie My Sassy Girl 2 was a huge box office failure and subsequently he lost all confidence in himself. He then followed up by saying that this is life and living is about facing and overcoming these set backs, and not to let a loss of confidence bring her down. That’s such a positive message and really refreshing for a top star to be willing to share his down disappointments. And indeed, My Sassy Girl 2 was a huge turkey but one that Cha Tae Hyun can easily overcome by picking a better drama or movie next.


Cha Tae Hyun Lost Confidence with Failed My Sassy Girl 2 as Encouraging Message on How to Tackle Failure — 30 Comments

  1. I really like this man. He’s a good person. It’s sad because he took this project because of his loyalty to the director of the movie.

    • +1. I know some crazy drama fans always took you as a troll. But I do find a lot of your opinions genuine and savvy.

    • I think it’s because the public lost it’s interest in the storyline–promos and design of the visuals should have been well thought of– given a new edge on the concept of an old storyline so the audience will think that they’re getting something brand new …my family was in Asia around that time and nobody was in line to see the movie…i got excited when I saw the billboard but lost interest right away…opted for another movie. Now that’s just my family, so if you multiply that mentality to thousands of families that’s a lot of people. That’s my two cents anyway.

  2. My Sassy Girl is a classic movie. Doing a remake or a sequel is definitely a huge mistake. Jeon Ji Hyun forever own that role and any actress trying to fill in that shoes will suffer the consequences of being compared to her iconic portrayal. Cha Tae Hyun seems like a genuine relateable guy but he should have known that the sequel wont ever work. The same case will happen to Joo Won. My Sassy Girl the drama will likely failed because no one can ever replace JJH. My sassy girl is JJH n will always be. Same like how ones try to remake Titanic without Leo Di Caprio…wont ever work.

    • Joo Won’s sassy girl drama is a sageuk, which may have a different presentation on its own. I would give his sageuk a try because he is a very good actor. As for CTH movie with Victoria, her face on these posters is already a total turnoff to me… never like her… I will rewatch JJH’s sassy movie anytime to see CTH and his great comediac acting! What a waste for CTH, but I am sure he will come back with a better movie as he is still very well respected in Korea and by international fans.

      • @candycane…I have the same opinion on the sageuk version it somehow has a different feel from the original plus having Joo Won as one of the leads will not hurt. And you’re correct on the posters, the chemistry on the two leads did not work out…the vibe was not inviting it was trying too hard.

      • Just interesting, why you NEVER like her? Did she commit some crime against you or your family? I am asking this because I never understand people who say they NEVER(!) like someone they don’t know lol Psychological science says that there is always a reason for personal hate, i.e. one doesn’t hate someone just because, that there is always a reason lol

      • @Bobby – maybe I did not make myself too clear… I have watched Victoria sing and the previews of the movie, I just do not enjoy her voice nor her overacting (other commenters here also agree with me). Why do you have to bring up my family? NEVER assume too much when you read a comment PLEASE!!! I don’t hate her, I just said I do not like her. Please do NOT twist my words!!!!!

      • @Bobby – and please don’t use your psychological hysterical mind to analyze my comments here. If I ever read your reply to me involving my family, you will be cursed!

      • @candycane Uhm… overreacting much? lol relax and take rest. It was just a simple out-of-interest question from an anonymous keyboard warrior to another anonymous keyboard warrior lmao

      • @Bobby – lol… for a split second, I thought she was your wife or your girlfriend… I know you may want to stay anonymous, but please respect other commenters’ families while you try to clarify why your loved one is being disliked… LOL… lmao… rofl… poof!!

      • @candycane

        Again overreacting much? Where the hell do you see your family being disrespected? lol Btw are you a kpop (JYPE) fan from Onehallyu? lol

      • @Bobby – there is absolutely NO REASON for you to ask “Did she commit some crime against your family?” You are so inappropriate. Why the hell do you ask that??

      • @candycane

        Because you sounded as if you know her in person LMAO
        So you were that jype/miss a fan from Onehallyu?

  3. No jeon ji hyun and The trailer is not good (too vulgar), And too many good movie and too many good drama to watch,that the reason (for me) not yet interested with this movie.

  4. Would never be interested in the f (x) girl’s dramas or movies. Her acting is all over the top. With her as the leading lady, neither CTH nor the director of the original could have saved the remake anyway.

    • Exactly. My Sassy Girl is hugely dependent on, well, the girl. Casting some idol just because she looks pretty was never going to cut it.

      But CTH was amazing in Producers, he and Gong Hyo Jin were the backbone of that show. I wish we got to see him more as an actor.

      • I agree CTH was amazing in Producers. I actually rooted for him more than KSH in Producers although I was a fan of KSH back then. LOL

  5. What i hated most was how they say it’s a continuation of the 1st one, like the 1st sassy girl became a nun! WTH I still could somehow accept if it was just a remake or sth. so no, to me this doesn’t exist it is all.

  6. This was a great episode of 1n2d as were the other 2 in the Ehwa special. 1n2d Season 3 has been consistently great so far.

  7. To actually hear him speak of his failure yet encouragement words is very thoughtful, sincere, and brave of him. I’ve always love him not just for his acting but also his persona. He seems like a laid-back cool guy. And I love his laughs on 2 Days and 1 Night.

  8. I think it failed because for a lot of people, including myself, the ending was perfect and I didn’t want to ruin my love of the first film by watching a sequel that would take away from it. It also was one of the first Korean films I watched and adored. The sequel might be a perfectly good movie that I will never watch because the first one is too special.

    • agree with you totally… why watch a sequel with a female lead who is worse than JJH? I will rewatch the original over & over again because it was just too good & special

  9. CTH’s message was great and also from the previous 1n2d episode, it was Yoon Si Yoon’s, and to some extent Jong Min’s, that I really related with. This was an awesome segment from the show.

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