Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum’s Agency Refutes and Considers Legal Action Against Rumors They Attended Yoochun’s Birthday Party Where First Assault Happened


Talk about a stretch on top of a baseless assumption, but it’s all in the day’s possibility when one is as currently famous as Song Joong Ki is. How his name got tied with the current criminal investigation into Park Yoochun‘s alleged sexual assaults on multiple women is beyond me, but even rising young actor Park Bo Gum got dragged along for the muddy ride. Things started on talk show Powerful Opponents when veteran Park Bong Gyu said that there were famous Hallyu male stars also in attendance at Yoochun’s June 4th birthday party at the adult bar where the alleged assault happened by the first woman to come forth to press charges.

That set netizens abuzz to find which Hallyu star it was and a rumor started that it was Song Joong Ki since he’s friends with Yoochun from doing Sungkyunkwan Scandal together, and Song Joong Ki brought along current good friend and mentee Park Bo Gum to the event. Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum’s agency immediately refuted the rumors with hard fact that both stars attended the Baeksang awards that very night, and even if they could have gone to the party later after the awardds Song Joong Ki was out at a late night pow wow with Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In that Dispatch snapped pictures of.


Talk about Dispatch’s stalker-ish tendencies coming in handy to refute even grosser netizen tendencies to manufacture rumors out of thin air. Both Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo have released statements back Song Joong Ki as being with them that entire night and nowhere near Yoochun’s birthday party. And no one thinks Park Bo Gum randomly wandered over there by himself either, so that puts this out-of-nowhere rumor to rest. Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum’s agency is currently mulling over taking legal action against the person(s) who started and perpetuated the rumor.


Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum’s Agency Refutes and Considers Legal Action Against Rumors They Attended Yoochun’s Birthday Party Where First Assault Happened — 42 Comments

    • Kim Hyun Joong once said during an interview that whenever they drink and hang out together, it’s always him, Yoochun, TOP, and Jaejoong. I’m worried about Top mainly because Big Bang is my fav Kpop group. I just hope that if Top do frequent these brothels that he doesn’t commit any crimes.

    • No one, it’s a complete rumor and police already confirmed that ten people who were at the bar that night were all non-celeb friends of Yoochun – one of them even posted a picture of them hanging out that night so the rumor itself is completely unfounded.

    • +1. Yeah it’s like some netizens claiming SJK’s costar slept around or being a h**. She’s either a hater or a fool or an idiot and had no idea what her moronic remarks might get her into.

      • No wonder Korean celebs are reluctant to admit when they’re dating – even breaking up and then getting with a new person years later will get them branded a player/ho.

        Considering they even do that to Song Hye Kyo who’s an A-list superstar for the last 15 years when she’s only been in two confirmed relationships in that entire time, I’m not surprised people like Lee Jong Suk or Park Shin Hye deny dating even when they’re photographed together like they were a year ago, or why the Song couple are denying it now – even if it was the truth, admitting it could be detrimental to them in the long term.

  1. Omg.. Thats really bad. I hope whoever made that gossip will be punished. Song joong ki and park bo gum are way too nice to be involved in this mess.

      • Yoo Ah In and Song Hyu Kyo have both come out to testify these two guys’ alibi. What else do you want to say? No wonder K media always find gullible ppl to manipulate with false rumors.

      • I didn’t say that SJK attended Yoochun’s party and was there when d alleged assault took place. What I was trying to say, someone can appear decent but his/her true character may be contrary to the appearance.

        Even when u r a fan of SJK n will go all d way to defend him, please view my comment correctly and don’t try to put ur words based on ur own assumption into my mouth.

      • This isn’t a matter of ‘appearance’ – there is photographic evidence establishing that these guys were elsewhere and nowhere near Yoochun’s room salon on the night in question. And those photos leaked well before the news of Yoochun’s sexual assault came out.

      • But your words kinda imply “don’t just believe them by look” , which is kinda sensitive sheh there is enough evidence and testimony from SHK and YaI

      • You people obviously misunderstood my comment. I was saying in general, appearance cant be depend on to tell one’s actual character. I am not saying that he is not a decent guy or vice versa. He has proofs that he wasnt there and I never said that I choose to not beliving his defense. And its true that i think you cant judge someone from his look much like Yoochun n Park Shi Hoo. Even if an actor looks like rascal, he may have a completely different character than how he appears to be. You people simply love to misconstrued others statement.

      • @Del, now you clarified it, so that’s fine. But your first comment did mislead readers into thinking that you’re mocking SJK and PBG. Next time when you make comments about a sensitive issue like this, you may want to add more lines like your last comment. Peace!

    • you guys clearly misunderstood del words, she responds to grace word about sjk and bogum being innocent just by their look, it’s clear you can’t judge people by their look alone, even the closest people can be fooled by someone personality and you guys aren’t even close with either of them, you never know guys…

  2. Pols file claim against those who spread the rumors and put them Into jail, zip their mouth for their entire lifeee so they cannot talk,,, this will also scare Their fellow and prevent them from doing such horrendous thing to others

  3. This whole thing is so funny. Park Yoo Chun is like a ball knocking down all the famous celebrities( and any other related to him). Whether he is innocent or not is still questionable.

  4. I was about to say that attending the party wouldn’t make any difference.. But then I realized where the party was held… smh… At this point, anyone associated with him comes under some scrutiny. I just hope Jaejoong is not associated with any of this. But glad to see that Dispatch was actually helpful for once in his case

  5. For me it more like to fish in trouble water,just for making up the rating tv show? I am not in with that speculation,it more like defamation.

  6. Park Bong Gyu should have left it alone. He knows that the speculation would no doubt drag in a few names so what was the point? Either name names or be quiet.

    • Was he at the party too? He shouldn’t talk about the case especially it is now being investigated by police. What a big mouth jerk he is!!

  7. These rumors are just that. Netizens with too much time on their hands, stirring the pot. I agree with @Kat, Park Bong Gyu should have kept mouth shut. But there are always a few that like to add to the confusion. Sickening.

    • PBG may be too anxious to keep composed. S. Korea is not like the US where I’m from. Obviously in an ent industry with idol culture, fans worship celebrities and take them like saints who should have no faults in their private lives or no stains in their reputation. This is a bit pathetic. But unfortunately there’re a lot of ppl who consider good name = no rumors AT ALL. You can see that by reading comments from netizens about CNBLUE’s stock scandal.

      In the west, serious journalism set clear boundary with tabloid. Americans respect reports by reputable media such as Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. But we don’t give a dang sh*t to f*cking paparazzi. However, I don’t think that’s the case to most of the Asian countries (except for Japan perhaps). I don’t see korean media with much credibility, to be honest. I may be wrong since I’m not a Korean, but just judging from public reaction to “scandals.”

  8. I’m glad their agency shut it down and hard – and with Dispatch pics of that night that everyone had seen before the news of the sexual assault, no less.

  9. Why don’t I believe this story .
    Why would they say he was at the party if he wasn’t there ?
    Song hye kyo should not drag herself into this mess …I don’t trust this song jong ki .

  10. photos are already available and even if they were at the party,they’ve been saved by their friends. But if they were really involved they will definitely be caught someday.Just look at Kim Hyun Joong and Yoochun’s case.

    But really before you refer to someone as your friend don’t you need to know at least a little bit about that person? he can’t say that he didn’t know about YC’s act towards women if they were really friends. at least this will give SJK a lesson and he will remember to watch out for people he associate with. and PBG is lucky he got out of the rumor alright.

    • A friend can be casual and can be closed friend
      SJK hang out with pyc for several occasion but doesn’t mean he knows anything about pyc personal life especially when they are so busy with their show biz and other film cf entertainment activities
      I myself can call a person I hang out couples of time as a friend but don’t mean I know everything about that person especially her or his sex

    • Wait! Your logic and deduction don’t make any sense to me. Who the heck would tell his “friends” he f*uked up women very often during parties even he really did that? No brainer would say that.

      About personal sex life, that’s even bizarre to talk about with your friends even you’re close friends by common definition. LOL. I have a very close girlfriend who rented out her townhouse to a guy. We have been hanging out together since school. I always assumed they didn’t have intimate relationship until one day I heard they broke up. Wait a minute! Were they ever in relationship? That was my reaction. LOL

    • You’re sure using a lot of ifs just to drag SJK’s name into this case.

      “Even if they were at the party”? They weren’t at the party, period. There’s no if. Are you now saying the police who have reviewed all videotapes of PYC are lying? Not only did the police confirm the only people there were PYC and his non-celebrity entourage, they made a point of calling the SJK-PPG rumor a 100% baseless fabrication. (Btw, congrats to everyone who’s contributed to this fabrication. You managed to outrage the police. Hope they catch every one of you.)

      “Saved by their friends”? He wasn’t there, so why call it “save”?

      “If they were really involved”? They weren’t involved, they’ve never been involved, so why are you even making this assumption?

      “But really before you refer to someone as your friend”? Please tell me the last time SJK referred to PYC as his friend or was seen or reported to hang out with him. And you need to do better than right after SKKS. If being a castmate equals friendship automatically, why are you singling out SJK among all of PYC’s castmates?

      “he can’t say that he didn’t know about YC’s act towards women if they were really friends.”

      He’s never even mentioned this case (why should he?), let alone PYC’s name in the last 4 years or so, so what are you accusing him of?

      Can’t even tell if you’re talking about SJK any more. So please take a good look at what you’re doing before you get on your high horse.

  11. Overacting much?–or simply pre damage control? I mean who cares if you’re in the bday party if you did not do anything wrong why worry right? But people tend to assume the worst … And they have every hallyu
    Wrapped around their fingers …they are so scared to associate with the current “blacksheep” until they get their own controversy. In this world I guess it’s guilty by association and guilty until proven innocent. “Schadenfreude”.

  12. “No, no!” said the Queen. “Sentence first, verdict afterwards.”
    “Stuff and nonsense!” said Alice loudly. “The idea of having the sentence first!”
    “Hold your tongue!” said the Queen, turning purple.
    “I won’t!” said Alice.
    “Off with her head!” the Queen shouted at the top of her voice. Nobody moved (Lewis Carroll, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”).
    This quote pretty much describes the Korean society. 🙂

  13. “Talk about Dispatch’s stalker-ish tendencies coming in handy to refute even grosser netizen tendencies to manufacture rumors out of thin air.” I 100% agree with that!! thank God things has been clarified quickly!! I can’t believe how anyone would try to bring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum into this mess!! this is beyond me!! who ever tried to do this, I want him to be punished!!

  14. Of course Mickry is looking bad these days. He should have sued the girls right away instead of dragging it out. But he didn’t did he…what was he waiting for, if it had been me, the first thing out of my mouth would have been SUE! And then CLEAR MY NAME, NOW. But he didn’t do that did he. Money was talked about, or so it was reported. They keep blaming the Army for the delays. Just because he is in the Army, he still has his agency to protect his, supposedly, good name.

    The raped girls, if their accusations are true, probably are going through hard times themselves. First they have the trama of the rape, then the trama of trying to prove they were raped. These stars, have money to hire the best lawyers and have people, who are paid the big bucks, to clean up the messes these stars make.

    There are many fine couples in the celebrity community who are mature enough to have a life with the person they love, and also have a career. Then there are the few who are immature and believe their fans actually don’t have lives themselves. The stable fans out weigh the very few extremists.

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