Uncontrollably Fond Releases Official Drama MV for First OST Track “Ring My Bell” By Suzy


This is not quite the melodic mood I was expecting for the first OST to drop on KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond. The singer being Suzy was expected in bringing together her being the drama leading lady and member of idol group Miss A. Suzy lends her vocals to the track called “Ring My Bell” which is light and fluffy and truth to be totally underwhelming. I’m not adverse to Suzy’s singing, her track “Too Many Tears” for MBC drama Me Too Flower is one of my faves but “Ring My Bell” is too listless and the slightly a capella feel doesn’t amplify the story line to pop from the MV scenes alone. I do love the cute falling in love/being in love new scenes shown, which culminates in the snowy countryside scene moment when Kim Woo Bin holds Suzy in his arms for whatever reason. I don’t see a truck nearby which is good, but then the specter of incurable disease is not good, unless she’s just tired from stalking Woo Bin’s character and needs to take an immediate nap.

Official Uncontrollably Fond MV for “Ring My Bell” by Suzy:


Uncontrollably Fond Releases Official Drama MV for First OST Track “Ring My Bell” By Suzy — 71 Comments

  1. She seems much more at ease singing than acting, I don’t know why her company continues to force her act (and if they don’t, then I don’t know why she lacks the self-awareness to see that acting just isn’t something she’s cut out for).

    This will get its ratings since KBS has spared no expense on hype, but I’m not convinced by the little bits we’ve seen of either lead so far.

    • (also chemistry-wise, they give off similar vibes to Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye in Heirs….take that as you will. Obviously Korea took the Heirs pairing VERY well)

      • Lee Min Ho was like eating PSH up in their kiss scenes and PSH looked frightened for her life. KWB does look like a smiley or snarly T Rex staring at his next meal. Only difference is Suzy seems happily oblivious of the danger. As you said, I won’t be surprised if this pairing does very well.

      • @Gina, here comes the most ominous prophesy from you. LMAO.
        The promotion team should hire a shaman to change the heaven’s will if they read your comment. LOL

    • that comment about psh looking frightened. I remember reading one of lmh interviews where he said in the closet scene they didnt tell psh beforehand, so it was a surprise to her when he did it. I find that completely repulsive, and even if this drama isnt good it will do well regardless

      • That’s total disrespect to the actress if it’s the case. It’s not like just an ad-lib that doesn’t involve intimate body language.

      • Yeah, i hate the PD and the writer as wellfor making her a tearjerker, and very weak character who has no good point despite of a good heart. #sigh#

  2. She should really just stick to singing. I have tried to get into her acting, but I just can’t. She seems to struggle with emoting and conveying it on screen.

    • your last sentence is way too accurate – she and her agency-mate Taecyeon have a similar problem with emoting, though his is worse since his eyes have NO expression at all.

    • Suzy is more popular and profitable… Since beside suzy , baek ah young and twice, does jyp have any popular artist right now? Actress? Minhyorin doesnt have any successful history in drama but yeah sunny movie was a hit but didnt help her too much.

      Gonna watch this drana despite suzy’s acting.. C’mon she’s not the worst! She improved. I prefer hrr acting than singin.. Hehe

  3. Why should she stop acting when she’s successful at it? Her dramas are ratings hit while her group MissA is almost over. She is not a good actress but it’s definitely a better career choice. S. Korea loves her and she’s getting works with acclaimed writers like Lee Kyunghee.

      • The comments here is full of hatred, obviously most of them are not just merely criticizing ? T

        At least, Suzy only got “one” flop movie (even veteran actors experienced that) and her dramas always got 2-digits in ratings ?

    • I agree. It’s definitely a better career choice and better to seize these acting opportunities while she’s popular. I’d rather listen to her sing than watch her act but guess she won’t stop acting anytime soon.

      By the way, this OST is quite nice and makes easy listening. It’ll probably hit big on the charts. Suzy is natural and cute in the studio, if only she can bring that across when she’s acting.

    • Her last hit was dream high …big was a big flop and GU family book wasn’t that much of a hit either …don’t know what you’ve been smoking but Suzy is not even among the top 20 k drama actresses …even park shin hye is bigger than her .even in her group can she compare to taecyon ?
      Girl bye .

    • @gasri : korean loves her??? Sometimes love is blind,.. you know… ¬¬ suzy is just so.. so.. not great. #sorrysuzyfans

  4. I’m a huge fan of “W” which is a rival for this drama but I want to wish the best for this one as well, Hope everyone will see the result of his/her hardworking.

    As for myself LKH is a miss or hit, I LOVED “Thank You” & “Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School” with their heartwarming single parent plot & cast but I never get the chemistry between leads in “I’m Sorry, I Love You” & “A love to kill was one of the worst drama that I’ve ever watched, I hate misunderstandings, revenge, lobe triangle between brothers & OMG its ending was horrible.

    Hope this one will be one of the heartwarming & well-written ones.

  5. well, people like it or not, Suzy brings viewer rating and attention to small screen. I’m sure rating will be high for UF so why would she stop acting when she’s pretty much in demands?

  6. She’s pretty that’s for sure modeling and singing is her forte’ love-love-love her on both media. The crux of all this is her bad acting…and giving her the main lead is like putting salt in an open wound. Deny all you want but she sucks.

  7. HHJ & LJS : Give me a try?
    Suzy & Kwb : Bleh…????????
    This is according to me, what about you??

  8. Here’s the funny thing, when I see the posters and still cuts of them, I go, wow, that’s a beautiful couple with some great chemistry. But then I watch the promos, and that admiration turns to me cringing because the acting is so awkward. Here’s hoping that the videos are a false alarm, like what happened with the DOTS confession scene that everyone thought was creepy but ended up contextually working well. But somehow I doubt they’ll change my mind.

    • That’s exactly how I feel. I was looking forward to this drama but when I saw the trailer I couldn’t help but cringe >< Hopefully like what all other commentators said, Suzy will get better.

    • I don’t understand how the teaser acting can be this awkward, isn’t this drama pre-produced?

      Fans kept saying this meant that conditions will be optimum for the leads to give a better performance than most live shoot dramas allow, as if live shoot was the only thing standing in the way of a good acting performance in dramas.

      DotS also looked awkward at first but not this awkward, the Song couple’s acting wasn’t so cringey either despite the cringe situations in the teaser. Maybe the final UF product will be fine, we can hope.

  9. The only reason I may be watching this drama is for second male lead Im Joo Hwan… I think I may read recaps first, then use fast forward for certain clips ?

  10. I prefer to reserve judgement on Suzy’s acting till the drama airs. Suzy was terrible in the early episodes of GFB… but sort of settled in and was at least watchable by mid drama. I thought she was ok towards the end of GFB and did well in the scene where her character was dying. So I wouldn’t write her off by just watching a few teasers and trailers.

    Just to mention Taecyeon since one of the abovr posts compared Suzy to him. I watched him in Who Are You and he was unnatural, acting too much. Then I watched him in Wonderful Season and he was fine. Mostly nothing to write home about but ok, and was even good in some scenes.

    So why are people so harsh and quick to judge?

  11. Tbh, I think it may be more role-fitting to switch the characters of KWB and Suzy in the plot. Let Suzy be an idol as she is and KWB be a PD or whoever, just not a rock star.

    • Right, interesting thought. Take IU, for instance: I have never found her talented but her acting was bearable in the drama The Producers.

      • I actually consider IU a talented actress, although not as well rounded as full time actresses. She’s got full potential to be amazing. I watched her first time on You’re the best Lee Soon Shin. She’s got great chemistry with the male lead. And then the Producers. I was still impressed how she nailed it being an aloof idol with one-sided love for the dork KSH. LOL

      • I actually think IU is a talented actress although she might not be the best actress but she always improved in every drama she starred. Her acting in Producer is really good and Cindy is actually the reason why I finished watching Producer till the end.

      • IU gave a fantastic performance in Producers, just three episodes in she was very comfortably holding her own against Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin. She wasn’t just ‘bearable’, she was good.

        If Suzy can raise her acting to a similar level (and the comparison is fair, since they literally made their acting debut in the same drama and have a similar number of acting credits), I’ll have a lot of respect for her. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

      • Well, maybe I’ll change my mind after I’ve seen her acting skills in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (after all she did seem a bit better in her latest drama The Producers).
        And, by the way, the fact that she’s a very good singer has nothing to do with her being a talented actress.

      • @Sganarel – my reply was to your comment “I have never found her talented”, you did not state “talented actress”. Talent encompasses a lot of areas… fyi… just my opinion. But why did you bring up IU when she has nothing to do with this drama in this article??

      • IU…is a very versatile performer…she writes her own lyrics and music…I love her songs btw. And as far as her acting skills it’s better than most I enjoy watching her especially her M V’s

  12. @hye jin Obviously you didn’t know anything and just want to pretend to be genius… GFB got highest ratings in their timeslot..while she’s not the female lead in BIG, the drama still got 2-digits ratings (it’s hard to get that kind of ratings nowadays) ?

    Top 20 Kdrama actresses? Hello? Suzy was on 3 years hiatus but still remained one of the highest paid actresses & always tagged as one of the most sought-after actresses in 20s.

    She may not the best actress but international haters like you will not realized how much recognition Suzy got in SK as an idol-turned-actress.

    FYI, Suzy is the first female Kcelebrity who got rookie awards in 3 different fields… and first Kcelebrity who got 4.

    And achieved so much more than your faves :p

  13. I like this OST which is so refreshing and the MV is ??? And I’m loving the teasers so far. I’ll definitely watch it.

    I’m just confused why this drama got so much hate when it’s not yet release. And as a fan of Asian dramas especially Kdramas, I can say that Suzy acts better than some actresses I already watched.

    Hoping that Uncontrollably Fond will prove haters wrong.

  14. The OST that topped high on K-music chart without her agency’s promotion… and even tho the drama is still not release. It’s really good ♡

    I watched her latest movie and I can say that she really improved after 3 years of hiatus in acting. #UncontrollablyFond fighting~

    (I can’t stomach the negativity of the comments in every UF articles esp. with regards to Suzy)

  15. IF Suzy fans really want people to stop being negative about her lack of acting talent, then their energy would be better used in praying that her acting actually becomes good, than complaining about the fact that others see her acting as poor.

    And no negativity Suzy gets is even close to what was said about Hyeri when she was cast in Reply 1988. But people stopped saying Hyeri’s acting was bad because guess what, she put in a good performance, it’s not just that the drama got high ratings.

    • True. If her fans would give up their persecution complex for a few minutes, they might realise this – good performances are always acknowledged, no matter how much hate the actor previously got for being crappy. And I don’t mean ‘improving’ from utterly crappy to only slightly less crappy after five years, I mean actually GOOD acting.

      IU, Jung Eunji, Hyeri….. all of them got shit on before their dramas aired but once the episodes were actually on air, they got plenty of viewer love for good acting, not just for their ‘visual’.

  16. I am not a good judge of acting skills since I pretty much only watch rom-com and idol dramas but Suzy’s acting is so awkward here…

  17. Both suzy and IU : Bleh and ‘meh??
    I don’ t know why people praise even worship them.

    The last drama suzy : bleh
    The last drama IU : meh.. I wanna sleep watching her scene, she ruin drama producer. Poor ksh, ghj and cth, and now poor ljk, duh duh duh!

  18. Lol even suzy can attract 56 comments, You guys why you care much about untalented cast, isnt better you write love essay on W article, talented cast please apprecited them more, prove!!! People love critizing much.

    Joke as much as you can about her movie, in fact after 3 years hiatus,flop movie, she still got cast w big writer, her ost chart high, her duet chart high. Knet cant affect her career, so as with you irrelevant hypocrite people. You guys do you think your existant/opinion gonna affect the drama? No!!!! Dont like dont watch!!!

    I feel bad for your faves guys, super talented but still locked on the door ????????

    Finally it is D-3 good luck uncontrollably fond!!!

    • I confess: I like critisizing more than praising (when I like something I simply say: “I love it”, “I can’t wait” and then I realise that I don’t have much to say since my feelings are involved; when I critisize though, I’m not really emotionally involved and it’s much more interesting). Of course, I also make comments when someone I appreciate is critisized (but in this case things aren’t very happy since I am emotionally involved and, therefore, subjective).

      Now, by analyzing your comment, IceCream, I came to the conclusion that you are actually the same: you didn’t really praise Suzy in your comment, you came to defend her (very subjectively, if I may say so) by critisizing the commenters who, again, critisized her acting.

      • I applaud your honesty and you’re no exception in terms of expressing opinions on a public forum. That also applies to many ppl. That’s called “critical mind” or “critical thinking.” LOL

      • You are right, Yes im defended her!!

        Oke do what you want, Critize her as much as you want, judge her as much as you want.

        One those commenter there is no right to say she should do blah, she should stuck to blah, think…. who are you???

      • Well said.

        The comment you responded to is also a reflection on korean idol fan culture, the lack of ability to take any criticism of a faves work and the tendency to lash out at those who do, is something you would never see on a western celebrity with a similar image/talent levels. Quite interesting to see how that mentality spreads even among non-Korean idol fans (and fans of certain actors).

    • It’s fine you defend your faves or criticize someone you don’t like, even emotionally. But calling others with different views from you “hypocrite” is just too aggressive. That’s how usually hostile word exchanges are triggered. I confess I almost wanted to bash you back harshly if I had not read a reminder from someone else that we should all refrain from name calling. But look! Now I can take your dissing language pretty well since it’s not about my faves and I’m currently pretty much neutral about UF since it’s not aired yet and way for me to see KWB/Suzy’s acting. Nevertheless, I can’t guarantee my harsh words fighting back regarding my faves won’t get you butt hurt in case I read similar comments about my faves.

    • And I also agree with Sganarel that we’re all emotionally involved when we have our strong opinions about something. I frankly don’t feel anything much when I comment about UF, positively or negatively. But I don’t think that would always be the case if we were talking about someone else such as SJK or anyone I like or dislike very much.

    • I feel you !! You have your bias and you are hurt when people criticize her
      I was and I’m still in the same situation when people bashed my bias ,spread bad rumors about my bias , name calling her
      I was mad , I was upset , but I realize doing that won’t change their opinion, those people are just simply haters
      What you can do for your favorite is to support her , follow her and trust her
      And if your favorite actress really take acting career seriously I don’t think she would mind constructive criticism and eventually she will try to learn and
      So take a chill pill and wait for the drama to come out 🙂

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