Suzy Radiates Warm Hawaiian Beauty in Latest Bazaar Korea Pictorial

I want more of the pictures of Suzy in the latest issue of Bazaar Korea, shipping Suzy off to picturesque Hawaii just in time for a true summer spread. I’ve been following her upcoming drama Uncontrollably Fond intensely from the moment screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee announced the project, the story is what I’m going in for and the casting of Suzy and her leading man Kim Woo Bin was merely the added bonus since I like them both.

Uncontrollably Fond filmed from late fall into winter so all the scenes of Suzy in promos have been in winter time clothing so it’s nice to see her tanned and sporting summery styles. She’s also looking like Han Hyo Joo‘s doppleganger in some recent pictures, with the two having similar auras for sure but now that Suzy is grown up the similarities are hard to miss. It’ll be interesting to see which drama prevails in direct ratings competition between UF and Han Hyo Joo’s W: Two Worlds.


Suzy Radiates Warm Hawaiian Beauty in Latest Bazaar Korea Pictorial — 45 Comments

  1. I..i…i am speechless. This site is now only for UF lovers and Suzy lovers. That fashion isn’t appropriate though. On the beach wearing that clothes, and in the swimming pool with that skirt and heels????? Pretty face yet unflattering.

    • Haha, you have a point. Coming from someone who comes from a Beach city, it’s true that the fashion isn’t suitable for the place.

    • I don’t see any problem in Ms.Koala’s posting about UF as much as she wants, at the end of the day it is HER blog & she can post anything IF SHE WANTS, Plus the media coverage for this drama is too much, especially in Korean portals, so it’s natural she does it.

      Ms.Koala thanks for your updates

    • I am from Hawaii. Sorry, but, this would be a source of amusement to the locals as this is not Hawaii attire. High humidity does not encourage boots or high necklines. This reminds me of my model friend whose article said she goes to the beach in her free time. All of us fell over with laughter. We felt sorry for the poor guys who were hanging out at the beach thinking they would see her sunbathing. The fair skin that only saw the light of a nightclub or the rays of the sun walking from the dorm to her college classes. LOL. IU is very pretty but looks very different from several years ago. I am unable to differentiate her from any pretty face except for a number of unique faces. If she wasn’t identified as IU, I would not recognize her as IU. Am I the only one with this problem? I don’t mean just her but other celebrities, as well.

      Happy 4th of July, everyone.

      • You are correct. I should have said Suzy. What does that tell you…..head down in embarassment… I would have had a problem differentiating between the two. Suzy is very pretty, too. Sorry, Suzy, and Suzy fans.

  2. And I’m speechless at people’s problem with koala posting about Suzy or UF. She can post all the articles about Suzy if she wants, it’s HER blog. Don’t come to nitpick here on every article if you don’t like what’s being posted here.

  3. Wha-? That’s Suzy?! Did the editor go overboard with photoshop or something, coz I can’t recognise her at all.

    • I agree. Couldn’t recognize her n the first picture. Thought it was Lee Sung Kyung and the two of them don’t even look alike!

    • My thoughts exactly. The photo feels like Suzy lost all her individual charm or traits that make her unique, and looks like any other decent-looking nameless Korean celebrity…
      But it is pretty still, just not Suzy pretty. 🙁

  4. another article about suzy yet again yeaah!! *sarcasm*
    Suzy is better looking with some meat or fat over her bones. I like her old body curve very much. Probably her only asset that I like coz she can’t act, but now not so much she is too thin. Korean obsession about skeletal thin image is beyond me.

  5. I don’t really see much resemblance with Han Hyo Joo but different people have different view. I am rooting for W:Two Worlds as the drama seems to have more solid premise and Han Hyo Joo is a much better actress which is pointless to even compare with Suzy. The trailers of UF have dwindled all my interest towards that drama. I m looking forward to W.

  6. I’m sorry suzy looks nice and all but this– in my opinion does not radiate warm hawaiian beauty…she’s emitting something but not warmth. I say maybe she’s radiating more of a high end Louis Vuitton wearing hawaiian tourist vibe. Just my honest opinion coming from an islander.

    • I think you need to get a grip. This site is obviously her blog so you are free to gtfo. Look at that big header. These people can’t read cos of too much hatred. LMAO

  7. All these people complaining about the clothes. I’ve rarely seen one photoshoot that actually fits the area.

  8. She looks fine to me as a model as long as she does not move nor open her mouth to act cute… cringe cringe…

  9. I agree with @purpleplum – Suzy is not IMO radiating warm Hawaiian beauty. However, that might be because I am interpereting the words differently. I am not a Hawaiian but I did just come back from a long vacation to Hawaii (big island). None of these three photos give me any sort of Hawaiian vibe, but I suppose it just depends. Nonetheless Suzy looks great and can model anything. And just like dots, I think this drama will do well in ratings as well. Not sure if I will watch it myself though.

  10. So what was she supposed to wear to fit Hawaiian setting best? You ppl want her to be dressed in Hula skirt? LOL…

    She looks beautiful.

    • She can wear anything,her clothes looks stunning on her. She is very pretty. However my comment pertains to her radiating warm Hawaiian beauty. In my opinion she does not emit that. And since I’m from the islands… the hula skirt comment is not cool.

      • Sorry I apologize if you got offended. I meant to be sarcastic since obviously hula dress would not fit her better imo. I’m from the other part of the US and had been to Hawaii once. Honestly, the most visible and distinctive image between Hawaii and the rest of the world is Hula. What else do you suggest can remind ppl of concepts related to the islands? Volcanoes? I think hula is a charming dance and anything related to the dance is not supposed to imply derision. So chill!

  11. So much hate here… bruh.

    Suzy is really lovely in the photos, the commentors are just purely hating. If you don’t want to read articles about Suzy, then don’t spend your energy commenting on articles about her, just read other Koala’s drama articles..tsk.

  12. Wow!! Suzy always looks amazing in her every magazine pictorial. This one is kinda refreshing and elegant better than the common swimwear pictorial that show too much skin every summer editions.

  13. lol are people here jealous of her or what??

    She looks stunning and looks so sophisticated with this make up. Something new

    • No need to be jealous. In this day & age, with Photoshop & Makeup, a plain face can turn unrecognizable… Talent, on the other hand, cannot be faked… I think this is the consent of most…

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