Uncontrollably Fond Takes the Lead Over W: Two Worlds in Wed-Thurs Drama Ratings

The ratings have shaken out for the current Wed-Thurs prime time drama slate and it’s a continuing win for KBS and Uncontrollably Fond. The first episode premiere of W: Two Worlds settled into a comfortable middle spot – UF took the lead with its episode 5 garnering an increase to 12.9% AGB nationwide and 14% AGB Seoul, while W’s first episode started off with respectable single digit ratings of 8.6% nationwide and 10.4% Seoul, and the biggest net loss came from SBS‘s Wanted dropped multiple percentage points to land at 5.4% nationwide. Congrats to UF for holding onto the lead even if it’s not increasing at greater percentages, at least it’s not a fail for a Lee Kyung Hee penned drama, and if it’s a two dog race between UF and W going forward I’m in for a treat because I love both dramas equally.

The first episode of W was exciting and hit all the right notes for me, whereas UF is digging into makjang but all the elements align nicely to make me hurt for both lead characters and their unfortunate travails.


Uncontrollably Fond Takes the Lead Over W: Two Worlds in Wed-Thurs Drama Ratings — 72 Comments

  1. I loved W’s premiere and I cannot wait for the second episode. I hoping W’s ratings will continue to rise. Fighting!!!

  2. W caught me right away. The storyline is unique and really stands out from some of the recent run of the mill dramas. The special effects and music are nicely arranged to compliment the storyline – with just the right amount of suspense fullness. Finally, and most importantly, strong performances by lead cast. Even though there was a lot of anticipation and hype, it is nice that expectations were met.

  3. I’m not worried about ratings as much as I wish W will deliver and be a solid story. (Ok, fine, I also wish the ratings will be a bit better lol)

    I’m going to watch both UF and W.. (Hoping to watch UF after it ends) Enjoyed first episode of W and also realized everyone might not like it. I liked the transitions and the concept, let’s see how well the story is executed.

  4. Yes I also enjoy both UF and W. W started awesomely exciting with great acting from LJS, HHJ, and other cast. Their comic charm locks me in with this late starter. The plot of W is also novel to me and there had never one moment I got bored while watching. So far so good. UF is getting intriguing and continues to pique my interest as the story slowly unveiled. LKH’s writing is totally at a different level compared to other buzzy but cheesy and empty plots. I usually dislike overacting way more than stiff expression. But to Suzy, I do hope she will step up her game a bit more. Although she did ok in the latest episode, sometimes I felt like yelling out to her, “Gal, please frown a bit or pout. Don’t be just looking pretty with blank stares.” LOL

    • The comments on Suzy acting was oposit on other sites, says she pouts or frowns too much.

      She’s just never going to win. Lol

      I thought the acting in W was decent, LJS is doing find but I am not particularly like HHJ. She seems a bit naive and airheaded for a doctor.

      • hahaha that’s very comical. Suzy pouts or frowns too much when she’s not supposed to but is completely bland when she’s expected to display frustration or some emotions. How would viewers guess what’s really occupying her mind if she is totally expressionless? LOL She reminds me a lot of Kpop girl idols in their scripted variety shows.

        HHJ is doing a good job nailing her comic persona that keeps the relevance to manhwa setting. Her clueless and less self-assured image is in stark contrast to her hilariously bossy professor and resolute father. That makes the narratives so amusing. Why do all the highly trained professionals such as doctors have to appear to outsmart everyone else in dramas? Seriously, I’m a bit sick of K drama setting in the medicine field. The plot concepts based on this professional backdrop is kinda saturated and predictable. There have been more than enough medical dramas in 2015-2016. It’s refreshing to watch a rom com like W as long as the storyline is coherent. And I don’t mind our heroine doctor being a bit wacky, clumsy, silly, and full of funny imagination of comic fantasy. That’s another charm.

  5. It’s always worrying when dramas started off great then ended off with a whimper. I hope both dramas don’t disappoint although I’m not watching UF. And I hope no extensions cos that only hurts the drama.

    • +1, yeah I like the review too n 28 k comment (never) n the vote almost 7k ( the first comment) n do you see how they like the drama n their acting, not just focus about visual. LJS n HHJ really good to potriat they character. I’m just finished watching the live streaming even not understand what they saying,lol. waiting for sub tonight.

  6. I love both set of casts.. But I don’t know why it’s hard to me to watch other dramas until I finished Uncontrollably Fond who make me hooked in their heart touching story… I even dropped some of the current Kdramas I first watched before UF.

  7. W is too fantasy for my taste, unlike UF which has the sliced-of-life theme and very timely with the society’s problems like drunk driving, suicide, etc.

    I’m hooked with the storyline of #UncontrollablyFond because there are so many plot twists and thankfully they didn’t focus on cheezy lovelines in episode 1-4… Previous teasers really tricked viewers.

  8. Uncontrollably Fond fighting~

    When I taught I already know the UF’s story based on previews… But I’m wrong, because there are so many twists and the trailers even tricked me on what to expect.

    I also love the fact that Suzy’s character is not the ordinary leading lady in Korean dramas and I can’t get enough of the dog ?

  9. I am watching both concurrently since they are different genres anyway.

    W is more rom com than I would expect. Not really sold on the characters yet but it is just 1 episode for now. I mist say thoufh, LJS looms mighty fine as manga character, I never found him handsome but he’s manga image is quiet the dish. HHJ I am still trying too like. I’ve had my fair share of naive incompetent doctors to last me a life time.

    UF is getting better and better and I love the deliberate slow pace but fast plot progression technique they are using. KWB another actor I never found attractive manage to look appealing to me everytime he cracks a non smirky smile.

    Oddly enough it’s the two female leads I like. Though HHJ has the better acting chops (I should hope so!) She has the weaker character, Suzy’s acting is all right at the moment but her character is more likeable. Mentally I feel like they are the same age, both childish in certain situation, but while No Eul (from the very 1st episode) seems to hide a deeper sadder character underneath the cheerful shameless behavior Yeon Joo comes off as exactly who she is. Hopefully YJ will grow to more than what meets the eyes.

  10. I like UF so far… quite engaging. No wow acting from the leads but both are adequate enough, with KWB is being slightly more consistent than Suzy.

    Suzy is at times good, like in the scene where the loansharks took away her tental deposit and belongings, the hopelessness and desperation on her face were on point. But sometimes I get disconnected in certain of her scenes, the required expressions are there, but yet just not quite fully there.

    Will watch W too.

  11. Lol the rating would be completely different if these two dramas started at the same time .This way UF had 5 episodes advantage over W, which is not fair comparison.

    That said W had a good start and if it keeps rising in it`s second episode it can take over UF. UF seems to be kinda unsteady with the ratings – one week its up , than other week its down.

    • That wasn’t the sentiment before it started, everyone was sure W was going to.steal.the ratings from UF, now that it hasn’t you guys changed your tune.

      Aeast give it to week 2 before you throw in the towel and make up another excuse, it can still turn around.

  12. Suzy is more beautiful more talented and more talented than han hyo joo …this shouldn’t surprise anyone ….this woman that allowed her bully brother get away with murder is done for sure.

      • Suzy sings dances and composes music
        Han hyo joo can neither sing nor dance nor compose
        They are both terrible actresses but Suzy is younger and has more time to improve…. So tell me how exactly Suzy is not more talented than han hyo joo.
        I guess you are the idiot now!!!
        Girl bye.

      • You say Suzy is an idiot?? Are you serious?? Suzy is far from an idiot so shut up!!! It’s more you who is an idiot to say that Suzy is an idiot while you know shit about her!!!

      • hye jin, what are you an alien from Pluto, wtf a delulu fan of suzy, Han Hyo Joo already got her Daesang in her last sageuk, while your idol need more to prove in acting department, she’s even below comparison to PSH, get back to reality, even her dancing & singing wasnt that great coz Miss A is not popular, they rarely go out of Korea coz there’s not enough demand on them!

    • Please stop embarrassing Suzy and Sueweeties. You know, a rat, when cornered, it starts to bite. That’s what you’re doing, you’re threatened by HHJ, and you’re insulting her.
      Again, her brother’s doing have nothing to do with her, why should she take responsabilities for him? And please, talent? I love Suzy, but she’s average at everything you named -well less than average in acting tbh- HHJ has one field: acting, and she’s great at it. And she’s hella beautiful, so try harder next time.

      • It’s almost too funny how PSH and her shows always gets inserted in other dramas….this show has low ratings, must be her fault! This show is going to be cut! Must be her fault too! We sound like a character in our Kdrama who will always blame the main lead whenever something goes wrong…..yay! A lot of people are really living off their favorite’s life. Even more funny is , PSH and her people wasn’t even expecting this phenomena….haha! Just minding her own business, getting back to working after over a year finishing what’s more important to her. I’ll be bitter too if my fav is against this phenomena…maybe they underestimated her popularity with the Korean people and scheduled their show to go head to head with PSH drama? Which even won over ratings with a drama already going on at that time i.e. Monster….this to me just proves, she can carry a drama…..wishing that she will accept that offer to star opposite the great movie actor, Choi Minsik, that would be icing on her cake for this year!

      • @meth : ???
        Seriously you are talking what inside me those people their hatred to park shin hye make them blind so they blame her seriously pathetic loosers beside they are saying before drama airing she won’t succeed without beautiful actor and she make them eat their word by brilliant acting with brilliant Co star Kim Rae won what ever they want to do or say it doesn’t matter the dogs keep barking while the ship us Saling

      • So does that make all Park Shin Hye fans rude and tactless?

        Shit in any other name is still shit. Work thar around your brain.

      • @Tyn123 you work it around your brain too shitty Suzy Stan. But on second thought, Suzy Stan like Suzy have no brains. Such a dumb fandom.

  13. I love UF because the characters have captured me. And I am committed to see it through to the end.

    I haven’t gotten into W yet but I know I will. I think W will raise in ratings for sure once the story gets going. It usually takes at least 4 episodes for things to settle in. So I do think it will be a tight ratings battle. Ultimately I hope both dramas having upward ratings.

    • i doubt W would be able to overtake UF. UF already has strong audience who follow the plot. W is a fantasy genre, they’ll do fine with internet buzz but their domestic rating won’t go high.

      • If you want to know if it’s doing well then you just need to.wait for its power index to be released. It measures popularity based on internet buzz and articles and mentions as well. Like how UF scored higher tha Doctors even though Docters has higher ratings.

        If W can score high on the charts than their ratings will hopefully increase.

      • @Tyn123 power index doesn’t always mean much especially the dramas usually have more buzz when they just starts.
        Rating is what it matters imo

  14. W 1st episode is amazing .. as 1st impression W is definitely much better all levels , story, acting and directing

  15. W’s premiere is the bomb. It’s the best pilot out of all the shows in 2016 so far. I expect nothing less from the writer of Nine and Queen Inhyun’s man. Praying to the drama god that the series will be able to deliver the same quality as the first episode.

    • I love love QIM! I really knew little about this drama till I read about it a few days ago and idly checked it out. It had a terrific opening ep and no wonder given the writer. So promising and definite viewing.

      Unfortunately can’t say the same about UF even though I loved the writer’s previous work. Its not bad but it doesn’t pull you in either. Dropped it after ep 4.

  16. W has a good starter.. already love it from the start… I know HHJ had her own issues about her brother but how can you assumes that was her fault? Did she encouraged him? No, we didnt know so dont judge. I’m not saying she’s nice but so far she is lookin good and has a great chemistry with LJS… As for UF, I already watched it. Sure, Noel’s character is a tough and a good one but sometimes Suzy’s acting didn’t impressed me so I dropped it as the story became a little bit boring.. maybe will rewatch it after it ends. W, fighting!~

  17. Both dramas are of different genres, hard to compare. My mom likes UF surprisingly…lol… I enjoy reading UF recaps and look at Suzy’s pretty face on recap website, but I skip all her acting parts… too cringy…I watch it only for the second male lead acting part… lol… W is my watch because both leads are such amazing acting talents. LJS is always excellent. HHJ is good on screen. IMHO… I don’t care about HHJ’s family issue, this has nothing to do with her acting talent and I hope people stop bringing this up… smh…

    • Everyone can speaks badly of HHJ due to her brother’s incident but we are all outsiders and we can never know the full story. It’s a shame that it happened to her family. I feel sad for the victim too. However, if I were in her shoes my priority who be to protect my family too. They could have disciplined, scold or punished the brother, but everyone’s like blaming them for not publicizing it? There’s a saying that goes “don’t air your dirty laundry in public” It’s being respectful to your family members. To me she’s acting like an honorable daughter.

      • I disagree with u! When I watch a drama, I only focus on the characters in the drama. I don’t think anyone has the right to speak badly of one’s private life. Did she commit a crime that needs to be jailed? You are only an OUTSIDER as you said.

  18. W is good enough but unfortunately han hyo jo not bring the rating because she has bad reputation in korea. No one perfect actress in korea.

    1. HHJ : Good acting but has bad reputation.
    2. Suzy: Good image but lack acting ability.
    3. Miss x : Good acting, but ordinary face.
    4. Miss y : Good enough acting, pretty but too short.
    5. Miss z : Good acting but bisex
    6. Miss b : Lack acting but has connection.

    And so on.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t stand Uhm Tae Woong and I got bored of the drama after the second episode (I’m not really sure why…I guess it’s because the plot is not gripping enough for a thriller). But this is just my opinion…

  19. I have just finished watching the first episode of W: Two Worlds. The conclusion: I like it. The acting is good, the plot is interesting and refreshing (somehow it reminds me of Inkheart), and I like the characters. Great!

  20. I love W. This is new character I see the first time. Creating catoon is great. Cannot wait to watch new ep. Hope the rating will be increased. FIGHTING W

  21. Just watched first 2 episodes W….. First, how interesting is that use of hiccups in the female lead character, I think it’s an homage to LJS & Pinocchio. The show, just like Signal captivated me in it’s first minutes. Wonder if UF and this show premiered at the same time, how the ratings would be….the concept is intriguing, the acting done well, story is interesting …..LJS, I can say is really a good actor, he is W! he is always different from his previous characters. UF has built its audience by premiering first, so let’s see what LJS and W can do. This is why Doctors and I will add PSH name, is a phenom because it surpassed a currently running show, and beat its competitor. For UF and W, it will be interesting since they are just a couple of points apart….who will win in the ratings war. UF just like Dots was pre produced, had a lot of publicity…..while W played catch up. May the best show win! 😉

  22. all I can say is that W is mind blowing drama that left me breathless and leave me wanting for more the more I see of it!! it’s really a piece of art!!! I’m head over heels over this drama!! 😀 <3 <3 <3

  23. UF blow. only reason it still leading cuz W didnt media play like UF. with all the media play. u would think UF would run away with WED THUR slot.
    now they just a point ahead of W. would not surprise if W beat out UF by ep5. UF is to boring to watch. SUZY/KWB acting didnt help.

  24. I loved two episodes of W already. Loved all the storyline, acting, and directing. Hope it will stay strong till the end and the rating will climb up. As for UF, i will pick it up after the show end.

  25. W – fresh and interesting story plus superb acting by the leads. UF rating is going down down downnn! I can’t tolerate No Eul’s bad intonation, so annoying so I’ve dropped UF happily. Just mediocre acting by UF leads. Boring storyline by LKH.

  26. W all the way, speaking of ratings, W’s first ep had a real time ratings of 12% and topped at 14%, but then the ratings were 8%??? And then ep2 was leading just to be 2nd?? It smells fishy.
    W’s generating a huge buzz, and I’ll be honest, I like both HHJ and Suzy, but acting wise, there’s no discussion. Some are talking about beauty, imo HHJ is gorgeous (like she looks almost like Song Hye Kyo, I used to mistake the two at first). Plot wise, W’s more interesting, wheras UF is a snoose feast. (some might argue the two are completely diff genres, but UF seems like the usual chick flicks when W’s that unique bloquebuster), acting: HHJ >>>>>> Suzy, LJS >>> KWB.
    I’ll be dissapointed if UF beats W ratings wise, but I won’t be surprised. SK has a “ajumma-like” taste.

  27. The ratings game is on! I have no doubt W will steal the ratings spotlight. W has an engaging plot and a stellar cast WITH good acting. UF has a good plot (although a little messy) and subpar acting. UF’s ratings dropped again. It went from 12.9% to 11.1% for nationwide and 14.0% to 11.5% for Seoul National Capital. As for W, ratings are slowly increasing. It went from 8.6% to 9.5% for nationwide and 10.4% to 10.7% for Seoul National Capital. Seems like more people are tuning in W now that episode 2 is out!

    • No idea of S. Koreans’ taste in drama. But I feel that W is catching up in ratings and eventually will beat UF. UF’s leading lady is just urghhhhhh….. She needs more tutoring in the acting department.

    • Agree. W will become the new Wed/Thurs leader. The only reason I’m still watching UF is for the story. Suzy really needs to learn to emote better.

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  29. I am totally hooked on W. It is going to be complete torture waiting for the episodes to air and be subbed. Love the leads’ and the other characters’ acting. Awesome.
    No comment on UF. Not my taste.
    Doctors? I am spoiled by japanese medical dramas, i can’t watch any korean medical dramas.

  30. i wasn’t planning on watching these 2 dramas and now I’ m enjoying both . I’m not even a fan of the leads ( except Lee jong suk perhaps) . Off of topic Han hyo joo reminds me of Song hye kyo on the cover of Elle South korea this year.

  31. W is really incredible!! the story is amazing and unique unlike from yer other typical korean dramas. Every episode is a scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream..

    Kudos to Lee Song Juk and Han Hyo Joo for portraying the characters well. They got me everytime I watch it..Cant wait for Episode 8 🙂 🙂 Everyone should watch it!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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