Top Stars Attend Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao’s Beijing Wedding


The Beijing wedding of C-actor Chen Xiao to TW-actress Michelle Chen was indeed as star-studded as fans expected considering how well liked and sociable the newlyweds are in the Chinese-speaking entertainment industry. Closest friends like Joe Cheng and Wilbur Pan got to take official pictures with the wedded couple, but most of the star sightings was at the banquet reception.

There were quite a few previous leads from the various Condor Heroes adaptations, so fitting for Michelle and Chen Xiao since they are known as the Return of the Condor Heroes couple now that they turned their fictional OTP into real life OTP. Both Legend of the Condor Heroes 2006 female leads Ariel Lin and Liu Shi Shi were in attendance, and hopefully they hung out and traded Hu Ge stories lol. Check out the reception pictures below as the wedding wrapped up with a flourish Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning the newlyweds were off to Taipei for their second reception there.


Top Stars Attend Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao’s Beijing Wedding — 59 Comments

  1. These weddings fascinate me. They seem to go on for days. What would be considered an appropriate gift for the couple?

    • For general people, red packets with $ for luck, bliss, and prosperity. Traditional family members will also bestow jewelry pieces made of yellow gold and/or jade in some form of a dragon and phoenix combination.

  2. Congratulations to the newlyweds, I hope it works out. Sadly, this news means the end for me on watching his future projects as I do not like the bride. It’s just what I do when I can’t accept their choice of partner in real life. It means no watching their dramas or movies. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t still wish them happiness. Better make it worth being blacklisted by me.

  3. She is adorable in You’re the Apple in My Eye. She looks well mannered, humble, and well educated in real life, unlike Chen Xiao’s costar of his hit historical drama. Chen Xiao is savvy and the lucky one to make her his wife. It’s not like marrying a Xiao Long Niu of fairy looks can really get him true happiness. LOL.. I don’t get all the qualms Chen Xiao’s fans about his choice of life-time partner.

      • I wasn’t bashing. Celebrities are subject to criticism just like other public figures if they’ve got that obviously nasty attitude during interviews. LOL..

    • Actually from what I noticed in weibo, most of them are shippers from that particular historical drama CX starred in and their bashing are malicious, cursing MC and even at her unborn baby…really scary.

      • Both are in the wrong. That’s why many other celebs (mutual friends who are closer with Zhao Liying) didn’t attend their wedding like Qiao Ren Liang, Bao Bei’er, Zhu Zi Xiao and Nicky Wu

      • And they have the right to curse an unborn baby? Okay right, just go take a look at their weibo’s comments and witness those deadly words from those shippers.

      • I don’t think anyone agrees with unnecessary bashing. Zhao Liying fans may be furious because 1. This couple got caught by the press at a hotel when Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao were living together as another commenter said 2. Not only was her bf caught with another girl at a hotel, but then got her pregnant and had to marry her 3. How could they support this union?

        In the words of that actress, sun yaoqi, two right people meeting at the wrong time is unfortunate. So while I wish Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao best of luck in the future. I will take Zhao Liying’s because she has done absolutely nothing to deserve this bashing :\ is it not enough that he cheated, why are they paying this actress to come out and talk about her personal life. It’s disgusting. I hope they will learn from this incident and not do this to anyone else

    • Hey, no bashing. She was the girl he cheated on his prior girlfriend, his costar in that drama, with. I think most people will not go out of their way to hate someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. She clearly has, but once a cheater, always a cheater so I wish them the best of luck. Don’t drag other people into this mess. Btw, she dropped of school to become an actress so not well-educated like you claim

      • Actually Michelle Chen did graduate with a bachelor degree in business administration with the University of Southern California, USA. She dropped out of the undergraduate program after she was discovered while visiting family in Taiwan. The rest is history like we all know.

      • The cheating is a rumor (because it is not a fact), and the public will never know the truth between CX, ZZ, and MC. Most people will hate based on rumor and what they believe to be true; it doesn’t matter if it is true or not. People will dislike others that have done nothing wrong based on a rumor; thus this is why stars always sue for slander etc because it damages their reputation.

        Also, shouldn’t the public be hating on CX as well? It takes two to tango. Why hate only on MC? And we don’t know what went on behind the scenes, there could’ve been problems between CX and ZZ and/or they could’ve naturally gravitated away from each other, CX could’ve been the one doing the chasing of MC, etc. There are too many unknowns to the public and no one should be judging and hating on one particular person.

      • Reply to ari: well said – I can’t agree with you more on the cheating rumor.

      • Did CX ever admit he dated his ex costar? Did they ever get caught going public? Then well, I’ll take CX’s interviews for what it is. He denied several times he was ever romantically involved with that actress.

        I enjoyed that historical drama of CX very much and liked that actress’ acting a lot. But let’s rationally separate reel from real. Only ignorant and gullible drama fans would ever invest so much in shipping on-screen OPTs into real-life couples.

      • An actress, sun yaoqi, confirmed that they did date and lived together in a video chat. I’m sure you can find the videos

      • Chloe; I don’t think anyone is saying ZZ+CX dated or not, just saying we as the public are not aware of what happened between the three of them. It could’ve been cheating, it could’ve been mutual breaking up. We don’t know and we will never know so bashing who CX selected to be his wife shouldn’t even happen. What if it was all CX’s fault because he chased after MC? Maybe MC rejected him but he still went after her. Maybe he lied to MC and told her he wasn’t dating ZZ. We don’t know what happened, so we shouldn’t as spectators make assumptions on who was the bad guy. That’s all.

        For the record, I like ZZ’s acting a lot more than MC’s acting.

      • I’ve watched the video. SYQ did clarify that Michelle is not a third party and that both CX and Michelle dated normally.

      • Yea but did you know that actress was paid by this couple to say that? That’s why Zhao Liying fans are enraged.

      • Someone started bashing Zhao Liying first, what has she done to be dragged into this mess? She is being defamed by people when she has tried to distance herself and doesn’t deserve to be bashed. You do realize that this couple got caught by the press at a hotel right? After all, Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao were living together just saying. The fact she hasn’t spoken out is a feat. I’d be furious if my bf/ex was caught with another girl at a hotel and then got her pregnant and had to marry her

      • Y’all need to fact check before you start bashing zhao liying. She’s the victim, I still haven’t heard her say a bad word about anyone

      • CX never admitted he dated ZYL but merely said they were close and he admired her. Later when after he admitted dating Michelle he stressed that ZYL rumour was just a publicity stunt to promote the pairing because the drama they were in was so popular. CX did mention in talkshows he kept a distance with female friends after he started dating Michelle.
        CX and Michelle were caught coming out from the same hotel room in Beijing during CX birthday. Michelle came to Beijing to celebrate his birthday. Next they were caught dating in Anhui, CX hometown. He brought her back to meet his parents.
        So which one is more true? Rumour with ZYL without any proof from paparazzi or the one who had real pictures and the one he married?
        So why are ppl calling him a cheater? Michelle and CX were engaged in late 2015, then they announced their wedding plan and pregnancy in 2016.

  4. Smh at all the shade here. To me, I think what’s important in an actor and/or actress are their acting capabilities and ability to draw the audience into their reprising roles. Character does not matter as much either as long as they didn’t commit crimes.

    I haven’t watch any of Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen’s dramas, but if any of their future works suit my taste, I will still watch it.

  5. Congrats to bride &groom!! They look so blissfully happy!!
    On other note-i so WANT shishi’s dress. It’s georgeous!!

    • well someone said he cheated on his other gf for her. that’s not good. this looks rush and well just see, the girl seems desperate just saying.

      • Yeah sure she looks desperate…in your imagination. LOL

        @ari, I don’t see that either. For me, they look pretty madly in love. Hahahaha

      • @Drama2016 I’m asking because as a woman, I would be extremely offended if her being “desperate” comment is because she is pregnant.

        And I noticed CX looking adoringly at her in 90% of the photos taken of them (that I’ve seen). Don’t know if this is because this is how he generally looks in photos or what.

      • @ari, from what I observed, it’s mostly CX taking initiatives showing his adoration for his girl in public, either on the variety show before they went public or in the interviews. It was him going all grandiose to Europe to propose. And who got MC pregnant while still engaged? LOL…I just don’t get all the bitterness and resentment towards the bride only. LOL again.

      • Ah I see. It seems that way. While I do feel their dating/wedding was quite fast, that’s how it works in the real world when people fall in love. I just hope they as a family are happy in the future because now there’s a baby involved. And hopefully CX’s rumors for being a playboy and a cheater are a thing of the past and will not be true in the future for the family’s sake.

        I don’t understand the hate/bitterness either. She’s never done anything offensive, other than being rumored to have broken up CX and ZZ. But I do notice, while I like MC’s public persona, I don’t really particularly like her acting or the characters she plays. (I’ve been following her career off and on since Why Why Love, Wish to See You Again, etc.) Perhaps she’s never played a truly lovable character on screen? I personally don’t think she has the presence of Ariel or Ranie. I can’t quite explain what is different about her or put it into words.

      • she seems desperate because they were caught by the media meeting up in a hotel, and oh yea, she’s 4 months pregnant at their wedding

    • Lucy;

      So, engaged couples can’t start a family even as they are planning their wedding? I had to look this up, but notice how they got engaged in October of 2015. In July 2016, they are 4 months pregnant, therefore the kid got made in March of 2016. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that unless you believe in celibacy before official marriage.

      As for meeting up at a hotel while they were dating, *she’s* desperate but *he* isn’t? How sexist of you. I would accept it if you said they were both desperate. At least that’s fair. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

      • I never said she’s the only one who seems desperate. At the time, both sides were bashed because he was still with Zhao Liying. I am sure you’ll notice most of the public stands on Zhao Liying’s side

      • @Lucy who said he was with ZYL? You should see her awkwardness towards CX when they are together on variety show and compare it with MC. You will see clearly which is the real thing. Why are ppl drawing conclusions over relationships that are not confirmed and never made public? CX seem to be the type that is very outspoken about his opinion. I don’t think he will hide. And he said when he fell in love with MC, marriage was on his mind. Marriage was never in his mind before he fell in love with MC.

  6. Both MC & CX have clarified that they were both singles when they started dating. Whether anot he dated ZLY, it was a thingy of the past. I believe CX will treat MC well! He had said that he will do his best to protect his love.

    Anyway, I think MC is pretty! She is also not that type that will break ppl up. She is much lovable, smart and sociable.

  7. Beautiful couple and so much love in each others eyes! That’s what it’s called “When you have met the right one”.

  8. Yuan Shan Shan and Yang Rong are the only female partners he invited to his wedding. He did not invite any of his former leading ladies like ZYL or Zhou Dong Yu whom he has good friendship and has worked with him more than once. Because Shan Shan and Yang Rong are from his same talent agency, Zheng Studios. Hahaha..

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