Movie Version of Cheese in the Trap to Hold Open China and Korea Auditions for Female Lead Opposite Park Hae Jin

Is six months enough time for the anger to simmer down over the promising start but falling off the rails ending disappointment over tvN drama Cheese in the Trap? Maybe a year away is better which is how long it will be when the upcoming movie version of Cheese hits the big screens next year in 2017. It won’t be produced by the drama production company but is instead a collaboration between the original webtoon writer and a Chinese-Korean joint film production.

It’s been in the works since drama Cheese ended earlier this year and will also star drama leading man Park Hae Jin in reprising the role of Yoo Jung. No one else from the drama will be returning despite the fact that the main drama leads were widely considered to be well cast and delivered on the role performances. I guess to start anew one must head back to the drawing board, and in this case the role of female lead Hong Seol has been announced will be cast via an open casting call.


The production company is holding open auditions for the role of Hong Seol, open to Chinese and Korean actresses, to go through three rounds of selection. The first is a video submission, the top thirty will go to Korea and live together for group auditions, to be whittled down in the second round to ten, and finally the winner will be selected. The lucky actress will be the lead in movie Cheese as well as land an endorsement deal for one year to be the face of a top Korean brand.


Movie Version of Cheese in the Trap to Hold Open China and Korea Auditions for Female Lead Opposite Park Hae Jin — 11 Comments

  1. Park hae jin, as amazing as he is, was too old already to play the character. And he’ll be even older a year from now even this movie comes out. Sigh, people really do lose all common sense. To me phj wss actually ok in the drama but he lacked the teasing, funny and innocence from the manhwa and those are some things hard to portray when you’re way past 30 and playing a young 20 something. It’s not like he can unlive life to be less mature. And that just made him creepy on this time. Hong seol wss the best cast out of everyone and she should be the one returning. But really no one should be returning and this movie should happen not for many many years.

  2. I hope he changes his hair on the movie.. His hair was way too stiff like a wig on the drama.. Which bothered the heck out of me (i don’t know why.. normally I don’t pay attention to these things).. Also as much as I love him .. he was way too old for the role.. I hope the movie brings out the freshness in him.. I know he is at least dedicated to the role..

  3. Lets hope the open auditions doesn’t result in an actress who has previously worked with the director being chosen again like the Sassy Girl Sageuk. That one still makes me wonder why they bothered to go such lengths to cast somebody with internal connections.

    • it’s because these “open auditions” are usually not open auditions at all. instead they are simply used to get people invested in the drama and to stir up buzz. It’s just marketing, i feel so bad for the girl who was the fan favorite by a HUGE margin but lost to the girl who was 3rd(? i think) place who was discovered to have worked with the director before.

  4. The hype for this is already gone ,and since KGE isn’t going to play Seoul, a lot of people who watched it for that ship aren’t going to watch it .

    • Its a joint venture between two countries, don’t be so quick to dismiss it. Lets see the finished product first. KGE isn’t the only one out there who can act neither is Park Hae Jin, it could go either way. The fact is the writer is on board whose vision is the webtoon.

      • Like I said ,the people who watched it for the the ship KGE x Park aren’t going to watch it

  5. I never read the webtoon, therefore can’t judge if PHJ fits the manhwa hero or not. I was kinda dragged along for 4 episodes and then quit bcos the plot was boring and pointless; the 2nd male lead was annoying; the heroine had trust issues; and PHJ looked creepy. Well, I never get the idea why there’s such a buzz about this drama.

  6. I like phj but he should move on from this. I’d rather see him in a new drama. And it’ll be hard to imagine another actresses as seol. KGE really owned that role. It would be easier to accept a remake if it had an entirely different cast.

  7. I do think the original creator was UTTERLY disappointed with how her story went on the series that she even let herself be a part of the movie, which was a rare sight for a movie adaptation of a webtoon (or even japanese manga at that). I respect writers a lot and I admire Park Hae Jin’s passion for the story (he said he’s a fan of the webtoon so that explains why). With that, I do think he is perfect for this role. Let’s wait and see what will happen. 🙂

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