Suzy Jump Starts the Next Season in Autumnal Colored Pictorial for Grazia Magazine

The dichotomy of KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond is easy to explain but hard to quantify objectively. I love the drama but find both leads Kim Woo Bin and Suzy‘s acting woefully inconsistent and way to frequently comes across as them acting like themselves. So far their chemistry isn’t even all that great, he’s got better chemistry with Jin Kyung as his mom and his dog, and she’s sparking all over the place with second male lead Im Joo Hwan.

But then I am so invested in their characters getting a happy ending together, in that order, that none of the above quibbles matter and I’m so along for the narrative ride that screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee has cribbed up. Suzy’s character is made up all sorts of frumpy and unattractive but her simple facial beauty shines through and suits the character so well. Seeing her in the current edition of Grazia Magazine in a soft autumnal feel pictorial is a nice reminder of how much her looks pop when properly arrayed in starry luster.



Suzy Jump Starts the Next Season in Autumnal Colored Pictorial for Grazia Magazine — 56 Comments

  1. Wow! She is so gorgeous
    Definitely up there in the top five prettiest actress in k drama …muah bae susbaby you got it all plus your boyfriend is the most handsome most successful k drama actor .

  2. Finally a drama which KWB is lead in it to prove that he isn’t still good at acting, the day I read he will star in a melodrama I was sure this will happen.

  3. I honestly think their acting and lack of chemistry is the reason drama is not doing that well in rating. I feel like drama needed more seasoned actors to pull of these roles.

    On other note, Suzy looks really beautiful in these photos.

      • So she’s the sole reason the drama rating isn’t increasing and nothing else? Well then every other actress who had a flop drama is at fault for their drama then.


      • Don’t be defensive. It’s a plain fact she can’t act. You may like her to your personal taste. It’s not even about acting style that varies actor by actor. She just can’t communicate with audience through her shallow acting.

        I absolutely had no personal prejudice against her. I actually had high expectation of this drama doing extremely well when everyone else on the blog had already questioned her acting ability based on her track records. 6 episodes down proved those ppl were correct about her.

      • I am being defensive because a lot of the times the actress is the one at fault for a films failure when she’s one part of a whole picture.

        In this instance your claim that she would be the major reason is being unreasonable since the majority of the complaints from day 1 was for the slow moving plot. But she’s the major reason becuase you deem it have decided it to be and state it as a fact. If you make that kind of statement then expect to have a rebuttal.

        Regarless if I am a fan or not, which I am because I am not ashamed to admit it, I can still see a full picture instead of relying on confirmation bias to prove a point.

        I know Suzy is barely a decent actress, I knew that from the start and also know that if the drama fails it’s her fault but if the drama succeeds its every else but her effort, because thats just how it goes.

        Same way as when HA Ji Won did The Time We Were Not In Love, I knew it was not her strong point so she would be less stellar than usual and the comments would end up saying how she’s a bad actress and the drama failed because of her. On rare cases that someone would mention the bad plot.

        Or take any other idol actress, actress > idols. If the drama fails it’s their fault, if it succeeds it’s everyone else effort and she just had a character catered to her.

        So yeah. I am defensive if you sprout statements that unequivocally lay the majority of the blame on an actress, especially an idol actress, than the other multiple reason’s why it did or could fail.

  4. I agree Suzy has more chemistry with Im Joo Hwan. Almost so much,that I’m not even sad that kwb’s character has got a chronic disease.Don’t know,maybe because both of them are too much pretty to look good together?

  5. [Hi everyone, I’m new here but I’ve been lurking for a while now.] On this topic – First of all I’m not and I’ve never been Suzy’s fan. I have avoided all her dramas since forever[ no, I haven’t watched DH and I’m not going to watch it]. But last week I decided to check UF just to be sure that I can give thumbs up to all the comments about poor acting, etc, etc. It didn’t happened. Could be the storyline or the leads, I don’t know! [laughs, laughs]. I almost wished poor ratings for this drama. But hey, I have watched all 6 eps in a row and I think Suzy is not that bad. She is sometimes slow in delivering certain lines, but I’m ok with it. I don’t get bored or annoyed watching KWB or her. Doctors is great, Wanted checked, but I can’t get close to W. Peace!!

    • +1 I ‘ve never imagined to love UF but i do. I’ve never been suzy’s fan but i have nothing against her and truth said she’s beautiful. I like W , Beautiful mind and 38 task unit too. Im Joo Hwan acting is allways good .He’s one of this actors who didn’t have the success they deserve. Just my opinion.

  6. I’m still hoping for a miracle that Suzy’s performance in UF will be eventually up to par with expectation from pre production as more stories are unveiled. LKH’s screenplay deserves better leading cast. I keep imagine what if Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won were the leading couple in UF……can’t help..LOL

      • Then SJK’s star power would be enough for marketing purposes. Him alone will surely guarantee high viewership ratings from his huge wifeydom. LOL. And I’m sure MCW’s popularity would rise along the ride given that she’s so talented. LKH’s signature writing style is there in UF and she’s critically acclaimed for that. The directing of UF is also decent so far. Imho, the Innocent Man is no better than UF in every aspect except for acting – UF is far from comparison. It’s such a huge waste for a good storyline thanks to the subpar acting.

        But this is just my unrealistic wish. LOL.

    • SJK and MCW have no chemistry AT ALL. We tried it in the past LKH drama Nice Guy but I felt nothing coming from both of them together. SJK and SHK in DOTS were a feast to the eyes in chemistry. MCW was gorgeous in that movie with LSG. Just to compare.

      • DotS is de facto rom com and Nice Guy is melo. Comparing orange to apple. LOL..

      • I thought the 2nd couple in Fots had more chemistry. I couldn’t get pass the may december romance for some reason and just could not take baby gace SJK serious as a soldier.

      • @Drama2016 I found SJK perfectly fine in Nice Guy though and thought he fit the character so well. But DOTs…he was too skinny, too baby looking for me.

        Have you seen those recent Chinese dramas with soliders in the plot. They so the win could blow them away.

        Real life special ops look like Rambo’s son.

  7. the acting by suzy is cringe worthy there is no emotion depth in her character she is just screechy and whine a lot, lack of chemistry i cant feel the love or attraction between the two leads the drama fail to deliver the sad romance and fail flat i skiped the drama sorry suzy

  8. I did not expect myself to kind of enjoy UF but it is the storyline that keeps getting me coming back. I loath Suzy’s character and am hoping Kim Woo Bin’s Joon Young will get a decent ending enough with just his mother’s love. In my opinion, Suzy has a lot of improving to do. She looks gorgeous in the pictorials but honestly, I find her more beautiful in stills than in motion. She’s more a model than actress material.

    • Agree, ive been wondering too why people say Suzy is pretty when in motion screen she’s not at all, she can be pretty in stills because it can be photoshopped or edited but the motion capture says it all, she’s far from pretty, maybe just cute like puppy.

      • I understand “beauty” is in the eyes of the beholder. While many think she’s beautiful, but I think her beauty is way overrated. I don’t think she’s all that appealing or beautiful in my eyes as compared to many other models and actresses.

  9. I honestly don’t see this chemistry you talk about with Im Joo Hwan. And while it isn’t Sparks with KWB either, I think they have a certain energy that makes them great to watch together. It’s just boring all round when Eul is with Ji Tae.

    But acting is just below par from the leads, quite undoubtedly. I really like IJH’s portrayal tho, very subtle and impactful. The IJE’s character is non existent, but she also has an annoying way of talking – like her lips are twisted or something. She’s a better actress than Suzy (because really, who isn’t?) but she distracts me so I’m glad to see almost nothing or her tbh.

  10. suzy is pretty but the moment she opens her mouth to whine… why did the director allow her to whine like that & not try to correct her tone of voice? i am sorry but I have to mute my computer. Ep 6 is mostly whining… painful… Im Joo Hwan is great, and this is only reason i am watching… just curious, has suzy taken any acting lesson or voice training??

      • Hahaha… Very well said. The moment she opens her mouth…. smh…. This girl needs serious voice training as an actress… Lol…

  11. The rest of the photos are nice but the cover photo looks messy? Agree with your comments in the UF chemistry. I expected exploding chemistry between the 2 leads but it wasn’t to be.

    • I’m enjoying the show but you’re right i don’t see chemistry. Sometimes a beautiful cast doesn’t guarantee chemistry see Han ji min and hyun bin they were a beautiful couple on the paper but not on screen…and the list goes on .

  12. I tried so hard to like UF, but the acting department really need some work. It’s pushing me away from what could be a great story. When you watch something, you want to be able to connect with the characters. The way each actor/actress portrays their character is extremely important. If they do a good job, it makes the story more engaging and viewers will be able to connect with the characters more. That is what’s lacking in UF. I gave Suzy the benefit of a doubt because I wanted to believe in her. I wanted her to prove me wrong so bad with all the negative comments people have made about her acting. But, she let me down. I seriously have not cringed so much at a drama before. I just can’t connect with her character at all. I’m sure on paper, Na Eul’s character has more depth than what Suzy is trying to portray. She needs to take a step back and really work on her acting chops if it’s something she is serious about.

  13. So, I gave UF a chance. I felt like I was watching two statues talking to each other. There were no charisma or chemistry oozing from any of the leads. Such a shame….not worth all the hype it’s been given.

  14. Most actors love the tragic role and KWB should be killing it in this part. Instead at no point do you get the sense that this is a character under the shadow of death. This is the lead role and needs a lot more. I don’t like to diss actors but the energy of the leads is so low that its making the drama lacklustre.

    IJH is doing more with his role than the leads. I think LKH rarely allows second female leads to shine but its so odd here given IJE was responsible for the accident that sets the plot in motion. With 20 eps maybe they are just going to meander the whole way.

    • KWB should be delivering the performance of a lifetime in such a role. Problem is, I just end up admiring the way he looks in clothes instead of feeling anything for Joon Young. Same with Suzy – she’s pretty but goodness, that acting…

      • Both leads are huge disappointment. But to me, KWB is serviceable. As to Suzy, D grade so far. Just a big flop.

  15. I expected more from KWB cos i liked his prey works. He shld seriously stop yelling all the time. As for Suzy, have never been a fan of her acting at all. I don’t find her ugly or pretty. She just has this girl next door look.

    • I honestly think they are both gorgeous in their own ways.

      The only difference is, Park Shin Hye is pretty and CAN act and Suzy is pretty, but CANNOT act.

      Sorry to break it to you, but sometimes, looks aren’t everything.

      • LOL, both PSH and Suzy can’t act in my eyes.. they are both pretty much very limit actress… PSH actually get outshined completely by Lee Sung Kyung, an actress who still has shorter career as actress than her.

    • I thought Suzy was bearable the first few episodes, but now I really can’t stand her. I’ve seen her past works and I had hope that she would do better in this drama especially because she’s working with a great writer and has a decent co-star, but NOPE. I’m quite disappointed. All that overhyped mediaplay was unnecessary. Producers even said this drama would surpass DoTs, but look at how poorly it’s doing. Yikes

    • WOW!!!! A billion times prettier? For goodness sake what is wrong with you to try and pull PSH’s name into every conversation? We all know you are Song Hye Kyo’s over exuberant fan! I am a Suzy fan and a Shin Hye fan. And saying one is more pretty than the other is sort of weird because I find the two look somewhat alike and at times I have confused side pictures of them. Both girls are very beautiful. Shin Hye has a grown up glamorous look these days and Suzy does have that young girl-next-door pretty look. I love Suzy’a singing but as a fan I realize her acting is really lacking but doesn’t mean she won’t improve in the years to come. You can critique Ms. Shin Hye all you want, in fact, if it makes you feel that your bias, SHK, is better or something as petty as that, then go ahead. But most people know that Ms. Shin Hye has upped her acting game big time. As most of her fans have said, she is improving because she acknowledges she needs to learn and improve always. I love watching Ms. Shin Hye but I don’t think it is just her abilities, it is because she has a zest for life and people that shines through. Ms. Suzy will improve in the years to come if she takes acting seriously. But comparing the two is like comparing two different colored roses……everyone will prefer one over the other.
      I like watching your bias, SHK and think she is a beautiful woman. You do realize other readers make fun of your continuous hatred toward PSH?
      Peace, goodwill and perhaps you will lose some of your anger and resentment toward someone you have never met and very likely never will. It must be difficult for you not being able to articulate why (or understand) your hatred toward such a nice lady you have never met and who has never harmed you.

  16. I think it’s not only the actors the problem of this drama. The story and the editing are not so good. There are a lot of melodrama’s clichés (secret son, illness, car’s accident by a rich people, poor girl and rich guy etc…) and the episodes are : she has a job, she’s fired. And sometimes how the scenes come on after the other is weird, it’s lacking of transition.

    • The story is like every other Lee Kyung Hee drama ever but before this, it didn’t seem as cliched or boring because she always got actors who could pull it off. Kim Woo Bin is trying but he’s no Song Joong Ki. And Suzy isn’t even on the same planet as Moon Chae Won in terms of acting ability.

      And yeah, the editing is weird too – lots of people have mentioned being confused by whether we were in a flashback or not.

    • I totally agree with you. I feel there is just no effort on the part of the writer to create something different. I think if drama producers don’t start requesting more unique storylines, their international audience will start losing interest. We can only watch so many makjang storylines (I watched The Promise, so that’s enough makjang for the rest of the year. Lol). Then, it doesn’t help any with a lead with mediocre acting. It’s been 5 years since Suzy’s first drama… How long do we have to wait for her to be at the same level as othe leading actresses? I really feel for actresses that have already proven to be skilled actresses and miss out on lead roles.

    • I have no problem with the editing. It’s the way to execute writer LKH’s work and I was never lost in following the storyline. LKH’s works remind me a lot of well known films based on classical literature. As Gina said, screenplay is not the problem here, but the leading cast are. In LKH’s past works such as memorable Thank You and acclaimed Nice Guy, all the leading actors/actresses are considered excellent faculty in the acting department. But now I’m wondering if I’ve been watching a web drama handed out to students in the performing art department as a summer project. LOL

      Can’t specifically bear with Suzy’s voice tone even I don’t understand a single word of Korean. I had no idea she’s so lacking in acting when other people were critical of her before UF was premiered. I was holding hope that they were just too biased; since this was going to be the work of a very good writer and therefore nothing would go wrong with the cast. But now, I joined the cohort of the viewers who thumb down her performance. She’s obviously miscast. She’s too deficient to be a leading lady anytime soon. What the heck KBS ruined this pre produced project the big time by casting her as the leading girl. Such a joke!

  17. That moment when you realise even pre-production and a star writer good at rookie roles cannot save this drama….KBS hyped this one up so much, they probably wanted at least mid-late teen ratings by the third week but that’s not going to happen with this weird low-energy performance.

    And yeah, for a guy who’s under a death sentence of terminal illness and a girl who’s supposedly got the crappiest life ever, you just end up feeling nothing for the two leads. Underwhelming.

  18. Omg.. She looks so different. Kinda malnourished. But i feel its all due to bad editing & photshopping. Only like the 4th one above. Other than that,I love her pictorials in general. She is really photogenic. Looks better in photos than reality.

    And yeah coming to UF, i personally think it is a typical lee kyung hee drama but its the acting of the leads and the lack of chemistry that lets down it completely. Ofcourse suzy is really bad when it comes to acting but its nt like kim woo bin isn’t. His performance is below mediocre too. He is just bearable when he is acting as a bad boy. But that doesn’t vouch much. He seems to be bad than his heirs days. Something completely lacking. And cannot connect emotionally with either of their character.

  19. There is too much fluff for my liking, it’s so unusual for LKH’s drama. despite acting, I think that is one of the reason. The story start going in circle, stuck in the past instead of going forward with the plot. It’s time they take the plot going forward in the present days.

    LKH always paint her character behaviour very shady and at times don’t explain why they do what they did.. So it’s requires subtle and good acting to make her character come alive..

    As for Suzy, I think it’s one of her better role, at times she come alive compare to her previous drama. But For LKH’s character standard, She too lacking so many aspect in her acting, she is just doesn’t understand her character completely, and how to act out alot of scene… That bland expression when she is supposed to emote, god, Please Suzy you should take acting lesson first instead caring more about your beauty.

    And yeah, KWB is also lacking one aspect, nuance acting

    I start to wish IJE get some juicy scene. She is so waste in this role so far. UGH…

  20. Suzy is good enough in light scene and light moment but when she carries the heavier narrative, she is bad,
    she doesn’t eve have decent body glow and look stiff.

    the series is melo fanfiction style but idk why I am rooting for the 2nd guy, he shows more emotional baggage and he conveyes his sadness really well.
    And I think KWB is decently good

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