Lee Jun Ki Hangs Out by the Sea for The Star and Compliments Leading Lady IU

Count down has begun for the star-studded cast of the Korean adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin, starting with actual drama promos and ancillary photo shoots. Lee Jun Ki was with the full cast in the recent Cosmopolitan Korea pictorial but in the latest issue of The Star he gets his own solo spotlight. He lost a bit of weight to play the role of 4th Prince which further emphasizes his angular features, and in the previews for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo his all black long hair half masked styling is truly striking. It’s also a contrast to his colorful summer modern look in The Star. An interesting tidbit in this spread is Lee Jun Ki sharing with the interviewer that he’s quite impressed with his BBJX leading lady IU who he found to have quite a intuitive grasp of picking dramas and understanding her character.



Lee Jun Ki Hangs Out by the Sea for The Star and Compliments Leading Lady IU — 40 Comments

  1. Lee Jun Ki is out-of-this world gorgeous. As much as I love him, I can’t say that I love this pictorial. How is that possible LJK started off looking like a handsome boy straight out of anime/manga and then turning into a smouldering masculine guy after MS and now back to looking all boyish again? I love and much prefer the masculine Jun Ki and therefore, I couldn’t say that I like his new slim down look that very much.

    • +1 Agree
      Love him to pieces but he is too thin now and look too boyish. The angular look definitely suits him when playing Wang So because of the costume n styling but I hope he regain back to his normal form. But no doubt, he is stunningly handsome.

  2. LJK’s acting is a guarantee. I look forward to this drama. IU is quite pleasant. Hope the ratings will be good.

  3. This guy, is an alien where people transform manly hot guy from boyish charming in a second right, he is truly gorgeous. But enough sageuks, I need to see him in modern times in his next drama, palli, palli……..a gritty OCN drama like My beautiful Bride or Heartless City next for him please. He can rock his gorgeousness with bad-ass attitude.

    • I would like to see him in a rom com with an actress of same age and strong charisma to balance his beauty. I have nothing against iu ( i’ve seen all his dramas) but she’s young and lee yu bi too. Perhaps someone like Moon geun Young or Yoon Eun hye …

      • Agree. Maybe he can do a melo-drama too. My ideal would be him and Han Hyo Joo again (they were not great in Iljimae but they are better actors now) or Ha Ji Won or Moon Chae Won. He is yet to have a leading actress equally commanding on-screen as he is and one that really have great chemistry with him.

      • I thought he and Shin Min Ah had great chemistry, the best he has ever had with any leading lady till date.

        But yes, it would be nice to see him work with experienced actresses closer in age to him.

    • He wanted to do a movie for his next project…its been a while.

      qoute from his recent interview:

      A: I will have to look for other things while I shoot Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. I want to be more aggressive this year. I have focused on dramas so far. So I want to do movie work for a change. But first of all I will live as the 4th son of Gwang-gun. A king! What a leap in my social status after a long time!

      • Movie or drama………..well, as long as its not historical flick that dates back beyond 20th century, I’ll be happy. Enough Sageuks from him for next 5 years for me.

  4. I hope he’s right about IU because in the C-drama version, the female character is in about 97% of the drama. People seemed happy with her in The Producers so crossing fingers.

    I have a lot of respect for the PD because even when I have issues with the drama (That Winter, The Wind Blows), the production is beautifully filmed and he seems to do well with his actors. But no one should have asked LJK to lose weight; he was super thin even before this drama.

  5. Joon looks HOT and isn’t too thin, not when he looks the same size and age as the other guys in ML:SHR. His over 30 fans should stop trying to make him fit their fantasies.

      • I agree..all these comments stated they wanted him to go back to what he weighed before he lost the 33 lbs I think he looks so much more beautiful now..When I first watched him in “Scholar Who walks The Night”I thought he was a little chubby. The man is absolutely gorgeous beautiful he’s got about 10 years on most of his co-stars & he looks the same age as most of them… let’s let him look his best for as long as he can..he looks wonderful for his age

  6. I like the first picture very, very much. It almost has a surreal touch (although, the wind and Lee Jun Ki’s pose make such an effect…).

    • Now that you said it I went to search for it… Yes, he looks absolutely great…
      I’ll definitely watch Scarlet Heart: Ryeo thanks to him. I like his new looks.

  7. Lol kinda funny that he didn’t exactly comment on her acting, but her choices in knowing which acting projects to pick. Although that credit also belongs to whichever management team she has.

    • He found her “…to have quite a quick grasp of….understanding her character.” Wasn’t that kinda compliment on her acting? Or am I interpreting Koala’s English in a wrong way? LOL

      • You know, I feel like a lot can be gleaned from reading between the lines on costars complimenting each other. It’s interesting to look at cast interviews in light of that.

        The ones who can’t act usually get compliments on their looks or hard work or how they brighten up the on-set atmosphere….nothing about their understanding of their character or the actual acting itself. Lee Jun Ki openly complimenting IU’s acting, says a lot.

    • In this article soompi transcribed part of his interview in the magazine THE STAR

      During the interview, Lee Joon Gi talks about his “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” co-star IU, complimenting her ability to see the big picture as an actress, “Because idol-actors were acting [in this drama], I went into it thinking that I will have to help them, but Ji Eun (IU’s birth name) has the ability to foresee the first half of a drama.”

      Lee Joon Gi continues, “Thanks to her, the overall content [of the drama] improved, and in these respects I want to compliment Ji Eun.”

  8. Please take on a contemporary drama next time PLEASE. LJK is too sizzling hot to be unseen in modern attire. He’s more beautiful than the most beautiful women I’ve seen in real life. LOL.

    I have gut feelings that this sageuk will be the hugest hit in viewership ratings since DotS unless the screenplay and the directing go awry. I have so much confidence in the leading cast to blame all the possible wrongs on anyone or anything else. LOL..My prejudice. Don’t debate against me. Just the past records of the OTP, Kang Ha Neul, and Ji Soo have won my personal favor.

    After huge flop of shallow acting in UF, I think only brilliant leading cast are worth investment in pre production. It can be a huge investment risk for pre production if there isn’t adequate acting talent in the cast. UF has proved such a waste.

    • UF had a proven writer and promising male lead but the Achilles heel turned out to be the leads’ acting which means it’s hard to gaf about their characters suffering.

      Scarlet Heart on the other hand has incredibly talented cast and a good PD but the writer is the one to be nervous about. That and the PD’s habit of close-ups, there will be nowhere for anyone to hide if they can’t emote.

      • I guess my expectation of UF was high given my faith in LKH’s past works and was told KWB was decent. But I never expected Suzy could be so lacking. What are the SH writer’s prior works?

      • @Drama2016 – SH screenwriter is the one behind Cinderella Man and that web drama with Kara (idol group) members….neither of which was any good.

        I hope they step up their game for this drama.

      • Cinderella Man was not good… Hope LJK will pull through with his excellent acting skills.. Have not watched other dramas Liseth mentions..

      • Let’s pray and hope that the writer is better off doing adaptation rather than original screenplay. But idk why I have a strong feeling that SH will be a great success and I want that badly for Jun Ki’s sake.

    • agree. UF is pre-produced merely to gain entry into the Chinese channels. The pre-production does not help with the acting dept, in fact, if UF is being filmed at real times, the director can at least read the viewer’s comments & try to delete some of the annoying whinings & poutings etc… (& give more screen time to the second male lead IJH? hahaha… my dreaming…) Real time filming may help fix some acting flaws. Now it’s just too late…

    • @Drama2016 The previous works of screenwriter de SHR are Save your last dance for me, Summer Beach and Cinderella Man

      • Ah this writer is very foreign to me. I’ve watched none of her works. I hope her writing doesn’t suck.

      • I loved Save Your Last Dance with Me, watched it several times. Loved Ji Sung, Eugene & Lee Bo Young in this drama.

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