Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Seok Visually Exemplify Media Professionals in Incarnation of Jealousy

Upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Incarnation of Jealousy is still flying under the radar which is still fine by me. It needn’t try to out-buzz Uncontrollably Fond on KBS or W: Two Worlds on MBC, both dramas have their own thematic and casting lures and the same is true for Incarnation of Jealousy in a less trendy way. Leads Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Seok are consummate professionals and this onscreen pairing feels long overdue, ever since Jo Jung Seok got his big break in The King 2 Hearts and transitioned to leading man status I’ve wanted him to work with the natural chameleon that is Gong Hyo Jin. The new drama stills for both leads showcase a visually attractive style that isn’t trying to make either character too extreme in personality – Gong Hyo Jin is modern edgy while Jo Jung Seok toggles effortlessly between gruffy reporter and suited up anchor.


Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Seok Visually Exemplify Media Professionals in Incarnation of Jealousy — 63 Comments

  1. I don’t know if anyone else feel the same way, one of Seojun and Seo Un’s little female friends on Superman Returns resembles Jo Jung Suk.

    Looking forward to this drama, and oh man, I envy Jo Jung Suk’s skin alot, it looks so healthy and radiant every time I see him.

  2. Gosh… I’m waiting this so long! as a big fan of gong hyo jin, anything about ghj, i am in. (Thx koala, keep update please).

  3. I keep coming here & GHJ thread to take some info’s haha… I kept busy on IG, too many post from GHJ fans, woah many are missing gong hyo jin

  4. Gong Hyo Jin is very capable and versatile actress. It will be great to see Jo Jung Suk works with her in IoJ or in the future projects, Joa!

  5. Enjoy almost all of her movies and dramas, especially Miss Carrot, Love Fiction, Gomapseumnida, The Master Sun and It’s Ok Thats Love. Great actress!! Looking forward for Jealoust Incarnate.

    • Nope! Not yet. She’s still young. Wait until she became an authentic ahjumma. That’s what popular K actresses do when they are at the age of ahjumma. LOL

  6. I love her fashion style, and to keep her figure with energetic and rejuvenating beauty always look fresh on screen. I was impressed with her role in Thank You with Jang Hyuk. I give gong hyo jin a flying five stars in her acting ability with standing ovation, well done. Looking forward for new drama and hope best chemistry with Jo Jung Suk 🙂

  7. Kong Hyo Jin aka Olivia Kong – a truly talented korean actress. The way she act it’s very natural. Absolutely amazing performance she delivery every time and doesn’t disappoint. Can’t wait for her upcoming drama.

    Thank you for PD, writer, casts and staff members of IoJ, fighting!

  8. JJS (Jo Jung Suk) is a great actor. His works were awesome. I have watched his movies including OMG and he is so good..

  9. My favorite K-actress. Looking forward to ‘Incarnation of Envy’ and her big return to movie land.. whenever.. that’s it..

  10. They certainly can act but, for some reason, I feel quite indifferent to both of them (I neither like them nor dislike them). However, I usually end up watching their dramas (Thank You, Producer, Lee Soon Shin is the Best, Oh my Ghost).
    And it’s very interesting that they will both act in the same drama because they match very well in some respect: you’ll never say one of them stole the show; it’s almost as if they let the dramas they acted in outshine them as individuals.
    I believe I’ll end up watching this drama too…

  11. GHJ is one of Korea’s Goddess! I didn’t know GHJ until watching “It’s Ok It’s Love”. Her acting is amazing in IOIL drama. She is so sexy and attractive . I am attracted with her smiles and her eyes. Will track down all of her movies and dramas to watch.

    Love from Jakarta, Indonesia.

  12. Excited with this drama-Hope we get some nice surprises, but also things that will pull our heartstrings e.g hardship, human spirit in difficult circumstances, love etc. And I hope their chemistry works well 😀

  13. MY GOSH~~I’M SCREAMING!!! ~~OMG OMG!!!>……………< CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!! I love both gong hyo jin and jo jung suk~~AH……..OMG OMG OMG!!!

  14. I am very excited for this. Can’t wait for this drama to start airing. Looks so wonderful already and has some my fav’s – I love The Master Sun and Oh My Ghost!

  15. I love that there are no negative comments about Gong Hyo Jin! This just shows she’s well loved all around and an amazing actress! Can’t wait for this! Love her!

  16. I am a huge fans of Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jong Suk oppa. Why this drama should compete with W-Two Words? Why?????? Sighh!!

    I want both of them doing well in rating wish… I hope this drama start airing in September, please…

    • I thk IoJ might compete with Kbs On the way to the airport (Kim Ha Neul and Lee sang yoon) and MBC’s Shopping King Louie (Seo in Guk and Nam Ji hyun). These two dramas airs in September

  17. See how popular my lady GHJ is. Ppl rave about her in all aspects. I bet trolls dare not diss her since there surely will be an army of hardcore fans to give middle fingers. LOL

    While most great K actresses stick to the big screen all the time, we’re so blessed to still have a super talent like GHJ to periodically grace the small screen. Blessed all K drama fans! Now I’m a bit nostalgic. I’m gonna re watch her works but there are so many memorable ones and where to start? By chance I just learned that she used to date Lee Jin Wook. Nice she already broke up with him who has a questionable private live.

    • @Lee Washikowska, I’ve been a regular at this blog site. As I know, there’s an impressive following of Miss Talent on this site. If I recall correctly, even the blogger herself has had only compliments about GHJ.

      Haha thank you for your blessing. Your English is not a concern to me at all. But your long last name…LOL…sorry bcos I had to check my spelling of your name several times and I like to joke around.

  18. It’s still the end of July, and I’m already feeling so..hyped!
    Can’t someone calm me down?

    Really excited that the queen will come back to our screen..

  19. I look more up dates about uni, jjs and gkp today. Seriously they are perfect combo! I can’t wait anymore… I’m already hyped, wow! I hope sbs realese this drama poster as soon as possible!


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