Ruby Lin Captures the Parisian Beauty in Recent Fashion Visit to France

France is widely perceived as the capital of romance and what better place for engaged Taiwanese actress-producer Ruby Lin to visit for wedding pictures. She was in Paris recently in July for a host of fashion events but her fiancee Wallace Huo wasn’t with her so that rules out wedding pictures with glittering Parisian backdrops. But Ruby did take plenty of pictorials, all of which don’t show a hint of her reported pregnancy but shows plenty of glowing beauty of the happiness variety. I’m thrilled that Ruby is getting married, and to her good friend of over a decade Wallace no less. Goes to show that romance can hit like a drama plot line and even stars can seem starry eyed and swooning over their own luck of the draw.





Ruby Lin Captures the Parisian Beauty in Recent Fashion Visit to France — 11 Comments

  1. *blinks* Damn. A troll free comment section.. do my eyes deceive me?

    These pictures are gorgeous and I want all of her outfits. That is all.

  2. Wow! These look more like artwork than a magazine pictorial. Absolutely gorgeous! ( i’m so jealous!! 😛 )

  3. The pictorials are very beautiful, I love it! Ruby looks like a princess who came out of the Disney world. And I especially love the first and second pictures :*

  4. So happy for her. I don’t follow actors and their personal lives but she’s one that I am super happy for. My first hint was I can remember that I saw Tammy and LU on Xiao yen jie’s show earlier this year and they talked about tammy’s engagement basically. The conversation happened upon ruby for a minute at least and it became super unnatural, at which I totally figured something was up. Hehe. And here she is – almost married! Yippee!!

    I wish them the best!

  5. Oh wow. I have to remember her age cos’ she is gorgeous. Am I a romantic? Because I can’t recall anyone else looking as pretty.

  6. I wasn’t head over heels with the photos. I expected a lot more-I guess I was looking for a couture pose because of the whole France(High Fashion)thing, I wasn’t expecting to see “smiley” photos. Although I do have to say that I really liked that glass ball photo one. =)

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