Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul Start Filming KBS Wed-Thurs Drama On the Way to the Airport

This is one drama that fell down on my interest radar after casting panned out, and has now started filming quite under the radar. Upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama On the Way to the Airport released script reading stills featuring leads Kim Ha Neul, Lee Sang Yoon, Shin Sung Rok, Jang Hee Jin, and Choi Yeo Jin, with the drama slated for September premiere falling the conclusion of Uncontrollably Fond. It was more intriguing when Choi Ji Woo was being courted and could reunite with Lee Sang Yoon from their charming coupling in Second Time Twenty Years Old, but she ended up doing Woman with a Suitcase with Joo Jin Mo and in stepped her lookalike fellow A-list actress Kim Ha Neul. Lee Sang Yoon is totally being the go-to noona stalwart, and hopefully Shin Sung Rok’s second male lead will be nice like in Trot Lovers rather than evil in Liar Game. This sounds like a mature theme slice-of-life drama and if it’s quality written and acted will definitely merit checking out.

The drama is being penned by movie scriptwriter Lee Sook Yun who did Thread of Lies and Sword with No Name, and directing is PD Kim Chul Kyu of My Beautiful Bride, Emergency Couple, and She is Wow.


Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul Start Filming KBS Wed-Thurs Drama On the Way to the Airport — 10 Comments

  1. This is KBS drama? Why khn in KBS? the story looks makjang and KBS usually deliver boring drama. sorry I will skip this one.

  2. The Woman with Suitcase in On the Way to the Airport.

    …. is how to make Choi Ji Woo team up again with Lee Sang Yoon (plus Shin Sung Rok).

  3. Watched 4 episodes already. The series has a very different mood from most of those starring LSY. He plays the role quite well so far and so does KHN. The script is well-penned too. It portrays the struggles of the characters quite skilfully. Love the lines KHN how she vents her frustration. Love the cinematography, the scenery and the music. It’s a serious production. I look forward to watching the other episodes.

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