Starry Tormented Romance Awaits in C-drama General and I with Wallace Chung and Angelebaby

The premise of currently filming period C-drama General and I is really one of female appreciation, and not with the visual gaze but with the mental connection. Adapted from popular C-novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated (Gu Fang Bu Zhi Shang), it’s a warring states star-crossed romance that makes the gorgeous male lead the eye candy while the female lead is beloved by all for her unparallel smarts despite being rather ordinary looking. The coveted lead roles have landed with Wallace Chung as General Prince Chu Bei Jie while Angelababy is Bai Ping Ting, the servant girl whose weight to kingdoms lies in her extraordinarily educated and strategic brain. There are new stills from the drama recently released that confirms the intense romance angle remains the central focus, with the love-hate-love relationship of the leads the type of tortured romance that keeps audiences teeth gnashing and addicted.


Starry Tormented Romance Awaits in C-drama General and I with Wallace Chung and Angelebaby — 12 Comments

  1. Isn’t that a trend for C writers to put tragic ending to historical dramas, just like their literature classics? If the production is as good as Nirvana in Fire, then I don’t mind watching heart-wrenching romance in a long ass historical drama. Otherwise, it won’t be my cup of tea to mope along with a sad story knowing it’s gonna break your heart. For the same reason, I quit watching many other C historical dramas such as the Imperial Doctoress and Legend of Zhen Huan. I even skipped many scenes in the acclaimed BBJX.

    • Don’t be fool by the description of this novel to drama adaptation, the male lead (Chu Bei Jie) is super/crazily in love w/ the female lead (Bai Ping Ting). Nothing (litterally NOTHING) can keep him away from BaiPingTing….even…never mind, I don’t want to spoil anything.

    • According to what I read from the translation of the novel in English, it is a happy ending. Chu Bei Jie knows what his heart wants so he follows it. He can leave everything just for the sake of his love for Bai Ping Ting. Spoiler, you might cry for the death of the main villain (or not). I hate this character so much but ended up up crying for him a bucket of river when he met his tragic end. I can’t wait for this drama to be released since it’s my favorite novel and has my most handsome god, Wallace Chung as the main lead.

    • Thanks guys. Then I’ll give a shot. I like Wallace Chung after all. Who can resist his hotness? LOL But the leading lady doesn’t look like a Chinese.

      • Its definitely on the to watch list. Wallace does angsty well and he looks great in the costumes. Furthermore happy endings are sometime really rare in chinese historical. All the more reason to watch.
        I find angelababy to be a rather odd choice but hopefully good chemistry on screen. She’s chinese. From Shanghai to be specific and 1/4 german ancestry.

    • Legend of Zhen Huan is not that sad and what happened to Zhen Huan was quite sad but they have a happy ending although it’s not a lifetime but the memories are enough for a lifetime.

  2. Sorry for being off topic Angelababy triggered it. Ms. Koala, what’s your take so far on the Wei Wei Yi Xiang Hen Ching Cheng (?) versions: movie and series? Could u feature an article about those two. I know both will be shown this month. =))

    • *Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng 🙂
      And I believe she has featured the drama version with Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang in posts already.

      • Yes, I’m aware of her posts and very much look forward to it, but I was thinking what are her impressions of the two versions based on the teasers and trailers so far. I’ll be watching both versions for sure, just curious about her take on it. :))

    • I read the novel, one of very few C novels I’ve read online. My personal bias gravitates towards the drama version. Ji Bo Ren and his leading lady (I assume the same actress as this post) just don’t give me similar auras to the OTP in the book.

  3. The novel is great but to put it into a live version sounds kind of iffy. Dont get me wrong, i love walluce and angelababy but i have had enough novels ruined for me because of the movie versions. I just dont want another good novel to become pointless just because the movie ruined it.

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