Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam Lead the Cast of Beautiful Mind at the Well-deserved Drama Wrap Party

I’m so pleased to do a blog post on the drama wrap party for KBS Mon-Tues medical drama Beautiful Mind. It was as lowly rated as it gets for a prime time drama, with ratings averaging in the 4% range, and ended up with the most ignominious and egregious treatment of all by its very own network with an episode cut. The drama wrapped this past week at fourteen episodes, by all accounts a satisfactory ending despite the abruptness of the decision to end it. I watched the first two episodes and thoroughly enjoyed it, planning to bank the remainder for a satisfying marathon in September, so I didn’t live through loving the drama during its run and being personally offended and annoyed with the official decision to cut it short. With that said, the cast did a stellar job at acting and should be immensely proud of this drama, and from the looks at the drama wrap party everyone is indeed content.

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Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam Lead the Cast of Beautiful Mind at the Well-deserved Drama Wrap Party — 47 Comments

  1. Yay! Some Love for the Beautiful Mind cast here! ❤️ All looking good but Jang Hyuk looking especially mighty fine. And his acting was simply top notch. Loved him and Heo Jun Ho (Elder Dr Lee) for their masterclass acting.

  2. Great drama. Beautiful cast . When i see this, i dare to say that is not a good cast or a good script that makes a hit . It’s a need from viewers at a certain moment… or something else. Some sreenwriters and actors should experiment a similar case to make their fans stay on the ground! And stop bragging !!!! Just my opinion.

  3. A wonderful drama through and through, flaws and all. Excellent effort from the cast and crew, and indeed they can be very proud to have been part of this production. Jang Hyuk was superb throughout and had adorable chemistry with Park So-dam. Love!

    • i didnt expect it at the beginning but park so dam n jang hyuk are so cute.definitely one of my fav dramas this year.it ended well regardless the ep was cut short

  4. Loved the drama, the creative story line, the great cast and the great acting by the cast. Jang Hyuk was superb as Dr. Lee and there was great chemistry between him and Park So-dam. It is a shame the drama did not capture the imagination of the general audience,and the drama’s season was cut short ( IT IS A GREAT SHAME).!!!

    Regardless BM is an excellent production and a great drama!!!Kudos to all the cast , the stars and the production team.!!!

  5. One of the best drama this year. Totally underrated. It has flawed and episode cut make it’s worst. But, the story and acting make it better. And…. 205. He’s precious(insert Gollum mode here). Btw, all the stunt make kbs looks like Hyunsung and BM is Young Oh. Talking about drama in real life. Lol

  6. Good solid drama. One of the most solid medical dramas I’ve ever watched. Plus actually one of the most coherent well written and excellently acted dramas this year.

    The network executives should all deserved to be shot. No guts at all to finish the drama. And one wonders why people laugh at their year end awards winners.

    • KBS might save a bit of face and restore a smidgen of credibility if they award Jang Hyuk the Daesang this year. But knowing KBS, the big prizes will probably end up in unworthy hands.

    • @Ck10Z absolutely agree with your post especially the second para lol.Inside I’m still boiling and wishing all kbs dramas this year get poor ratings..I would have been happier if they get poor rated,weakly produced dramas for a certain time period,they need to get a lesson for what they did huh.

  7. I think tbat placed too many characters in this drama. However, it was way better then Doctors Crush as I gave up DC after mere 3 ep and hung around for BM for all 14!

  8. An excellent drama. And Bernard Park’s “Dirt” song’s been on repeat mode ever since hearing a few notes that captured my heart.

  9. Yes , they all we deserved , good drama , acting , good scriptwriting even got cut short 2 episodes but the writer wrap it up well
    And omg Jang Huyk, it is my first drama with him and I am totally head over heels , I am beggining watching all of his dramas . Yea it’s lame for me that I just discover him now but it’s never too late

    • @TA, you can also chech out Thank You as he also played doctor in that drama. Thank You was an excellent drama partly becuse of storyline and superb acting by both leads and all supporting characters.

    • +1. Thank You is memorable and another critically acclaimed drama of the star writer Lee Kyun Hee who also penned uncontrollably disappointing Uncontrollably Fond. After watching Thank You, then you should see the difference in acting between two casts. LOL

      • Thank You is a masterpiece from Lee Kyung Hee because of the excellent casts. But after she cast ‘you know who’, in uncomfortable fond, it was a down grade.

  10. he look old in the drama with her. they should have cast a woman near his age. guy look like her uncle.

    was a bad idea for PSD to join this mess drama.

    • I wasn’t blown by PSD but she was a perfect foil to Jang Hyuk’s character. I don’t know about compatibility in looks age wise but this couple was a delight to watch. I attribute it mostly to Jang Hyuk’s acting.

    • Fans like you humiliate actors and actresses. Both leads were awesome and acted perfectly. This drama is so far from “mess”. Guess you’re too young to understand, kiddo.

      • Hahaha I was about to write the same. Some people don’t even recognize a plot when they see it. For once the male lead was age appropriate and the female lead acted like her character was written as.

        I wonder why it’s a foreign concept that actors should be able to act. And dramas should have a well written plot.

  11. I rarely take Asian dramas seriously. For me, Asian dramas are pretty entertaining, exciting sometimes, romantic but not oversexualized like American dramas. Nonetheless to say Asian dramas are deep in conveying humanity, I’m not so enthusiastic to sing praises. But there are a few memorable dramas that deserve my compliment as a viewer with critical mind. Beautiful Mind is among these few. I watched BM for Jang Hyuk who has earned my admiration for many of his prior dramas even including Midas that was lackluster in everything else. He was also the reason for me to watch Deep Rooted Tree and got to know another acting talent Song Joong Ki. I have had great respect to this actor way before Beautiful Mind. But I never expected him to deliver such stellar performance. Among all the actors who played a role of personality disorder recently, he’s most convincing and touching as someone whose mind went awry, not overacting, nor underwhelming.

    Kudos to the production crew, specifically the writer. The screenplay is brilliantly written except for the annoyingly dumb heroine for the very first few episodes. I wish BM could have been complete with originally planned 16 episodes. But the flow of the narratives wasn’t really intercepted by cutting short to 14 episodes. I’ll be interested in knowing what other works the writer has done.

  12. For anyone starting out on BM, don’t give up after the first episode. I was close to giving up but kept watching because of all the praises and somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd episode I realized I was watching something special and was all in. And yes, Jang Hyuk’s acting is impressive.

    KBS execs are idiots for not letting such a short drama run its course even with the glowing praises online. They really think they can get away with anything post-DoTS.

  13. When I knew that D and BM were going to start airing at the same time, I was so looking forward to D and didn’t intend to watch BM at all.
    While waiting for D episode 9, I decided to try BM and since then had marathon and followed it…. Realised it is such a good drama with well thought out plot & character development. I wished they were given the chance to show the original 16 episodes the writer had intended it for. Sigh

  14. Love Jang Hyuk and have seen most of his drama and movies, do watch Searching for the Elephant, his character is kind of like BM one but more intense! I will have to watch this show after Doctors to see any similarities. On a happy note ! ? as a fan …..Doctors just got 21.3% from its K audience against the OG! Commented before, there is something in this show that the locals love! Blame the station for not fighting to the end……I can’t understand why they have to have the same kind of show on the same time slot. Really weird! Feel sad for its fans but it’s not Doctors fault.

    • BM and Doctors are definitely not the same kind of show. While Doctors is more romance/rom com with cheesy lines like DotS, BM is more of a thriller and melo. Similar settings in hospitals and doctors as main leads don’t equate the two dramas in the same genres. LOL…..In general, fluffy romance always wins over thriller and serious dramas. So no comparison in ratings.

    • Doctors and BM are both completely different in terms of tone and story line. The only similarity is that they share the white coat. I’m watching both and I enjoy both equally. BM is mysterious and dark and Doctors is cheesy and fluffy. They both kind of balance each other out. Korean audiences prefer light and fluffy dramas rather than dark and serious ones. That’s why dramas like BM tend to get low ratings.

  15. I never got why ifans like beautiful mind so much. while I love Jang Hyuk as an actor this show didn’t grab my attention after the 4th episode I couldn’t take it anymore and dropped it . After that I just read the recaps and it never redeem itself,lets hope he picks a better drama next time. Love the pics of the cast everyone looks simple yet stylish.

    • On Jh defense, this is totally one of his best character to date. If I-fan really love it maybe there’s something that attracted them to the drama that you yourself cannot see. This drama is better than some of K-drama that airing nowadays. But, we entitled to our own opinion so I respect yours.

  16. PSD looks young but her acting is not, that’s why she matched so well with JH. And I like BM from the very first scene of JH on the airplane.

  17. KBS must have been gutted to have dropped Doctors years ago so they came up with BM. They must have known the story of Doctors because they were the ones that gave the prize to HMH. Luck was not on your side this time KBS but you did have DOTS earlier in the year. Maybe all the big hit dramas should begin with the letter D this year! Also, people who have just watched a few episodes of Doctors do not know what they are talking about. It is not a cheesy drama like DOTS. I know BM fans are sour grapes!

  18. LMAO. Doctors has way more cringe-worthy and cheesier lines for the male lead than DotS; the acting, the screenplay, directing, and editing can’t compare to DotS at all. Doctors is just a copycat trying to mimic the romantic and rom com sentiment of DotS. Unfortunately subpar script writing produced a rip-off in quality so to speak. LOL. It’s your last resort to label ppl sour grapes, in your hyperbola pathepatic imagination and twisted mentality, becasue you can’t refute criticism when there is no solid evidence to convince ppl Doctors deserves critical acclaim. SMH….It’s not like we don’t have our own life to just pick on entertainment products to get by. LOL

    Those who appreciate BM as an underrated quality drama did try to watch fluffy Doctors but ended up great disappointment. Nobody deliberately intend to downgrade a drama since we did try VERY HARD to like and continue to watch it. If it’s not good enough, then it’s not good enough whether you like it or not.

    • Oh, Doctors is not even worth discussing. It’s simply bad and I began to question even Kim Rae Won’s acting ability while watching some parts of it (I never managed to watch even one episode entirely, only some parts of several episodes).
      Doctors’ success is still a mystery to me.

      • How can you understand the drama only watching a few cuts? You must be god
        It’s better not say what you don’t know though
        It might not worth discussion but it’s still one of the biggest drama this year. It’s a fact.

      • EG, one doesn’t have to be a god to realise a drama is bad. It’s Doctors’ fault that I couldn’t finish the episodes not mine: I tried my very best but to no avail.

    • Do you even watch the show to all it a copycat? There is nothing alike aside female lead doctors and high rating.Their romance is completely different too.
      But it’s definitely not for everyone.
      And Doctors was written in 2010 when was DOTS?

      • Haha, had watched 7 episodes and quit. Could not stand the hero’s cheesy lines and moves. Ain’t talking about the plots of the two dramas, but how the flow of the storylines and how the fluffy romantic vibes. Doctors was much similar to Dots in those aspects, at least for the episodes I had watched. Most likely to do with screenplay and directing. You do know book is not equal to script writing right? Do not tell me DotS copied Doctors instead. LOL

      • Drama2016, according to some people DotS copied Doctors and, what is shockingly interesting, Song Joong Ki copied Kim Rae Won’s cheesy acting style. LOL

        On a serious note, Doctors did copy DotS (my opinion) and when there was nothing left to copy it started to bring various cameos in order to prevent the viewers from dropping the drama.

  19. I liked the first 6 episodes of Beautiful Mind very much (Park So Dam’s character didn’t annoy me as it seemed to annoy others in the beginning of the drama).

    However, afterwards I felt a change in the format of the drama and inexplicably I lost interest in it: there were all sorts of irrelevant patients (their appearance was meant, I suppose, to help the main character develop emotionally, but the writer’s intention was a complete failure, in my opinion); Park So Dam’s character lost her personality (her character didn’t make any sense to me anymore); and the father-son relationship, well, it was somehow abandoned in the background.

    I struggled with the next 4 episodes and finally gave it up (I didn’t watch the last 4, so maybe things changed; but I doubt).

    The problem was the following: the writer tried to cover a subject she/he didn’t really master (psychology, especially).

    I’d rather watch a drama with a shallow subject but well directed, well acted and well written (for its particular subject), than such an failed attempt of an intelligent drama (Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam acted very, very well but, unfortunately, it was not enough).

    • While I respect your personal drama preference and opinions about BM, I don’t think the writer didn’t really understand psychology. To the opposite, I consider the screenplay of BM related to psychology part is BRILLIANT written and DEEP. I, as a daughter of a psychology professor who was once also appointed a county criminal counselor, have watched plenty of films and documentaries about personality disorder with my dad, ransacked my dad’s study room for research literature, had my own learning experience of the subject in college classrooms, and have had enough exposure to the topic that I even got sick of dramas relevant to psychology in general. But BM is the only Asian drama I’ve watched so far that has that kinda pro depth in exploring the issues, plus Jang Hyuk’s stellar performance as someone of confused mind.

      My take for the low ratings of BM is very simple: the genre would never be a popular one without dramatic rom com, crazy romance, or exaggerating acting like in It’s OK It’s Love or Kill Me Heal Me. BM is too straightforward, too intellectually blunt, and too raw in spelling out the humanity sought out from the topic. Had BM been more dramatized, the ratings might have been higher. On the other hand, they could have lost a viewer like me who, as I said, have no desire to watch sensational gimmicks playing with psychological disorder.

      OK, finally done with my long ass speech. LOL…I couldn’t help since I like BM very much and surely will defend it.

      • Well, maybe I don’t understand psychology enough; who knows? But the fact remains that from episode 7 onwards the drama just didn’t feel the same to me (and this disappointed me).

  20. love the drama .. Both act really good specially Jang Hyuk and the screen father , Dr. Lee..PSD acting is so good too but being a partner with JH is not very compatible in a short no chemistry.. If probably they made it into like a sibling , this drama would click so high with the audience…

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