Jang Geun Seok Holds Birthday Photo Exhibit in Seoul and Donates All Proceeds to Charity

The return of Jang Geun Seok to K-ent this year is by and large a resounding success, this after his attempt last year while doing Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village was scuttled due to fallout from a previous tax scandal. This year in 2016 he started off on hit music show Produce 101, then did the SBS sageuk Jackpot (The Royal Gambler), and now is back to combining his intense loyal fandom with his altruistic leanings. Jang Geuk Seok just held a paid photo exhibition showcasing his entire acting and singing career, and then donated the entire proceeds to charity. You go, guy! I also LOVE his new short hairstyle, it’s not Baby and Me short but wow does it bring back all those feels especially with a but of scruff around his jawline. I’m sure he won’t keep it but seeing this style on him makes me hope he’ll experiment with more such cropped dos.


Jang Geun Seok Holds Birthday Photo Exhibit in Seoul and Donates All Proceeds to Charity — 14 Comments

  1. Man, I remember when pictures of his bloated face was floating around a few weeks ago and people were giving him so much bull about it. He looks healthy here. I think he’s just the kind of person whose appearance seems to change drastically when he gains/loses weight. Especially because he seems to gain weight easily in the face. There’s nothing wrong with having some meat. I personally think he looks better with some extra packing.

    • Yes, he definitely looks better with shorter hair. It makes me cringe whenever I see past photos of him with that wavy long hair, it makes him look too feminine for my taste.

  2. WoW! HE ACTUALLY cut his hair!!! People,go and buy lottery.

    Well,hope he is not too late to Join the rest of 87ers,who already have enough credits as the actors. I Said as an ACTOR. Please don’t come and tell me about his other achievement. I don’t care.

    • Thie exhibition is organized entirely by his fans! And it’s the 4th one! He just visits it to say “Thank you” and to see what his fans prepared this time. All the money collected are given to good causes.

  3. I hope he concentrates on becoming a better actor instead of focusing his singing career in Japan, with his colourful and gaudy getup. He looks so much more appealing and handsome in a manly way rather than a pretty guy. I’ve forgotten but has he served his army duty yet?

  4. He will have a new reality show soon! “My ear’s candy’ starts next week on TVN.
    JKS picks carefully and his shows are always a hit. Even “Three meals a day: Fishing village” was, the director said on the pressconference JKS’s parts were the best. Hmmmm……
    And remember how people were predicting that nobody would watch “Produce 101”?
    Well, they were veeeery wrong 🙂

  5. He’s an actor that can actually act. He’s not so bad to look at either. So many of his fans and antis were upset with his past career decisions but then again it’s his to decide and no one else. In glad he’s back to his roots and wish him a happy birthday and more success.

  6. Love JGS with short hair. The hair cut when he was doing Beethoven Virus was the best (in my opinion), cause I love guys with short/almost baldy hair.

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