Joo Sang Wook is a Charismatic Narcissistic Star in First Stills from jTBC Drama Fantastic


I love the first character stills of male lead Joo Sang Wook in upcoming jTBC drama Fantastic, right now if I elect to check out the drama it’s all on account of him. Joo Sang Wook is going back to his unexpected comedic roots, playing a self-absorbed top Korean actor who sucks at acting but doesn’t know it, lol. The first character stills above show his top star working out in the gym but more interested in selfies, a trait that isn’t surprising considering the volume of selfies generated by stars around the world. He’s so adorable in his narcissism, with shades of Choi Siwon in his classic King of Dramas portrayal of a dumb of a door post male actor. Even though the drama portends terminal disease for the female lead, I think there’s laughter and sillies embedded in the concept and that’s worth checking out.


Joo Sang Wook is a Charismatic Narcissistic Star in First Stills from jTBC Drama Fantastic — 13 Comments

  1. I love love love Joo Sang Wook in comedies.

    Despite its flaws I really enjoyed “Cunning Single Lady” (aka: Sly and Single Again). He was hilarious in that drama.

  2. Dang! I was gonna skip this drama but his stills makes me LOL. The drama may be hilariously interesting. His vain look does remind me of Siwon in King of Dramas, perhaps a mix of Siwon and Hyun Bin in Late Autumn.

  3. The cast looks amazing in their character posters! And the stills are hilarious so far! Definitely gonna tune in. My OTP in Nice Guy isn’t happening anymore. I’m so sad! I was hoping Kim Tae Hoon and Park Shin Yeon would have a loveline together, but Ji Soo will be having a noona romance with her instead. Oh well. Looking forward to thus!

  4. lol did anyone notice that for some of the gym stills, his hair is combed to the left while in others, it is combed to the right? 😛

  5. JSW’s just too well when he immerses in his role, his comedic mimic and funny gestures just make you can’t stop laughing..already imagine how he brings his narcissistic in this drama haha… can’t wait to see how he plays it out .

  6. Always been his fans since GIANT days .. but JSW in ROM COM? who will not falling for this guy … ha ha .. I wont miss this … his acting is superb and great in any genre .. but with this drama .. Oh Gosh! another funny n hilarious drama with great casts it will be happening and FANTASTIC …. JSW fighting!!

  7. I seriously adore Joo Sang Wook’s laugh. It’s so contagious! He’s so good in goofy and dorky roles. I hope this drama is light and comedic as promised because I’m not about to shed no tears for this drama!

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