Filming Commences for tvN Dram The K2 with Ji Chang Wook, Yoona, and Song Yoon Ah

Things are locked and loaded for upcoming tvN political thriller drama K2, or more specifically now title The K2. I wonder if adding The lends it more gravitas, or less association with the second highest mountain in the world since this isn’t a mountaineering drama. The leads have assembled as filming kicks off this weekend for the drama to take over the Fri-Sat time slot following The Good Wife. Starring Ji Chang Wook and Yoona as the younger leads with Jo Sung Ha and Song Yoon Ah as the veteran leads, the drama weaves a political aspiration story where Jo Sung Ha is a presidential hopeful, Song Yoon Ah his ambitious chaebol wife, Ji Chang Wook as the mercenary bodyguard, and Yoona as Jo Sung Ha’s bastard daughter he conceived with a movie star. Ji Chang Wook found a sweet spot with Healer so seeing him back in action mode will be a welcome treat to his fans and audiences alike, and it’s really up to Yoona to convince that she can excel at darker and deeper roles after only wowing in a rom-com setting.

Writing will be the screenwriter of Yongpal and directing is PD Kwak Jung Hwan who is coming off two misses with Basketball and Neighborhood Hero, but can reclaim his form with a drama that is more like his Fugitive: Plan B, and maybe even reach the heights he accomplished with Chuno. I like this cast and production team so don’t disappoint, The K2!


Filming Commences for tvN Dram The K2 with Ji Chang Wook, Yoona, and Song Yoon Ah — 14 Comments

  1. So after making 50M KRW per episode in China, Yoona is now back to getting 20M KRW per episode in Korea. Damn you , THAAD.

  2. Welcome back to K dramaland. Thanks to THAAD, he won’t do crappy Chinese child plays like Tornado Girl 2 for a while. His BB cream and dubbing are so distracting. LOL

  3. I am actually really looking forward to this. It has been a while since I have seen JCW in a kdrama and all the fanart of him and Yoona look really good so far. I hope the writers do a good job.

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