TW-drama Remake of It Started with a Kiss Teases the Famous Kiss Scene with Leads Dino Lee and Esther Wu

Like it or not, the next adaptation of shoujo manga story Itazura na Kiss (It Started with a Kiss) is coming soon like a train that doesn’t even realize it’s making the umpteenth round into the same station. Will viewers board this version? Some will and likely enough to make it worthwhile to keep churning this out with new and younger leads. The new version has the same Chinese title of 惡作劇之吻 but English will be called It’s a Kiss, and stars Dino Lee and Esther Wu as the brainy gorgeous Jiang Zhi Shu and his dimwitted and determined stalker classmate Xiang Yue Qin. The drama has been filming for two months now and recently released stills of the famous first kiss scene that spread the Kabedon move around the world beyond the pages of being a shouja manga staple. I can’t say this version portrays it as good or even better than previous ones since it’s being shown without context and all the necessary character interaction buildup, but on visuals alone I’m warming up to both Dino and Esther.


TW-drama Remake of It Started with a Kiss Teases the Famous Kiss Scene with Leads Dino Lee and Esther Wu — 15 Comments

  1. Someone actually thought another remake was a good idea smh I don’t understand why both (every) country try insists on remaking this. Why not a new manga? There’s Faster than a kiss, Dengeki Daisy which are ideal for a drama.. I will even settle for a better skip beat version over this one.

    • True, there plenty of other mangas. Maybe cuz this one’s been done, so not so much work to do or something.. Just need to find new faces, new kocations, and tweaking little bit here and there. Woalah.. You got a drama to run.

    • I have wanted (good) drama adaptions for both Faster Than A Kiss and Dengeki Daisy for the longest time. All Asian countries need to realize that Itazura na Kiss, Boys Over Flowers, and Hana-Kimi have been run to the ground and need time to breath.

  2. Yea! I can continue my (pointless?) quest of watching every single remake of this show I can find. I kind of like watching for the year and cultural differences of each one. I’ve done the same for other iconic shows because it just tickles me!

  3. Two Japanese, one Korean, one Thai, and now two Taiwanese versions… Maybe this one will be very different in a good way?

  4. Japan actually made the 1st one back in 96 Itazura na Kiss the worst out of all of them. Looking forward to this one and the follow up to kiss me love this manga.

  5. Dino doesn’t give me the vibe of cold and super genius. This is where his acting chops will have to wow me. I don’t know – maybe the younger generation will take to this remake? It’s only been 10 years. Otherwise, I smell ratings flop. I will watch it probably but jury is still out if I will like it. Iswak and TKA are my favorite tw idol dramas. Although I must say, this year they have had a lot of dramas that could rival it. So I think a remake it hard to beat for me.

    • I totally agree the thai version is the best especially if u wanna see the guy act more human and with feelings. I still love Arjoe but the thai version is top in terms of all the it started with a kiss versions .

  6. Well, no use whining over a trend that doesn’t seem to want to die… the arjoe version is iconic and legendary so its odd to me that tw would want a remake :/

    Anyways, the actors in this version better actually kiss! I’m tired of seeing versions where the actors just kind of press their lips together =.=

  7. I never understood what was so good about the storyline as the main guy character always acted like such a moody jerk. I agree that there are so many other manga out there. I know Japanese make a lot of dramas out of different manga but I feel they don’t have the budget power to make a great production.

  8. There are so many mangas they can make and yet another itazura na kiss although I’ll probs watch it since ive seen all of them but still.

    Skip beat seriously needs a remake the TW version was okay but not awesome if it wasnt for my idols playing in it or i doubt ive watched it.

    Lets hope there are some wise people who’ll make some awesome mangas come alive aside from anime versions!

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