K-actor Uhm Tae Woong Under Investigation for Alleged Sexual Assault

What is going on in K-ent this summer? There now feels like a never ending stream of sexual assault allegations again K-actors starting with Yoochun to Lee Jin Wook to Lee Min Ki and now adding Uhm Tae Woong to the¬†ignominious collection. New broke this week that a woman is accusing Uhm Tae Woong of sexual assault at a massage parlor from earlier this year, January 2016 to be exact. The alleged victim “A” filed a complaint with the police which is now investigating the allegations. Uhm Tae Woong’s agency has responded that the allegations are untrue and meritless but will cooperate fully with the police investigation. Unlike the other three single K-actors, Uhm Tae Woong is married to a ballerina wife with a daughter who was recently on Superman Returns with him, so if this allegation is true it’s basically doubly awful.


Some of the sexual assault allegations this summer against the other K-actors have been resolved after police found no evidence to sustain the complaint and didn’t press charges. Perhaps a wait and see approach with this latest scandal is best before tarring and feathering Uhm Tae Woong, but then again, if he went to the massage parlor in question and had relations with the alleged victim A, even if completely consensual and paid for, that is still enough to really ruin his image and likely create a high barrier to rebuild his acting career in South Korea. Such a bummer either way but the worse brunt of the fallout is to his poor wife. Sigh.


K-actor Uhm Tae Woong Under Investigation for Alleged Sexual Assault — 30 Comments

  1. Well this is depressing news. Surprising because he seems to have a great family. Not gonna judge, he deserves to tell us what’s going on.

  2. I don’t mean to compared it to yoochun, ljw, lmk anyways because what they did definetely wrong though i am unsure they did or not , but what uhm tae woong did way worse because he is married with one child. Even its consensual, but he has wife and little daughter at home…..

    • Today I learned raping someone as long as you’re single is morally superior to having consensual sex outside of marriage. Amazing.

      • Its not like i said those songle man are superior or better….they are all awful…but uhm tae wong has wife and child..while pyc, lmk, ljw clearly ruined themselves but uhm tae wong also destroyed his wife and child by this action…imagine if his daughter grown up with those scrunity because his father wrongdoing or imagine how crushed his wife that she sacrifice her own career for his sake yet her husband commited such awful thing toward
        Buy i doubt if utw careet will be affected…look at lee trash santa…cheated with lot young woman while lee min jung pregnant but still get away thanks to his dirty connection

      • “what uhm tae woong did was way worse because he is married with one child”

        Your words, not mine.

        Are the people the other guys allegedly raped not people then? They aren’t “ruined?” I guarantee that the pain of your parents separating or cheating on each other is in no way comparable to the pain of getting raped.

  3. It still doesn’t end…in yoo chun case it can’t be proven that there’s force in sex relationship so the case acquite n he got charge for prostitution, for lee min ki he is innocent in the rape case n that lady said sorry to him but he have a sex in the club with random girl when he stll in military become contoversy n lee jin wook he’s having sex with the girl that his friend introduce to him in her house, he is clearly innocent n that lady charge for false accusation, so i wonder how is uhm tae woong, what i heard the lady who accuse him is on detention because of fraud case but this case likely is another false accuse…….it seem like new trend in entertainment industry

    • Do these girls who just accuse people of sexual assault at their whim and fancy realize that for them so many other real sexual assault victims are going to be at a disadvantage. None of the above cases where actual assaults just one or other party being angry, bitter or looking for money, what has happened to people?? You don’t toy around with these sexual assault or rape claims, its not to be done so.

    • you’re right !Better don’t say anything before ,until investigations ends ! Until that,pray for him and his poor family !

  4. Well, there was another article on Soompi where it states that they are not even sure if the alleged assailant was Uhm Tae Woong. IF and I mean IF it’s a case of mistaken identity, I wouldsayhe should sue the pants off the news outlets for failing to get their facts straight. This isn’t some bachelor we are referring to, he’s a married man with a young daughter well known to the Korean public. I wish news outlets would do a little fact checking before they publish sensational news.

  5. I’m very surprised to see his name… He was rather shy in 1n2d and a doting dad on Superman (he literally cried when his daughter did something cute). What’s happening in K-ent these days?!

    • I saw him n 1n2d he doesn’t seem like people who do that, it’s the same when i heard ljw name accuse he looks honest, sometimes shy n naive but i’m glad he is innocent, i believe utw is innocent too but if he is having sex with her even if it consensual, it will broke her wife heart n making bad image to him unlike ljw case

  6. His side denied the assault but were silent on whether he went to the massage parlour/had sex with the woman in the first place….. I think that says enough.

    I feel so bad for his wife, she gave up her career and moved to that mountain with him and this is how he repays her?

    • “and moved to that mountain with him”

      LOL. I’m dying. Oh god, the sad things women are excepted to do for men: 1. get raped 2. have weird nasty sex in bathrooms 3. give up careers 4. move to a mountain

      • But it’s true that his wife need to life in a mountain because of his wish and his dog.

  7. why are there people pointing fingers already? Pretty sure you weren’t there to witness anything so don’t assume anything.

  8. Last I heard the police said it was a case of mistaken identity and it might not be him. It happened in Jan and the woman complains in June. Rape and sexual assault should not be taken lightly. If she is doing this for money then it shows how twisted the KEnt world is when there are so many sharks circling for a whiff of blood (read money) to set them up, and if she is telling the truth well it might be hard to prove in that so much time has passed unless she kept the dress ala Monica Lewinsky. I’ve worked in sexual assault services usually it is sexual abuse cases that you find the victims who don’t come forward due to many mitigating circumstances but in the case of sexual assault if given the right support services (don’t know how it is in Korea) they usually come forward fairly quickly if for nothing else evidence that needs to be collected. To be clear rape is the extreme end of sexual assault there are many forms in between.

  9. SK is really a pretentious country. Koreans present themselves as a conservative country. But they can’t live up to that. So much oppression when it comes to sex that they need to assault people or buy sex.

  10. Maybe because I’m a law and order junki or live in the USA, I see this situation differently. He is innocent until PROVEN guilty. There needs to be evidence of rape, but there are comments that are already suggesting he’s a rapist. I think we’ve all been accused of something that we didn’t do, and have been hurt because of it. Its best to wait for the final verdict before making judgements. Thanks

  11. We must wait and see . But if it’s not true it’s horrible for true victims who sometimes doesn’t have confidence to pursue their rapist.

    • If it’s not true then the “true victims” are Uhm Tae Woong and his family. False accusations are no simple matter particularly when one’s livelihood depends on their reputation. There is now news that Uhm Tae Woong’s wife is pregnant, in early stages, and is adversely affected by the news which she heard from the media like everyone else. This nonsense has got to stop. The media has to stop reporting crap until there is at least some fact checking done. I really do hope she can keep the baby alongside this mess.

  12. Given that the alledged assault took place in Jan. 2016, my k-drama mode kicks in aand I wonder if this was a request for money that wasn’t given. Now there is a sexual assault allegation. I’ll wait until it’s over before making any judgement.

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